Guest Blogging: Top 5 Ways to Find Blogs for Submitting Guest Posts

These days, lots of webmasters and bloggers have started including guest blogging as one of way to market their websites and blogs. They use guest blogging for getting keyword-based links, traffic, relationship building with fellow bloggers and for promoting their products and services in blogosphere. There are hurdles one needs to solve to get most out of guest blogging. You need to a good writer as blog owners only accept high quality articles in the form of guest posts. Then you need to have a list of high PR, top authority and blogs with lots of traffic in your niche. In case, you don’t have that list, you should start working on it immediately by doing some research on Google with keywords of your industry to find most popular blogs.

Process for Guest Blogging

  1. Create some high quality and interesting articles around your website niche.
  2. Contact bloggers in your niche with the intension to contribute guest posts on their blogs
  3. When some bloggers replies positively on your guest post request, submit them your guest posts with link back to your website.
  4. Wait for approval of your guest posts.
  5. Mostly bloggers will send their decision about publishing your guest post in the next 2-3 days. And in case you don’t get any feedback from some bloggers on your guest post, send them reminder email about the guest posts you sent them.
  6. Now lets start seeing your work being getting live on top blogs in your niche.
  7. You should share your guest posts on social networks where you are active and should reply to comments coming on your guest posts.

Thing to Notice Regarding Guest Blogging

  1. You should be sending your best work in the form of guest posts to bloggers.
  2. You should not be sending the same guest post for publishing to multiple bloggers.
  3. You should not be using your guest posts in any format elsewhere after they get published on other blogs.
  4. You should not be copying or stealing someone else work in your guest posts.

In today post, I’m going to share top 5 ways to find blogs that accept guest posts. So you will have lots of guest blogging opportunities available. The only challenge that you have to solve is writing high quality guest posts for submission. You can solve that by writing articles by yourself or by writing a good blog writer.

1. Blogs You Know of

There must be some blogs in your niche you used to go for getting new content ideas or for increasing your knowledge about certain topics. You may even be sending your valuable feedback to them in the form comments. And the blog owners are really happy with your knowledge about the topic you are commenting about. And thus when you approach them with an idea of a guest post, they will surely allow your guest post being published on their blogs.

2. Blogs with Submit Guest Post Option

Look for Submit Guest Post type link
Apart from this, there will be some blogs in your niche that understands the concept of guest blogging and thus have created a link like Submit Guest Post, write for us, Contribute a Post etc in their header menu sections. And when you see a link like this on any of blogs in your niche, you should be happy that you got one more blog to guest post. In case you don’t know about blogs with such links, do some exact keyword search related to these links on Google. You will be able to find lots of blogs for guest blogging when trying searching terms like “submit guest post”, “write for us”, “guest blogging”, “contribute guest post” etc on Google. I would suggest you maintaining an excel sheet to keep track of blogs where you can submit guest posts. You should keep track of blog URL, Blogger Name, Contact details and link for guest blogging if any in your excel.

3. MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest websiteThere are some websites created on the concept of guest blogging only like where you can find some guest blogging options for you. Apart from this, you can even invite other bloggers to guest posts on your blog. My Blog Guest website has an active discussion forum where you will find lots of threads created. In some threads, bloggers would have been inviting other bloggers to submit guest posts on their blogs. While with others, there will be bloggers showing interest in doing guest posts on other blogs and thus bloggers who are interested in getting more guest posts on their blogs will reply positively to such threads. So I would call My Blog Guest, a marketplace for submitting and accepting guest posts. You can use Blogger LinkUp website for the same purpose.

4. Subscribe to Favorite Blogs

I would recommend subscribe to some blogs in your niche and when you see a guest post publishing on any of blogs from other blog owner or website owner, there is every chance they will accept guest post from you even through they don’t have a link like submit guest post on their blogs. And in case you want to submit a guest post on BloggersPassion, you are most welcome for that and you can do that by using the submit guest post link available in header navigation menu.

5. Use Technorati Blogs Directory

Technorati has a huge directory of blogs. So browse categories matching your website or blog niche to find more guest blogging opportunities.
Technorati Blog Directory

Are you using any other method to find blogs for guest blogging, please share in the comments section below?


  1. crunchynow says:

    Nice tips…

    i am sure now i would get a chance to explore more with this..

  2. simon says:

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for the tips sharing on guest blogging. Getting links from reputable blog is always important, and you also build up relationship among and bloggers within the same niche. Also you build reputation.


  3. Amrish Singh says:

    Nice tips Anil . Guest posting on other popular blog of you niche is the best way to dive instant traffic to you blog . It also give quality backlinks that help to get better ranking og blog in Search engines

  4. Avadhut says:

    Hey Anil,

    I loved these tips. I am planning to write guest posts in career development area.

  5. vaibhavgrover says:

    Hi Anil…

    I would say only one word for your post is AWESOME

    Your tips are really helpful…

  6. Cooper says:

    The article is really great, in my point of view, the best way to do guest posting is that post your best article in the similar type of blog and make understand the blog owner that by doing guest posting the benefit is for both and also the viewers.

  7. Hello Anil (and readers) :-).
    I’d like to invite you to send your guest post to my website.
    Take a look at the “Guest posts” link in the upper menu and, if you need any explanation or have any idea to help us each other, you’ll find my contact data and profile in social networks to have a talk.
    Thanks in advance.

  8. Jack @ Rujacksalad says:

    Well, thanks for sharing the useful tips for finding guest posts opportunities.

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