Google Plus Vs Facebook: Who Will Win This Social Media War?

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August 10, 2018

With Google Plus, Google is trying to enter into Social Media war with Facebook and other popular social media websites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Initially Google Plus was invite only and now it’s publically available to all individuals and businesses. So far my experience with Google Plus has been very cool. But still it’s in the early stage and it will be difficult to tell who will win the ongoing Social Media War which is going mainly between Google Plus VS Facebook. So we will need to wait and watch to know who will be the winner of Google Plus Vs Facebook War, operated by two biggest web portals on Internet.
Google Plus Vs Facebook

Google Plus Vs Facebook War

As of now Facebook is claiming 1310 million users to its network and Google is claiming 540 million plus users on Google Plus. So Facebook is way far ahead of Google when we think of Google Plus Vs Facebook on the basis of their users. Today Facebook is the most successful website in Social Media arena and Google Plus is nowhere near it keeping it mind its user base and growth in a very short period of time. But it’s only Google who can challenge Facebook in this social media war as till date they are the biggest internet company.

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Google Adword Ads Vs Facebook Ads

Google mostly earnings coming from Google Ads that are placed via advertisers on different websites and blogs using Google Adwords advertising headed by Google. But with Facebook Ads, Advertisers have got another choice that they can use to advertise their products and services. Facebook gives lots of unique features to advertisers that are motivating them to move from Google Adwords to Facebook Ads. So Facebook ads have started capturing some percentage of advertisers from Google. But still Facebook ads are used by very few and Google still holds the most of search advertising market.

Google Past Failures

Google Plus is Google latest attempt to enter into Social Media game. In the past, they were miserablely failed in the form of Google Buzz and Orkut. Before using Orkut, people use MySpace as the biggest social media website. But then they switch to Orkut. With the arrival of Facebook, people starting moving from Orkut to Facebook. And once moved, they were very happy with their decision keeping in mind the kind of features and applications they were able to use with Facebook and which were missing in Orkut. And for the last few years, Google itself was not doing anything on Orkut front to match up with the Facebook features. But however I’m feeling Google Plus is much better than Google Buzz and will be able to compete with Social Media Giant Facebook.

Google Plus Business Page VS Facebook Fan Page

Google recently started Plus Business pages to compete with Facebook Fan Pages. But still it’s still in early stage. It could motive businesses to create Google Plus pages to improve their Google organic rankings. You can sign up for Google + business page here. If I compare the overall feature set and the kind of applications we can use on Facebook, Facebook Fan page are much better than Google Plus Business pages. Facebook custom URL’s look much short, easy to remember and SEO Optimized. But current Google Plus business pages URL’s looks quite ugly and most of time it becomes difficult for me to differentiate between Google Plus Profile and Google Plus Business page.

How Google Plus is Different Than Facebook?

Google created Google Plus as an information sharing platform. It gives us the facility to share information with our family, friends and anything else publically and privately. Google Plus gives us more control over our privacy compared with what we get on Facebook. People in your circle on Google Plus are able to see all of your posts and those whom you have not added in your circle but added you in their circle will be able to see your public posts only.

Apart from better privacy options, Google plus gives dofollow links to users while Facebook and Twitter gives nofollow backlinks. So SEO kind of community is going to love Google Plus for dofollow links feature. So lots of website owners, bloggers and seo kind of community is going to use Google plus and associated applications to improve their websites and blogs search engine rankings. So a dofollow link from Google itself is going to boost our search engine rankings to great extent.

Google Plus Vs Facebook Conclusion

Facebook has developed itself into a fully functional social network and Google Plus is still in its early stage. So if you are expecting to see the kind of applications and features you enjoy on Facebook with Google Plus, will be very disappointed. But the good thing is that Google plus is in development mode and they are keeping on adding new features to it. So in the coming days, we may see lots of valuable applications and features developed to make Google Plus a Facebook type solid social media network.

What are your thoughts on ongoing Social Media War which is going on Google Plus Vs Facebook , please share in the comments section below.

Anil Agarwal

Anil Agarwal

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  1. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    I think facebook provides more options for maitaining fan page we can add more number of admin to manage a single page and if we paid to facebook for ads then facebook itself will promote your page and shows it in a pages you may like content

  2. Quang ba web says:

    Facebook is number One. But in the future maybe Google will be develop

  3. Makayla says:

    Im pretty sure google is better as the privacy issue is pre much solved and it is organised. also the hangouts are pre cool as its like skype, but with more people (which would cost money on skype) and yea….Facebook can only catch up so much…

  4. Diana says:

    Face book is the winner for me because it reached the peak…..

  5. Sanyo Seiki says:

    Google is still the winner for me! 😀

    Sanyo Seiki

  6. Albert Rox says:

    I noticed the do follow link on G+ too and instantly used it.
    Google Plus is the best social application that Google has made until now, but unfortunately it still sound too geek for the masses

  7. Jean says:

    I think it will be difficult for Google to unseat Facebook as the latter is also constantly evolving and I’m sure will be making improvements to thwart any new ideas Google comes up with. But one thing is for sure, Google are finally taking social media seriously after all their past failures like Orkut and Buzz.

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