Google is Going to Kill Blogging, But How?

Did I say, “Google is going to kill Blogging?”

Yes, you heard it right.

Google being the biggest and THE most loved search engine in the world is determined to provide accurate and quality content to end user. It comes up with various algorithms like Panada, Penguin and recently they launched EMD algo from time to time in this quest for quality content. Sadly for most of us, these algorithms has destroyed many sites and might continue to do so if we do not exercise due caution.


When Google had first launched its Panda update for refined search, many big sites were affected too besides the small time bloggers. That is because there are millions of websites which are constantly battling it to make it to the first page of Google.

Similarly,  the EMD algorithnm was also a Google initiative to kill low quality EMD site, but some big sites also got affected.

Why I took the example of these two big Google changes?

I mentioned these two algorithms  because you might be the victim of Google’s next update.

I was talking with one of my friends Sai who is a part time blogger. He pinged me and asked a simple question “Are you going to continue with full time blogging or not?” After I heard this question, I did not know what to say and how to react. That was because I love blogging and would not want it to happen to my blog as well.

Likewise for most of you reading this, you want to save your blog too. Though 95% of the youngsters in blogging are doing so just for the sake of some money, there are some exceptions. There are a few youngsters who have worked hard and dedicatedly and are putting in as many as ten hours a day on work.

Getting back to the point, let me tell you why I feel Google is going to kill blogging.


Why Google is going to kill blogging?

Google is bringing Author Rank Update

You must have heard that Google is going to launch something called Author rank and many pro bloggers are writing on this topic to spread more and more awareness.

If this is true, it will surely sound the death knell for many bloggers and this might be a very disappointing news for those bloggers who never do guest posting. Google is going to rank all authors according to their contribution to various sites as well their activeness on various comments. Google is going to trace all activities by the authors and see how seriously they are taking their blogging. Google will also make sure whether these bloggers are actually adding some value over the internet and if they are writing unique content besides a lot of other things.

Eventually, only those bloggers who are really adding value and are serious about blogging are going to survive .

How you can be on Safe Side?

The very first answer to this question is: Guest Blogging.

Yes, you will have to show your presence to Google. You will have to tell the Number One search engine that you are really, actually blogging seriously. You will have to improve your grammar because when Google crawls your article or even your comments on various blogs they count the grammar factor also.

So there are many things which you will you have to improve to protect yourself from this big algo update.

Involve 4 P’s in your Blogging

  • Patience

In every aspect of life, we need patience. Being patient is the key to success.

Blogging doesn’t only need time. It needs lots of time.

A dedicated blog takes at least 1.5 to 2 years to reach a level where he makes his presence felt in the eyes of Google.

So don’t consider this as quick rich scheme.

Make a proper schedule for you work and keep working on it diligently and with patience.

  • Perseverance

Perseverance means being consistent with working and always putting in your best effort.

Bloggers need to tell the world that they indeed are knowledgeable about the topic they write. Blogging needs continuity too. So, keep writing best stuff and expanding your community.

Never quitting is the basic fundamental of life and only those people who never quit get success eventually.

It has been rightly said that, “Winners never quit and Quitters never win”

  • Peace

Your mind must be peaceful.

Never be hasty in taking decisions and always consult experienced people.

Don’t care about what people are saying because this is going to distract you from blogging.

  • Presence

Make your presence in blogging world felt by interacting with other pro bloggers and being active in various communities and forums. Interact with other bloggers in commenting to give them satisfaction with your article.

No doubt, Google is going to Kill Blogging.

But only for those people who don’t deserve to be bloggers in the first place and do not provide any valuable content or are into blogging looking for some quick money.

Since you have spent a good 3-4 minutes reading this post, I am sure you are not one of those bloggers and you intend to take your blog to the greatest heights one day.

All the very best for blogging!

Do express your views and let me know how you feel about this.


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