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In the recent years Google has once again made headlines after introducing its recent changes and updates. For many years Google has tried to come up with effective measures to get rid of sites that provide low quality posts. Low quality build linking was a major problem that Google users faced. Since the invention of Google panda updates this problem vanished into the thin air. Today you are therefore guaranteed of receiving the search results of the highest quality whenever you use Google. Many bloggers have always been looking for the best way to increase visibility of their blogging sites.

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Effective Strategy

So, what is the most effective strategy a person can use so as to increase visitors to his website? Since the introduction of the Google panda updates you can receive as many visitors as possible to your blog. Since the invention of the Google panda updates, many bloggers have improved their blogging activities to unimaginable heights they never dreamed of.

This new update by Google is aimed to get rid of ‘content farm’. In the past there had been an increase in low quality articles which rarely passed the copyscape but since the introduction of the Google panda updates there has been a decline. The main aim of Google panda updates according to Google is to ensure that most Google users get high quality content results. Guest posting for a long time has been used to build backlinks by many bloggers. Since the introduction of the Google panda updates, bloggers have been advised to take a lot of precautions about the site they intend to pick for guest posting.

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Guest Posting after Panda Updates

guest bloggingIn the past many bloggers have been in the dark when they want to guest post. Guest posting should be done with a lot of care and a person should ensure that they take precautions. Whenever you are guest posting it is advisable you choose a favorable site that will give the desired results. Here are a few guidelines to help you choose a safe site for guest posting using the Google panda updates. One of the things that you should always bear in mind is that you should avoid using blogs that have too many ads because they will be affected negatively by Google Panda update. A site with lower ads ranging from one to two is safer and better to use.

It is quite often that most bloggers go wrong when they choose blogs that are of low traffic and have a lot of content. This is a deadly mistake bloggers make because most of these blogs lack legitimate visitors. You should go for a blog which has reasonable comments, posts and directories and avoid spammy links.

Since the introduction of the Google panda updates, bloggers have been advised to choose blogs that are moderated on a regular basis when they want to guest post. When Google panda update was introduced many people did not clearly understand its role in blogging activities. As a matter of truth so many people misjudged Google panda update. The most important purpose of Google panda update is to get rid of low quality posts. It is due to this reason why Google panda update has become very popular today especially among bloggers. How exactly does Google panda achieve this?

In case there are sites that have low or poor quality posts, Google panda ensures that such a site is removed out of the search results. This is very beneficial to any Google user because you are guaranteed of receiving results of high quality. In addition to that, Google panda update ensure that any copied results does not show in the search results. Therefore, a Google user is ensured of getting search results that are unique and original. If you are looking for the best way to build links you need to take great advantage of blogs, webinars and whitepapers to catch the attention of more natural and organic links.  Since the recent announcement by Google about their change in ranking algorithm it is wise that your link building strategies for the better. This means that you should always stay alert and informed about any recent and upcoming changes of Google ranking algorithm.

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