Hostgator Vs Dreamhost: Sensible Web Hosting Providers of the Industry

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June 10, 2019

When it comes to building an online business be it small business or large-scale business, you need a website. When it comes to building a website, most users prefer WordPress content management system. WordPress is widely used for a reason: they offer excellent features both SEO wise and user experience wise. Upwards 18% of the websites built world-wide are using WordPress.

And when you are using WordPress to create self-hosted sites, you need a hosting to place and manage your sites. Web hosting place a vital role in your business as it not only affects your loading speed but it also plays a huge role SEO wise.

When it comes to picking a web hosting service for WordPress sites, there are so many options are available and it becomes really hard to choose the best one among them. Your choice of picking the right hosting service for your WordPress sites becomes even harder when you are new to blogging.

It should not be wrong to call it an entire shift in the business strategies when I see a high number of individuals using online resources for business promotion. As a result of this, they are seen more sensitized towards creating new content and publishing it by way of blogs, social media, reviews, comments, etc., or setting up a business website.

All this has evidently triggered the demand for affordable yet professional web hosting providers. You will never be short of positive reviews about some web hosting providers, with people talking about why they use a specific web host. However, if you have landed up this page looking for what experts use and advice in this regard, that is probably the better way out!  Over the years, I’ve used many web hosting services on my WordPress sites, and all I can say is I’ve good experience with most of the web hosting services out there. So I can strongly suggest few great web hosting services to my readers as always I do here at BloggersPassion.

Hostgator Vs Dreamhost, which one is better

In a publicity driven world as of today, many of us find themselves standing blindfolded amid numerous web hosting providers around. Some of these may be technological giants while others may edge in terms of cost effectiveness. Which one to choose apropos your hosting requirements might be something bit challenging, but doesn’t your decision comes faster if you have to choice amongst couple of best ones?

This is why I decided to dedicate this post to two heavyweights in web hosting – Hostgator vs Dreamhost. Both these carry an elevated position in terms of popularity, reliability, affordability, services, etc. and you may like to pick or drop one for obvious reasons. Insight shared out here should interest you and allow you peep inside by way of facts, figures and features about both web hosts!

Hostgator vs Dreamhost – Distinctly Identified for their Own Features

Whether you are looking for shared web hosting, over VPS, or both, never settle down with on a second grade web host. My recommendation about Hostgator and DreamHost is well in accordance with this. You may count on the capacity to host countless domains, versatility of operation over various platforms or availability of most high-tech resources, each has its own reasons behind the worldwide popularity.

If you are a newbie setting a website, you may be inclined to pick DreamHost for its ultra-friendly control panel or array of hosting plans to switch over. At the same time, Hostgator is here to completely lure you with its expeditious hosting and most advanced cPanel software. Precisely speaking, opening up a discussion on Hostgator vs Dreamhost cannot turn into a very fertile one because both these web hosts have their distinctly identified features; former may be a preference for large sized website owners while the latter might be a favorite amongst starters.

Both Hostgator and Dreamhost offer unlimited bandwidth to their users so you will never face any issues although your traffic reaches to a maximum extent. This is the major reasons for using a good web hosting over free or cheap hosting services. When your traffic reaches high, cheap web hosting services can’t hold that and hence your server crashes often. So make sure to choose a web hosting service that offers unlimited and high quality bandwidth in this case both Hostgator and Dreamhost offers.

Matchless Plans for Most Affordable Web Hosting

Trying to compare Hostgator and DreamHost on the cost aspect, you may easily feel challenged to choose one. A free domain name registration is anytime a cost-effective feature and this coupled with some lucrative plans, DreamHost inches slightly towards affordability. Hostgator, on the other hand, does not put forth a free domain but it’s qualitatively rich services and the one cent hosting plan, provides enough stuff for clientele to go with it. It is as much rewarding to initiate with either of them, as you get a free two week trial with DreamHost and have to pay just a cent for a one month billing cycle with Hostgator.

Hostgator vs DreamHost shared hosting plans marginally vary. Hostgator’s hatchling plan at $3.95 a month, with unlimited bandwidth and storage and one domain can make you as happy as DreamHost’s $8.95 plan, which promises unlimited domains besides limitless storage and bandwidth. Other features that come free-flowing with both these providers are private SSL, dedicated IP, website templates, site migration and the site builder. You may get to see couple of alternatives with Hostgator by way of its Baby and Swap plans but this should appeal only a specific cluster.

In short, affordability and free offers essentially comprise in web hosting plans coming from both DreamHost and Hostgator and no one can be considered leading the other. If you are searching for web hosting services that offer free domain names, go with Dreamhost as they offer a free domain name registration for one year and you have to pay extra $10 to register domain name when you use HostGator.

