How to Quickly Get Google SiteLinks for Your Site

Hands down, Google traffic is the #1 traffic source for any website. Why? You get A TON of traffic by following the RIGHT SEO strategies that too mostly for free.

But increasing your search engine traffic is A LOT hard. There’s a quick way though! Getting Google Sitelinks.

Are you looking for best practices of quickly getting Google sitelinks for your sites? Want to get Google sitelinks for WordPress sites without much hassle? If yes, this detailed Google sitelinks tutorial is exclusively for you.

How many of you have observed the latest Google “search in sitelinks” bowix? Google used to show this type of search results only for most popular websites like YouTube etc but now a lot morepl other sites are also getting this

google sitelinks search box

Basically the use of search in sitelinks is that your visitors don’t need to enter your website to perform various actions but they can directly perform the search process from the Google search box itself. Thus it removes a step of search process and it provides better user experience. Getting Google sitelinks for WordPress sites is really easy!

Important Note: Google will only displays your sitelinks if it thinks if few of your pages are useful to the search users. So only the most popular pages (that are frequently linked to or visited by most users) will be get displayed in Google sitelinks.

You may ask, what are Google sitelinks and how do I get benefited from them.

how to get google sitelinks

Now you got an idea? These Google sitelinks are simply Google sub headings of any website that are shown in Google search results.

It’s been years since Bloggers Passion had been awarded by Google sitelinks. I was really happy on seeing Google site links for my blog when I first got them. I was able to know about them from my Google webmasters tool account here.

Today, we will be discussing the following things:

  • What are Google Sitelinks
  • How Google Sitelinks are Actually Generated
  • Benefits of Having Sitelinks
  • How to get Google sitelinks for your website

Let’s now discuss about all the Google sitelinks best practices in detail and let me know if you have any questions related to getting Google Sitelinks for your websites in the comment section below.

Google Sitelinks: How To Get Them Really Fast?

what are google sitelinks and how to get them easily

What are Google Sitelinks?

Google sitelinks are the listing format that appears below the website main page in the SERPs pages. Sitelinks are indented, organized into two columns below the main page you searched.

The sitelinks are often the most popular sub pages related to the query you searched and leads to the internal pages of the website.

Though we don’t have control over what links appears in the search sitelinks, we can assume that these are the pages which align to the search intent of the user.

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To support my idea, let me show you two different queries I posted and the Google sitelinks they fetched.

Since sitelinks are well fetched for sites with large number of branded searches, I searched for QuickSprout blog for the first test. See the screenshot below for the results.


And for the second test, I did a search for only QuickSprout. See screenshot below.


Explanation: The idea behind the difference in sitelinks displayed for the same website’s search results is that, sitelinks are search intent conscious. Google has designed it that way to show sitelinks that not only show relevant pages, it shows pages that the searcher might be interested in.

In the first case, Google sitelinks results for QuickSprout Blog had links to internal landing pages that were content-based because the user is sure to be interested in reading/viewing the blog section.

Similarly, when someone searches only for the branded term QuickSprout, he either is not acquainted with the blog and wants to know more about what QuickSprout is.

That is why, the sitelinks this time come up with QuickSprout’s pages that describe what it is and what the searcher might be interested to know. Like the product page (university), the blog page and a sitelink search box, to directly search for additional content on QuickSprout without even leaving the search page.

In simple terms, the links shown below some of Google search results are known as Google sitelinks. Here is an interesting video from Matt Cutts where he is talking about Google sitelinks and how they are actually created:

Google SiteLinks For Bloggers Passion

For BloggersPassion, I’m currently seeing 10 sitelinks below the main page and this combined with the “see more results from BloggersPassion” pretty much covers the whole estate of the first page. No wonder I get tons of search visits from these awesome sitelinks. Click here to see the aura of BloggersPasssion sitelinks in the search results.


Here is the list of 10 pages from my blog which are included in Google SiteLinks list:

About | Make Money Online

BloggersPassion Monthly Income | Bloggers Income Report

Tools I use | Disclaimer

Contact | SEMrush

Advertise here | List of Free Blogging Sites

In case Google is not showing sitelinks for your domain, follow the tips mentioned above so that your brand search also generates sitelinks to your site. But prior to that, I’ll explain the advantages of Google sitelinks.

Benefits (Advantages) Of Getting Google SiteLinks For Your Site

Speaking of plus points of sitelinks in search result pages, I’d say they are to add more authority to your site, improves richer experience to your visitors and more click through rates to your pages. But, there are still many more advantages sitelinks  that I will discuss below:

1) Richer visitor experience:

Since, sitelinks provide better options for searchers they are bound to increase visitor experience. Anyone wanting to know about the “university” of QuickSprout and not remembering what to search for it might get lost in the search results. However, sitelinks having the option for visitors to directly click on “university” link and also to see other potential links they might be interested in will get more clicks for QuickSprout.

2)More Click through rates = More Traffic

Now since the visitor has more options to choose from regarding the search query  (brand name) he is bound to click on them and this results in more CTR and hence more traffic.

