Google Plus Tips: 15 ways to Increase Google Plus Followers

So how to increase your Google plus followers?

Whether you like Google plus or not, Google is giving top priority to the content that gets the most Google plus circles or shares on Google plus network.  Google Plus is the most successful social media network from Google Inc which is directly competing with Facebook, th social media giant. Google Plus is claiming to have a database of 540 million users while Facebook is claiming to have 1310 million users.

Lots of analysts and internet marketing experts claim that Google Plus could be more popular than Facebook in the coming days. We need to wait and watch who is going to win the Google plus Vs Facebook Social Media War. So it is the right time to start increasing your presence on Google Plus in the form of Circle, Friends and followers.

In today’s post, I will share the benefits of having lots of Google plus Followers and 15 ways to increase Google plus Followers.
Google Plus Tips

Google Plus Benefits

Google Plus button is more like Facebook Like button and can be added on a website or blog home and internal pages. Google plus One is going to affect search engine rankings in two ways on Google. Firstly, Google has already indicated that data coming against Google Plus button is going to be a ranking Factor on Google.

So if you are able to get large number of clicks on your Google + button that will boost your website rankings on Google search. Secondly, if you use Google search while logging into Your Google Account, any one of your connection doing Google plus against that result will be shown up in the search engine result pages.

So when you see any or some of your connections have shared a website page on Google plus, you would be interested in checking and clicking the Plus button against that website page. So this way, things can go viral in Google Plus network.

15 Ways to Increase Google Plus Followers

So here is the complete list of 15 ways to increase your followers on Google+:

1. Create Google Plus Circle

This is a no brainer, first of all, you need to create a Google Plus Circle. This circle will include those people whom you will be interacting with. You can group your Google + Circle in to friends, family, following, customers, online circle, team members, VIP’s etc. Then you can decide which circle will get which update that you will be making on Google Plus. There will be some updates you would be interested in sharing with your friends only and some updates to your family members only.

You can create an account for yourself on Google plus by clicking here.

2. Create Google Plus Page

Like Facebook Profile and Facebook page, you can create profile and business page on Google Plus. So if you have an active website or blog, you should immediately set up a business page on Google Plus. I have already established a business page for Bloggers passion here. From this page, you can instantly add Bloggers Passion Google plus Business page into your Google Plus circle.

3. Ask Your Friends to add you on Google plus Circle

One of the easiest ways to increase your Google plus followers is to ask your existing blogging friends and peers to connect with you on Google plus profile. Try to give them your link and whenever someone adds you on your Google plus profile, add them back to show your gratitude.

Google + is still in its early stage. So you need to ask your friends from other Social Media networks to add you in their Google plus Circles. You can invite your friends in your Gmail account to add you into their Google plus circle. And if they are new to Google Plus, ask them to join you on Google Plus.

You can also connect with the influencers on Google plus profile to increase your reach, whenever they share any posts comment on them and share them again with your network to grab their attention. This practice will increase your chances of getting more google plus followers.

4. Start Sharing Interesting Stories on Google Plus

You need to find different ways to connect with other people on Google plus. Then and only then you will have more chances of grabbing other people attention to connect with you on Google plus circles. Most people don’t circle you just because you are on Google plus, they need reasons to connect with you on Google plus circles, so give them strong reasons.

You should start sharing interesting stories on Google Plus. You can easily share text, links, images and videos kind of content through Google Plus.

Start spending quality time in reading and promoting great stuff. You don’t always have to share your self posts, you also need to share the stuff by others to keep your information stream quality.

5. Mention Other Users in Your Google Plus Sharing’s

If you want to grab influencers attention using Google plus, share their posts regularly and whenever you promote their posts tag them by using @ character.

You can involve other guys in your Google Plus updates by mentioning then using @ the way we use this tag while addressing other community members on Twitter and Facebook. This way they will be able to see that you are sharing their stuff and if you do this often they will definitely show genuine interest in sharing your posts too.

6. Go for Google Plus Mobile Version

Are you using smart phones or androids? Install Google plus app on your mobiles and start spending more time on connecting with others on Google plus. This is the surefire way to increase your Google plus followers as you will tend to get more followers when you spend more time on Google plus instead of Facebook or twitter.

Like other Popular Social Media websites, It has its own application that users can use on their mobile phones to post new content and to remain engaged with their community members.

