Here’s Why Most Bloggers Fail to Make Money And What to You Can Do

why bloggers fail to make money

Most bloggers fail to make money because of one major reason: they try to make money without having any products sell.

If you want to create a passive income from your websites, don’t focus on making money by selling ads or Google AdSense. Create your own products. If there’s only one way to make more money online, it is this: sell your own products.

Yes I agree we all can make few bucks by promoting others products or using ads but they won’t return you great results if you want to make a full-time income from blogging. You have to search for other lucrative income sources to make a living from online businesses.

In this detailed guide, I’m going to share few insights why few bloggers fail to make money and what you can do to make money blogging. Don’t miss out reading the points as most of them will open your eyes.

Why Most Bloggers Fail to Make Money And What to You Can Do

why bloggers fail to make money

Stop treating your blog like a newspaper

There’s a common thing in newspapers and blogs. They provide information but in two different mediums. Newspapers make money from their ads. But it’s a LIMITED way of making money. If you are using same banner ads on your blogs to earn money, you won’t be able to survive for a long time.

Why treat your blog like a newspaper and only use banner ads or AdSense to make money blogging? Yes, it’s true that we can make decent income by using ads or AdSense on blogs but it is really not a great way of making passive income from blogging.

You have to think like a marketer, stop treating yourself as a blogger. When you search for proven ways to drive more traffic, and promote your products, you will start making really good money from your blogs and websites.

Always ask, what’s in it for them?

People want strong reasons to read your blog posts, share your stuff or buy something from you. They won’t buy your products just because you are promoting. So start giving them strong reasons, you can start that by asking yourself “what can you do for them”. If you give convincing reasons for them to buy, your visitors would love to do what you say.

Most bloggers don’t make any money because either their blogs don’t get enough website traffic or they don’t know how to sell their products to their readers. So it’s either the lack of reader engagement or website traffic that causes a blog to become a failure.

Treat your blog as a business

There’s a clear distinction between a blog and a business. Most bloggers don’t make money because they treat their blogs just as blogs. When you start treating your blog as a real business, you will start making money. How?

Once you consider your blog or website as a business, you will invest money. Once you start investing money on blogging, you will get serious about it. The more serious you are about creating content, driving traffic, there are high chances of making real money from blogs.

On the other hand, if you don’t treat your blog as a business, you don’t invest any money. If you are not spending any money on your blogs, they will hardly survive. You have to spend wisely on getting an appealing design, using a great web host and driving more SEO traffic.

Publish blog posts to build relationships, not traffic

Majority of the bloggers spend their time on creating blog posts day in and day out just to increase their website traffic. What happens when you only focus on increasing traffic? You might get more traffic, but it is mostly “unwanted traffic” where your website visitors don’t buy anything from you or click on your ads.

When you have poor user engagement on your websites or blogs, you will have hard time in making money from your blogging efforts. Reader engagement is perhaps the only crucial metric that makes or breaks any blog’s business. Focus on your reader retention rather than getting more traffic.

Also focus on publishing your blog posts to build relationships with the readers, not to increase your website traffic. Although it’s a great idea to write more posts to increase traffic but you need to consider building strong relationships with the readers to make money online.

Start selling from day 1

Most bloggers fail to make money online because they wait until they get *more* website traffic. They think the more traffic they get, the more money they can generate.

What happens next? Majority of the bloggers end up getting very less traffic to their blogs and they eventually quit blogging even before they start. If you are one among them, here’s my serious advice to make money blogging: start selling from day 1. You don’t have to create your own products to make money from day 1, you can consider providing your services to help others.

That way you will not only be able to make some instant money each and every month, but you will have a better idea on creating future products for your readers.

If you are a freelance writer, you don’t have to wait for thousands of audience to make money. Just start providing your freelance services to others, and make instant money, learn from it and then launch a product by yourself to create a passive income stream for your business. That’s how successful products are created.

In a nutshell: Though there are a lot of reasons why most bloggers fail to make money online but the basic reason is they are not offering anything to make money in return. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or not, learn to sell your skills from day 1. Just analyze how your competitors are making money from their websites, figure out the quality of their products and create something on your own to make a passive income from your websites.

What do you think are the reasons most bloggers fail to make money blogging? Do you have any other suggestions that help beginners to make money online, please leave your comments below.


  1. Manik says:

    Hi Anil,
    Great post indeed. All points are really important to make money from a blog for a long time.

  2. Nirmala says:

    Hi Anil,

    First I’d like to say that the modifications which you’ve done in your blog is excellent and seems distraction free medium.

    Coming to your post, I do agree with your reasons for not making money with blog. It is more essential for the bloggers to offer the helpful information to get more traffic. The way of presenting the beneficial data matters a lot which would bring loyal readers to out blog.

    Yes, every published post should help us to build relationship with readers and I do care for it. As you said, investing money in blogging will help us to grow fast.

    Thanks for writing this good post for us, keep sharing your suggestions.

  3. singh says:

    hi anil,well i read your post and its nice.basically i have started blogging some time ago and want to know that how can i get enough traffic on my website so that i make my work fruitful for my you said by selling products,here i wanna know which products you are referring to here as i have to make my blog successful and to earn some money.i hope your reply will help me.thanks

  4. Awesome post Anil and yes you pointed out the best way to earn decent income from our blog by providing our services, Keep posting such more eye opening posts

    Rohit Singh

  5. srinivasan says:

    Hi Anil, i am a beginner this post gave me some ideas on online marketing it was really helpful!!thank you

  6. Shafi says:

    Hi Anil
    Iam a starter in blogging field. I am very impressed with this post. I Wil implement sure in my blog.
    Keep writing good article to us


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