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3) More Authority (Sitelinks have positive effect on authority)

Sitelinks are often awarded to sites that have quality content, good number of branded searches, their site hierarchy is well-structured. This proves that anyone having a large number of sitelinks is bound to have a good website in the eyes of Google and this displays the authority you have in the niche.

4) It moves down negative SEO results from search pages:

When you have something like 2-3 sitelinks for your query, the bottom results get pushed further below that means you can get rid of negative PR with this trick.

Do People Actually Click On Search Sitelinks?

If you are wondering about people clicking on sitelinks or not this case study by PPCHero claims that people actually do click on sitelinks and sitelinks actually increase the click through rates for a website and that too by a whooping 64%.


They found out that the CTR increased from 1.16% to 1.9% which is clearly a 64% in rise.

Google Sitelinks Best Practices: How to Get Google Sitelinks For Your Blog?

Now that you know the importance of sitelinks for bloggers, you may ask, how do I get Google Sitelinks for my websites?

Disclaimer: Before proceeding let me tell you that sitelinks are completely an automated process and Google literally allows little or no control as to what goes into forming the site links. Google sitelinks also do not change if you use blogger or WordPress or any other free blogging site for your blog. They’re the same irrespective of your blogging platform.

However, here are certain tips that actually help in sitelink formation and are a based on advice of professional SEO experts like Neil Patel and my own experience and knowledge.

So let’s start with some working tips to get Google sitelinks for your blog:

1) Choose a brand name for your blog:

Sitelinks are always easy to get for those having branded search. If you have a generic exact match domain name for your blog, you won’t get a sitelink unless you are the highest authority in the niche.

If you already have a branded domain name and still not getting Google sitelink, I guess you have to make Google feel and realize that you are a brand. The best practice to build your brand is to create a presence online, start by creating social media profiles with all the branded usernames matching with your blog name.

2) Write more and quality content:

Writing quality content is the key to get more shares, more traffic and more authority. When you have authority in your niche, people search more and more for your website and blog and this triggers the Google automated process to get sitelinks.

3) Create info-pages:

By info-pages, I mean you have to create well-structured basic pages that tells Google more about you. Pages like contact, about us and advertise here signifies Google that you want to be known by these things or you want your visitors to see these things, that’s what you are here for.

This triggers Google in showing the same pages like about page etc as sitelinks to your visitors because it thinks that’s what they might be looking for too.

Eventually it will also show your popular landing pages (in the sense, pages getting more clicks) to the site link structure.

4) A well structured site is the secret to Google sitelinks:

No matter you use WordPress or any other blogging platform, as far as you maintain a site hierarchy you can reap the benefits of seeing search sitelinks.

Site hierarchy is about showing a flow to the visitors about the important pages/posts on your site. This can be achieved by having a clear and simple navigational menu that locates the important pages, categories of articles in your blog section etc.

The best practices for sitelinks is, you have a good, visible and clean menu with text links (using images as buttons for links is considered totally futile) for the pages like about, contact us etc makes it easier to get into the sitelink scheme.

5) Internal links for getting in-depth sitelinks:

Sitelinks are often the most linked pages of your site. This is because Google thinks that more internal links means more importance of pages (considering that you mention them more).

This is evident from Google’s own description Google sitelinks best practices: (check image below)


This means, using more of text version of your important pages as links with their alt texts clearly defined gives you an edge in the sitelink game.

6) Sitemaps also contribute to sitelinks:

First of all make sure to sign up for a Webmaster Tools account. Also I strongly recommend you to setting up a Google Analytics and Google Adwords account as well to increase your chances of getting Google Sitelinks for your websites (the latter two aren’t a must, though).

You must need a sitemap for your websites. If you already have one, you can find it by entering your website name/sitemap.xml (ex:

If you don’t have a sitemap for your websites yet, here’s how to do it, go to and create one. If you are a WordPress user, you are in luck. Here’s the great plugin to automatically do this all for you.

So these were the best practises to get sitelinks for your website no matter what your niche or content is.

Note that, after following all the above things, your site takes some time to get Google Sitelinks. You won’t get instant results and you won’t see immediate Google sitelinks after implementing the above things.

Please make a note that, according to Google “Sitelinks are automatically generated links that may appear under your site’s search results”. So you don’t have much control over the Google sitelinks and you can’t decide which links to appear on Google search results.

How to get the latest Google Sitelink search box changes for your sites?

If you want to implement this step and want to show Google’s latest sitelinks search box for your site in Google results, then you must have a working search engine function. Then you can use markup on your website’s home page to implement this.

Here are few easy steps to how to get this done for your sites.

  • Put the markup on your website’s home page
  • Set up a canonical URL for your site home page using rel=”canonical” link
  • You must prevent crawling your site’s search result pages with robots.txt

Final Thoughts About Getting Google Sitelinks Quickly

Although there are so many ways to boost your search traffic, getting Google Sitelinks to your sites is the quickest way to get more clicks on your inner pages as well.

