Google AdSense Introduces 300×600 Ad Unit [More Power to AdSense Publishers]

Here’s a good news for the bloggers who are relying on Google Adsense for monetizing their blogs. Google AdSense launched 300×600 Ad units. So far the most beneficial Google AdSense units were 336×280, 160×600 ad units. They are big enough to grab the search visitors attention, thus making them click and more money from AdSense.

A small note about AdSense (for those who are new to AdSense!): AdSense is a free program that empower online publishers to earn revenue by displaying relevant ads on a wide variety of online content.

Google AdSense includes;

  • adding custom search engine to your site
  • earn from ads on the search results pages
  • giving more flexibility to your ads (relevant ads will be placed!)

Now that 300×600 ad units will give more visibility to the visitors to make them more clicks on your ads..

300×600 ad units are also known as half page unit, because these 300×600 ad units generally occupy half the page.

Google AdSense team has updated with the following news on their blog.

 “One of the top requests from publishers in the last year has been to add larger ad sizes to our network, and today we’re excited to announce that the popular 300×600 unit will soon be available in your AdSense account”

Where to use Google Adsense 300×600 ad units to get more out of it?

Google Adsense 300x600 ad unit sampleUse them on top of the sidebar: This is most preferable and visible place on any blog. Because your visitors can’t escape seeing these ads, specially because they get more exposure as they occupy half of the page on your sites.

Using them below the fold: This is specifically for the ‘scrollers’, but you can’t gurantee that your visitors click on this area.

Features of the 300×600 ad units are:

Pros and cons of 300×600 ad units:


Instead of using two 300×300 ad units you can use one 300×600 ad unit.

High visibility on ad units. There’s a high chance of getting your site visitors click on your ads. Because it takes almost half page on your site, so no one can easily ignore without seeing it, if they attract their ads, there will more chances of clicking through on your ads, thus you can make more money from it.


The only pitfall of using 300×600 ad unit is that – they will kill the user experience on your site. You REALLY can’t create a great impression on your first time visitors if you plaster a large skyscraper like 300×600 ad unit in front of their eyes.

They may quickly leave your blog (if you’re running a site where your sole purpose is to educate people), then you may be killing your user interaction on your site.

Moreover, the design of your site plays a vital role, we all know that, by using large skyscraper like 300×600 ad unit on your blog, your design will be certainly going to be odd.

How to get started with Google Adsense 300×600 ad units?

Go to your AdSense account >> New ad unit >> Select 300×600 ad unit >> Give your ad unit a name >> Save & get the code.

Note: If you’re using Google AdSense on your sites, you’re limited to use only 3 ads per page, don’t exceed the limits.

Questions to be ask yourself before placing 300×600 ad unit on your sites:

No doubt, one can’t say these 300×600 ad units are going to pay much in your Google AdSense accounts as Google has recently launched this 300×600 ad unit units. So the answer whether or not to use 300×600 ad unit on your sites is: TRY them once. Give it a shot.

Make use of these ads (Place these ads) on your sites for 1 month or two, you’ll then come to know whether they are performing well on your site or not.

We all know that Google AdSense income also depends upon the niche which you’re dealing with. You can’t expect huge money if you’re running a blogging niche sites, because the CTR rate will be very less when compare to other niches. So make sure you’re consider your niche, audience and authority before using these 300×600 ad units on your sites. Few more questions you may ask yourself before using 300×600 ad units on your blog;

  • Where is your visitors attention likely to be focused?
  • How can you integrate ads into large skyscraper are without hurting your audience experience?
  • How can you keep the page looking clean, uncluttered even by using 300×600 ad units?

So make sure you’ve everything done right before using them on your blog to increase your ad revenue from 300×600 ad units.

Let me know what do you think about these 300×600 ads? Do you think they increase your AdSense revenue?


  1. piyush goyal says:

    thats great
    this new wider ad style surelly increase our revenue

  2. Raplus says:

    I am using this ad unite for my blog now. But so far, it didn’t work for me. 🙁

  3. Mahesh Verma says:

    Really it is very important for all publisher and our CTR. thanks for sharing this information. Google adsense is Awesome for ever. 🙂

  4. Susan @ Blogger Freak says:

    I would love to add this unit on my blog sidebar.. Hope it would be helpful to make few revenue .. 😛

  5. Anirban says:

    Hello Anil,
    I have a blog but I didn’t use 300×600 ad units for Google Adsense . Now I will use the new ad units. Thanks for share.

  6. Chrissy C says:

    I heard that you are allowed to use only one per page.

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