Godaddy is Down and Hostgator is offering Free Shared Hosting

Host Gator has come up with an irresistible offer this time for you to begin your very own website. I wish I had got such offers while purchasing hosting but sadly I did not get any of that but you are very lucky that things are falling in place just for you.

Note: This special discount from Hostgator has ended now. But you can still get 25% on Hostgator web hosting by using BPWEBHOSTING coupon code.

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From the past few hours or so Godaddy is down and along with it all the websites hosted on it too. The outage has affected millions of sites. None of those sites are accessible. Not only that the email servers hosted on Godaddy are down, the phone services are down and the attack is pretty severe. They have fallen prey to an attack by the hacker group Anonymous and since then there has been no information on how when the sites will be back to place.

Godaddy is down

It’s not the first time that Godaddy had soaked its name in mud. The last it happened when they published the photos of their CEO out on a vacation to Africa killing elephants. This act enraged many that they changed their domain names from Godaddy to namecheap. Around 20k people joined the melee. A bad name will not go away easily and the competing sites will use negative publicity to reap the fruits of this shameless attack on godaddy.

Well Hostgator is hoping for the same windfall this time with Godaddy and is offering the best of the best discount in the industry. 50% discount when you go for a one or two year package with hostgator is something unheard of. If striking the iron when it’s hot phrase has been created for somebody then it’s for HostGator. Read on…..

Click This Link and Enter Hostgator free hosting coupon code godaddyisdown

Didn’t I say about striking the hot iron thing? Well it’s time for you to also strike it pretty big now. You can grab 6 month hosting absolutely free with Hostgator if you are a new customer. The screen will show that the price of $53.7 has almost been made to zero. Yo have to pay just one cent ($ 0.01) for 6 months of hosting in case you go for Hostgator Hatchling Plan. You will be paying the same amount if you are buying Hostgator baby plan or their business plan.

Hostgator is offering Free Shared Hosting

You can use the same discount coupon godaddyisdown to get 50% discount on your first billing cycle on any of hosting plan from Hostgator. This discount coupon will be applicable to Hostgator’s Reseller, VPS and Dedicated Server Plans as well. You should use the 50% discount coupon on shared hosting only when you are buying Hostgator web hosting in advance for 2 years or 3 years in advance.

If you want a longer hosting period then just apply the coupon code godaddyisdown to get reliable hosting from Hostgator at half the price. Buy hosting for two to three years and in the process saves money. Remember that Hostgator doesn’t always come up with such cheap offers and I would dare say that it is once in a lifetime opportunity.

If you do not use it now I think you will have to wait for long time. It’s time for you to save some money and make maximum advantage of this discount coupon. I feel that the discount will be in place only till the attack lasts and then you have only the 25% discount code available from Hostgator. For much of the year all the bloggers offer only the 25% discount code from Hostgator and its only rarely that you get such a deal. You can also join their affiliate program and make up to $125 per sale in case you are able to make more than 21 sales in a month time.

Hostgator also offers 100% money back guarantee within 45 days of trying their services so you can join their 1 year or two year program without any hesitation and fear at all.

Why should you opt for hostgator?

Firstly their CEO’s do not go for a wild goose/elephant chase in Africa and if at all they do so they are clever enough not to put those photos online. Secondly Hostgator is one of the most reliable names in the web hosting industry. John Chow, Zac Johnson and other big names in the web world often promote and talk about Hostgator with the fondest memories. I recently read an article on praising the 24 hour tech support that Hostgator provides. Even when I faced some issues due to my lack of understanding of the WordPress platform and I posed idiotic questions to the guys there, they were very patient and answered all my questions and resolved all the problems. Hostgator has one of the best online supports.

Hostgator Features

  • 24 hour tech support with online chat, email and phone
  • Free website builder
  • Unlimited bandwidth on all plans
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Easy script install, supports WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
  • 4500 ready to use templates
  • Money back guarantee, if anytime you are dissatisfied with the service then get back within 45 days
  • Receive $100 Google Adwords credit for free which you can use for promoting your own website
  • 99.9% Up time Guarantee

Note: If you are using my affiliate link with discount coupon godaddyisdown to enjoy this free web hosting offer from Hostgator, you can use Bloggers Passion WordPress Installation Services for free.

Use This Link to go to Hostgator Official website and use godaddyisdown coupon code to get 6 months of Hostgator shared hosting for 1 cent only or use the same discount coupon to grab 50% discount on your first billing cycle with any of Hostgator hosting plans.


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