Google Sitelinks are the most powerful way to dominate your site’s search engine results, it will also increase your overall brand awareness and trust. Unfortunately, there’s no guide given by Google on how to get Google Sitelinks for your sites, so you need to make sure to create a sitemap.xml for your sites.

Getting Google Sitelinks for your websites in the search results is not a big deal.

Hope those Google sitelinks tutorial and tips will help you get Google sitelinks for your websites from Google.

Do you have any tip that can help us get these hard to get special links for our website from Google quickly, please share in the comments section below.

Also, feel free to post the links of your website (only the homepage URL in the comment section) that has sitelinks activated so that we can view them.


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    I see that the search result that you posted here is for and it is showing 10 sitelinks but at the same time if i enter bloggerspassion, it is showing only 4 sitelinks, in my opinion, very few might search with .com at the end. For my website, i too get 10 sitelinks when i add .com at the end but none when i just enter the website name, any feedback on this?

  83. Anny says:

    Hello Bloggerpassion,

    Can you suggest me what should i do?
    One month ago I revamped my whole website, and some of the pages were in sub-domains and indexed by Google. But, now i am seeing some of the old sub-domain pages still showing on Google site links, however my website new pages reindexd by the Google and not showing new pages in Google site link. So I don’t want to show my old pages on Google sites links. What should i do, please suggest.

  84. Wow, great post sharing to your important tops on google site links. But I believe that domain ages are the main factor for google site links. Thanks for your informative article to share us about google links.

  85. Malli says:

    Very nice article and good explanation about the site links. This blog post definitely it will help for any one who can be trying to get those websites site links in Google search results.

  86. Prem says:

    Hi there,

    My site “” is not indexed by google and whenever i’m searching for my website on google, it throws a message i.e.

    A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt

    Though i have unchecked the box on “reading” i.e. Discourage search engines from indexing this site on wordpress, still after one week, the message i get on google is “A description for this result is not available because of this site’s robots.txt”

    Kindly help solving this issue so that my website is indexed on google and my site will get ranking.

    Thanks n Regards

    • Prem everything looks fine with your site. Please go to and search, you will be able to see Google sitelinks for your Sports website. I just verified the same. Thanks

  87. PRem says:

    Thanks Anil! It is working now. Can you also share your email ID so that for any other clarification i can write to you.


  88. MKA says:

    Yes! Its is automatic process done by google my site appear site links within 2 to 3 months.. any way nice post… keep posting 🙂

  89. Awesome tips on how we can get google site links for our website faster. Thanks a lot!

  90. Manuraj says:

    I had two site links shown in the previous month. But showing nothing why? How can I get it back?

  91. Great tip. I don’t know much about the technical aspect of it (robot txt, canonical url etc). But I think the best way to get site links is increasing brand awareness. Trigger people to search your brand’s name the more.

  92. Nice,
    This post also helped me to get site link for our blog, this is really helpful.

  93. Ram says:

    Hi Thanks for the helpful post
    Can you please explain the below one clearly with some example
    How To Get The Latest Google Sitelink Search Box Changes For Your Sites?

  94. Lisa P Sicard says:

    Hi Anil, thanks for these tips. I used to have sitelinks but don’t anymore. What could the reason be?
    I do use internal links often now. Maybe I need to do that with the pages vs posts. I will be working on these tips you provided.

  95. Hiren says:

    Hi Anil,

    I have been struggling to get sitelinks goin in my website. It hs been there for one year but no luck.Can you please advice?


  96. Nick says:

    I’m unable to get any site links in search results.

  97. Mark says:

    In 2018 how to get sitelinks in google search? There is no sitelink option in google webmaster tool.

  98. Hi
    I have a very unique issue regarding sitelinks. Please search “taxi service in dehradun” and you can see shreya taxi result with sitelinks… How can we get those links.

    with regards

  99. site link one of the most effective tools for search result show in google. This Great sitelink tips help user who is new in blog world.

  100. Hi Anil,
    Thanks for your post. But i have one doubt, is sitelink same as Please clarify here.

    • Hi Priya

      Sitelinks are totally different from Sitelinks are what you see in Google when you make searches around your brand name in Google. And Schema is the code we enter into our website pages to help Google bots understand our content much better. There are different schema’s for different content types like product rating schema, events schema, videos schema’s and photo’s schema etc.

  101. Nice post. I do have some problems with sitelinks. Are types? cos i see sometimes mine display vertically and other times just some links below my website name

  102. Ravim says:

    Hi Anil,

    Its a nice blog post. Do you think google site links have same importance as it was earlier or things have changed in 2018 ?

  103. In my experience, i can say that a well written STRUCTURED DATA can bring rich snippet in search results.

  104. Hi Anil,

    My site has 4 site links already. How many more can I add?

  105. Mukesh says:

    I have a unique issue with organic site links. For US location it’s showing, but for India location, there are no sitelinks at all.

    Please share your thoughts.

    • Hi Mukesh

      Please check once again as I’m able to see sitelinks for your domain for India location as well. Go to and enter your domain name only without any extension (in your case it will be shieldsquare).

  106. Ragil says:

    Hey, can you explain why all of my sitelink missing form search results after DA increase?

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