Google AdWords – 10 FAQs

Q and A's for Google AdWordsAdministration settings for a new campaign

1. What language should I choose for my Google AdWords campaigns?

If you primarily sell to English-speaking customers, choose “English” as language.

If you are addressing ethnic minorities or foreigners also, then you need to choose additional languages also.

2. How long does it take to get my Google AdWords ads approved?

Normally a new Google AdWords ads will be approved immediately.

If your website contains adult content (read: erotic or pornographic material), then your ad text will be approved manually by a Google employee. This can take several days. Sometimes it helps if you contact Google and ask to have your ads gone through as quickly as possible. Remember though, Google employees are also human beings, which means that the nicer you are, the better odds you have for a rapid process.

3. Why have my Google AdWords ads been rejected?

There can be many reasons why Google rejects your Adwords ads. Here are some of the typical causes:

  • You use too many special characters or uppercase letters. Google doesn’t like that you “speak with capital letters” (read: words that are written with all letters in capital) or use too many special characters to attract extra attention.
  • Your ad text contains registered trademarks and the licensee has asked Google to prevent use of the trademark in ad texts.
  • Your ad points to a webpage that is redirected. Google doesn’t like to send users to a page that immediately sends them to a new location.
  • Google does not like dead links, so if your ad points to a nonexistent webpage (URL) it will be rejected.
  • There is no connection between your displayed URL (display URL) and the web address (URL), which your ad is actually pointing to. Google insists that visitor’s can see on which domain they land if they click on an ad.

4. How long will it take for my Google AdWords ads to change?How long will it take for my AdWords ads to change?

If you make changes to your existing Google AdWords ads, the changes will usually be visible within 30-60 minutes.

It is usually a bad idea to change the original ad text or keywords. Instead to preserve your adword history, you should put the old ad on hold, and create a new one instead.

5. Can I limit my Google AdWords costs?

For each Google AdWords campaign, you have the opportunity to put a daily limit.

In the “Campaign Settings” you can specify that you for example only want to spend 50 dollars on a given campaign each day. Be aware however, as this limit is not carved in stone. Google will stop your ad when the limit is exceeded. In practice, this means that you may exceed your daily limit.

Keywords and ad text

6. How do I find the good keywords to use?

For your business to succeed with Google AdWords it is crucial, that you choose the right keywords. The amount of keywords you have is less important. But it is critical that you only choose keywords that your audience use and thereby gives you an attractive ratio between cost per click and sales revenue.

A way to get some inspiration for keywords is to use Google keyword tool or visit blogs or discussion forums where your audience are active. On discussion forums you can get a sense of the language that your audience use and find good ideas for keywords.

To find out what keywords are profitable for your campaign you should regularly check the Google AdWords administration tool.

7. What are match types?

You can use different match types when choosing keywords for your campaign. To understand match types we have to take a look at how your customers are typing their searchterm into Google.

Broad match: With a broad match Google return pages that contain words in the search phase. Google will also show synonyms for  words in the search phase in any order and any distribution. An example of a broad match search could be: Classical wooden dollhouse.

Phrase Match: In this case Google will only display keywords that are exactly as you typed them. The order is exactly the same and synonyms are no longer show in the search result. Other words can be included in the search query before and after, but your keyword phrase will be included in the search query with the words in the same order. The result is fewer search results. An example of a phrase match search could be: “Classical wooden dollhouse”.

Exact match: Here your ad will only be show when the search is exactly the same as your keyword(s), with no exceptions. This is the most restricted and specific keyword match type. An example of an exact match search phase could be: [Classical wooden dollhouse].

8. What match type is best?

It depends on what you are trying to achieve. Broad match gets your ad show a lot with many clicks while exact matches gets your ads show less and with fewer clicks.

Which match type gives the most clicks and least expensive conversions depends on several factors. Therefore it is a good idea to test what works best for your campaign.

Google AdWords Optimization

9. How do I get my ad in the top 3 search results?

There can be two main reasons why your ad is never shown in the top search results of Google:

  • You bid less than your competitors for each keyword.
  • Your AdWords campaigns have a poor quality.

The position of your ad is determined by the size of your keyword bids and relevance of your ad. In regards to the bid you have to experiment to see how much you need to pay to get into the top search results.

The quality of your campaign have to do with things like:

  • CTR
  • Relevance of the ad (if you have keywords from the search in your ad)
  • Landing page (relevance to the keywords of your ad)
  • Loading time of your page
  • Account history
  • Domain history
  • Other things

10. Why is no one clicking on my ads?

People will only click on your Google AdWords ad if it is displayed (which among other things, requires that the user has typed in the keywords that you have selected for your campaign), if your ad is sufficiently high in the search results and if the user find it relevant to them.

How much you are willing to pay for specific keywords has an influence on how high your ad is displayed in the search results.

A way to make your Google AdWords ad more relevant to the user is to use keywords in the heading, ad text and display URL.

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