Google Disavow Links Tool: How to Remove Spammy Links from Your Sites?

google disavow link tool

This is Google’s panda and penguin world, it’s REALLY hard to survive in blogosphere if you’re not aware of what’s happening around you – especially the changes made by Google recent days. If done right, good SEO tactics will always bring your better search results. I know most people have heard about Google disavow link tool. In this article we’ll be talking about it and also how to effectively use it to improve your search results.

What does it mean by Google Disavow Links Tool?

This is a great question to start with. A Google disavow link simply means that you’re denying an external link that is pointing to your sites. This is the best way to deny all the spammy links which are targeting your sites.

google disavow link tool

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Why should be considered while using Google Disavow link?

It is because your competitors may link to your site with bad neighbor links i.e spam links to badly hurt your SERP’s or search results in Google. Bing had introduced this disavow link tool sometime back, and many bing users claimed to remove those spammy links from their sites.

What can Google Disavow Links tool do?

It is Google’s best spam reporting tool where you can suggest Google not to consider few external links pointing to your sites. That means if you think your site has few spammy external links, then  you can use Google Disavow link tool to avoid them by Google bots. This way you’ve the total control on your overall links that are pointing to your sites – you can suggest Google bots to crawl ONLY the best external links by doing this.

Google Disavow Links Tool Usage for Bloggers Passion

By using this Google disavow link tool, you’re helping Google to remove all the bad links to your site and also you’ll be controlling that Google punishing your site in the search engines in the future (for still containing bad links to your site!). So make sure you’re not having spam links pointing your site, and use Google disavow link tool to make it happen.

But.. how to know whether you’ve bad links pointing to your site or not?

The best way to check your incoming links is: use Google webmaster tools.

Here’s the simple process of finding incoming links to your blog.

Go to webmaster tools

Under Dashboard > Traffic > Links to Your Site

This is where you can check all the links to your site. Click on “More” to find whether any spam sites are linking to you to hurt your SERP’s

If yes.. then note down those site links (URL’s) in a notepad and use Google Disavow link tool to deny them. Here is the link that you need to use to start using Disavow links tool.

Caution: Google official blog itself says that the vast, vast majority of sites do not need to use this tool in any way. If you’re not sure what the tool does or whether you need to use it, you probably shouldn’t use it.

Why? Few bloggers may download all their links to the sites in a .CSV or .DOC format from their webmaster tools. And they may use Google disavow tool to deny, this will result in Google denying ALL of your incoming links to your sites on their search results. How bad if this really happens?

So make sure to use Google disavow link tool ONLY if you strongly believe that your site is strongly affected by bad links pointing to your sites. And be aware of which links you’re disavowing from your site, better use a separate file like notepad or wordpad to upload those links.

But what if you find few unknown links pointing to your sites?

Simple answer is.. ignore them.

So.. worry to use Google disavow link tool only if you’ve done black hat SEO tactics or any other Google unnatural link schemes. Or use the tool if you still think there are many bad sites linking to your sites even if you’ve done everything right according to Google quality guidelines.

If you use Google disavow links tool, how soon the bad links will be removed?

All of us know that… Google uses bots to crawl the pages on every site. So it takes few days to recrawl all the pages on your blog and if you’ve used Google disavow links tool to deny the bad links, it may take few days to weeks to remove all the links which you were uploaded to this tool.

A note from the author: Google disavow links tool is not a RESET button to remove all the bad links and to include only the best links on your site, but it’s a tool that can be helpful if you’ve done link building the bad way or if your competitors hurt you with too many bad links.

In a nutshell about Google Disavow Links Tool:

Google disavow links tool will be the BEST fit for the authority sites which do have A LOT of spammy links pointing to their sites. However I’m not suggesting you NOT to use Google disavow links tool to remove all the bad links, but make sure you’re doing the process RIGHT. And you should be really worrying about your site if you’re using spam techniques to build links to your sites.


  1. NEERAJ says:

    i haven’t used this tool yet…..but try it now following this post….nice article rahul……..

    • Hi Neeraj,

      Let me know if you’ve any doubts, I’d be glad to help, but make sure you’re uploading files in a notepad/wordpad. Don’t upload in a bulk, as Google itself says “highly not recommended for small blogs”

  2. It’s a great article about a growing problem. Thank you for posting!

  3. Mr Ple says:

    wow, thanks to this tools, I have removed the bad incoming links from untrusted site, and even from my competitors detroyed links.

  4. Frank Steiner says:

    Thank you for your detailed and well written article. I personally prefer to wait a little bit more before starting to use disavow links tool.

  5. NEERAJ says:

    if i have 1000’s of backlinks…..from sites like,facebook etc. how can i identify which one is spammy or not??

    • How can you say the links from scoop it and FB are spammy links? And there’s no such metric to determine the quality of a link. You need to decide yourself by looking at the “link” of the website.

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