7. Find More People

When you login into Your Google + Account, Click in your Circle View All link and then Click Find People Tab. This tab will suggest you some users who are friends of your friends or may be having similar interest with you. You may personally know all or few of them. So you can add those people whom you think you know or are having the similar interested or are from the same industry. Apart from this, you can upload your address book and import people from Your Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail accounts.

8. Follow Back Those Who are Following You

Google Plus will send you a notification whenever someone adds you to their circle. You should return the favor by following them back. When you follow back your followers, there is every chance, and they will keep you added in their Google Plus Circle for long.

Make sure to follow the interesting people or the people who are relevant to your blog topics instead of following back everyone blindly. You don’t have to follow back a person who is not at all interested in your stuff as you will get notifications from them whenever you follow someone. So follow back people who are following you but make sure that they are relevant to your topics.

9. Send Your Updates via Email to Your Friends

There will be lots of your friends who are not logged into their Google Plus accounts and thus are supposed to miss your latest posts that you are making on Google Plus. You can send updates to your friends directly into their email box through the special feature provided by Google Plus. You will not see this ability to share your updates via Email with other popular social media network in the industry.

Remember that, never send automatic emails to your circles via Google plus profiles (whenever you share stuff) as it can piss them off. Moreover if you do it often, people will either mute your stuff or unfollow you, so don’t send emails regularly. Do it only for the important stuff, but make sure to send emails to limited number of people (you can divide people on Google plus into different categories).

10. Comment on other people’s Updates

You need to be in the radar of all the influencers and who spend quality time on Google plus. The only best way to get into their radar is to comment regularly on others posts and updates. This not only gives you more followers on Google plus, but it will also enrich your knowledge.

You should start commenting on latest updates from other uses in your niche on Google plus. This way as well you can get in touch with lots of new fellow bloggers and targeted readers of your niche.

11. Make Your Google Plus Presence Public

If you are a blogger or a small business owner, you need more google plus followers and you don’t have to keep your profile private or only me. Make it public and let others see your public posts and let others contact or comment on your posts or updates publicly.

You should keep your presence on Google plus as public the way you do on Linkedin and thus share things related to your business only here and avoid sharing personal stuff.

12. Add Google Plus Buttons on Your Website

Have a website or a blog? Don’t forget to add a google plus button then. One of the easiest ways to get more google plus followers from your websites is to place your google plus badges in prominent places like top of the sidebar (I use it on Bloggers Passion all the time).

You should add Google Plus buttons on your website and blog home and internal pages at prominent positions. This way you will be motivating lots of your website readers clicking the Plus button and thus will help in increasing lots of Google Plus followers for your website and blog in whole.

13. Upload a High Resolution Photo

You should upload a high resolution photo for your profile on Google Plus to give the best look for yourself. Google plus does not look to be doing much justice with the low resolution images.

Either hire a photographer or use a DSLR camera to take HD pictures of yourself and put them on your Google plus profiles. It doesn’t matter whether you look brown, white or black. All that matters is the clarity and the colors you use on your pictures. Nevertheless to say most people get attracted to black and white photos that have a smile on it!

14. Google Plus Interesting Stories from Other Users

Except from commenting on other user’s stories on Google Plus, you should click the plus one button shown up against their stories. When you start doing it at regular intervals, lots of Google plus users will start noticing you and they would love to return the favor by adding you in their circles and by clicking Google+ button against your stories.

15. Buying Google Plus Followers

Though buying google plus followers is a bad strategy if you are thinking to get genuine followers but if you want to quickly get more Google plus followers, then this is the only way. But make sure to use genuine websites to buy google plus followers, consider their Alexa, Page rank etc. while buying.

There are lots of small websites where you can buy Google Plus Followers. Ideally you should not go to businesses demanding money in exchange for followers on Google Plus. Most of followers received through this medium may be inactive or even fraud. There are also lots of small business websites that are promising to increase your follower base on other Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter etc. So stay away from such websites or individuals.

In a nutshell about increasing Google Plus Followers:

If you want to increase Google plus followers, don’t just follow others blindly or use any automation tools to increase your followers on Google plus. It is the worst way to get more followers on Google plus, instead focus on interacting with others, start spending quality time on sharing others stuff, and be informative to boost your Google plus followers.

I’m sure the above tips will help you take your Google Plus Followers base to the next level. Do you have a killer tip that can help increase Google Plus Followers, please share in the comments section below.

P.S: You can connect with me on Google plus here, I’ll follow you back if I like your posts 🙂


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