Five WordPress Plugins For Content Sharing in Social Networks

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Wordpress PluginsWordPress has become one of the platforms used to create a blog, and it is one of the best options if you want to have a quality website. One advantage is the ability to use plugins to extend the functionality of the portal. With the rise of social networks began to emerge early social buttons , which served to share any content in a particular social network.

And it was not long until they left the first plugins that automatically introduced in all these buttons social items. Over the years, have been refined and improved. Up to now, when you include these buttons on your blog is as simple as installing a plugin, configure, and activate it in the WordPress administration panel. So, let’s review the five best plugins to share content on social networks.

We start with the most cutting plugin, now, that almost everyone uses when thinking about adding one of these. It’s simple, and perfectly fulfills the purpose for which is intended. For some time, have remodeled the icons used, reducing its size. And despite being simple and easy to configure , also has a lot of options for those advanced users or more free time.

1. AddToAny

AddToAny is now the most widely used WordPress plugin to put the social buttons to your blog. Downloaded by over 1,800,000 users , it is very easy to find a blog that use this plugin if you surf the Internet. This is the classic appearance, icons used are quite small, just and necessary. The really interesting part of this plugin is the large number of options.

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2. Multiple options yet very easy to use

To begin, we can choose between different settings related to how the buttons are displayed to the user. For example, one option is to display an image that says “Share / Save” to a menu in which social service choose what you want to share the content. This image is in different sizes, and can even create one and upload ourselves to perform the same function, or if you wish, leave only one line of text.

Another possibility is to display a series of icons selected as the default, which shall be as shown to the users. So that the end or the beginning of our post or page will display icons Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Myspace … or those who have previously selected.

And finally, the hybrid option , through which opens the option of displaying a set of default services, and then the drop down menu in which the user already meet all the different places to share the plugin puts available. And this is as good as it has 147 services.

3. Social accountants

Very remarkable is that in addition to the typical icons to share, we can also choose to include the button “Like” on Facebook , that of “Tweet” on Twitter , and 1 “to Google. On the negative side we find that Google is not a social service that can share content, but more likely in a close encounter this feature update, as happened with the “+1”.

4. Widely customizable

On the possibilities of configuration, we also found the facility to select where in the blog we want to show these buttons. Among other things, allows us to place it at the beginning or end of each post or page, or both at once. Also whether to show only in the full post, extracts, or in the feed RSS .

AddToAny plugin is certainly a very easy to use for the newest and least familiar with HTML , since it can be configured without requiring code. But for the most advanced, AddToAny becomes a plugin as customizable as you want. Although you can choose the position automatically, there is also a line of code to place it manually in the desired location such as a sidebar or a menu.

But it does not stop there, the plugin contains a customizer of styles , so we can choose the colors of the dropdown menu, and all we want to adapt to the colors on our blog. And if this were not enough, we can put the JavaScript plugin hand, in which we can modify the animation we want to bring up the menu or the like.

5. Good support, but in English

As a last detail, enviable is the support forum that is available for users to tell their problems and expect a solution by the other users. With the amount of questions that need, it’s easy to find someone who has had the same problem before and the corresponding solution. Of course, most of the questions are in English.


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