Unique Features yet Neck to Neck

Your experience with a web hosting provider largely rests upon the simplicity of use and its prowess to retain operation in times of exigency. Hostgator, with its perfect mix of experience and expertise, provides an outstanding set up by way of the cPanel management software. A tool as this accustom you quicker and expedite setting up with an array of attractive features like phpMyadmin, cron jobs, Fantastico, etc.

If you got a website, you can add a lot of zing to it with the unique Perl modules introduced by Hostgator. Having incorporated .htaccess with its cPanel has facilitated integration of properties as password protected folders or permalink features in your website.

Moreover, Hostgator’s cPanel exceedingly helps you in closely watching CPU usage, how many processes are running and the usage of real time RAM. Your blogging gets effective because this is well-integrated with Drupal, PHPNuke, WordPress, etc. CMS software. In short, infinite small and big attributes make you fall in love with Hostgator’s cPanel.

In contrast, DreamHost’s control panel may be the second preference for some users, but it definitely has millions of takers for the ease of use. Its web ftp feature is well equipped to keep track of your websites’ statics, howsoever large it is. Besides the convenience of registering your domain name, DNS changes quite naturally happen and all the DNS entries looked out, when you use DreamHost’s control panel. Further, you don’t need the service providers’ involvement to switch DNS servers or alter whois information; you can yourself do it with the help of inbuilt control panel feature coming with DreamHost.

A glimpse of how you stay in control of your activities with DreamHost control panel can be had here. If you want to generate a new web ID and give it to someone, you can do so by restricting privileges. Thus this person can access the web Id with resources specifically allocated by you. Isn’t this amazing? You also get a dedicated page so as to manage your account with the help of which you can track billing, make payments, use web ID security options, toggle amongst hosting plans, and what not!

Hostgator offers 3 hosting plans to its users.

  1. Hatchling Plan: If you are a beginner and are on limited budget but still want a better hosting plan then go for Hatchling plan. Hatching plan is for single domain hosting, it means you can host only one website. It’s the cheapest plan offered by Hostgator and you can upgrade to baby plan at any time without any hassle. Pricing: $3.96 per month.
  2. Hostgator Baby Plan: This is the widely used Hostgator hosting package. You can host multiple sites using baby plan by paying around $6.36 every month (for 3 years package).
  3. Hostgator Business Plan: You can use dedicated IP along with the toll-free number using this plan. This is for you if you have a high traffic website and want to run your sites on VPS servers. Pricing: $10.36 per month (if you choose a 3 year hosting service)

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Dreamhost offers two hosting services to their users namely Shared Hosting and WordPress hosting.

Shared hosting features:

  • Free Domain Name
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email
  • 97 Day Money Back Guarantee

Pricing: $8.95 per month

WordPress hosting features:

  • Automatic WordPress Install
  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • Use Any Theme or Plugin
  • Automatic WordPress Updates
  • Hosted on Virtual Private Servers

Pricing: $19.95 per month

Please click this link to start your website using Dreamhost

Other Web Hosting Services Comparison:

Other things to Look for When Comparing Hostgator vs Dreamhost

I see the web hosting plans and services of Hostgator and Dreamhost to be so neck to neck that if one leads in some aspects, there are some sure attributes of the other that offer you a far-reaching experience. Hostgator’s approach is definitely high-tech in terms of incorporation with something as Google adwords, You get a credit of $100 as against $75 offered by Dreamhost towards Google adwords credits. Dreamhosts’s dedicated IP costs $3.95 per month, however it is just $2 in case of Hostgator.

If you have been over Hostgator that does not ask for you any setup charges, you may wonder why Dreamhost is asking for a monthly cost on this account! Conversely, coming from the free domain registration for a lifetime with Dreamhost, this may look too soothing when you are told you won’t get any free domain registration with Hostgator! However, there is a money back guarantee with both these web hosting providers and this well indicates their professionalism.

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Hostgator also offer free site migration that means if you are already using a site on Blogger Platform or any other blogging platform other than WordPress, you can easily migrate it to WordPress by using this features. We all know most of the WordPress users are not tech savvy and they don’t know how to migrate from one platform to other, so this feature comes in handy to migrate to WordPress without any additional cost.

Both Hostgator and Dreamhost offers excellent support to their customers and they also have 24X7 live chat where you can get in touch with them to solve your web hosting related issues. As far as I know, I can give more marks to Hostgator support team as they are really fast in responding to their customer queries when compared to Dreamhost.

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When it comes to Dreamhost, it offers exclusive features like mobile website generator. That means you can easily transform your WordPress sites into mobile responsive sites without any fuss. We all know how important it is to use a mobile friendly site as the mobile Internet usage is going far beyond the usage of desktop Internet usage. So it’s always better to use a responsive design instead of using a generic design on your WordPress sites.

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To conclude with, discussion on Hostgator vs Dreamhost may go on and on. Given that web hosting is a large subject in itself and you are required to use infinite applications, management tools, etc. the one that has better transparency and distinction of features wins. Looking to the characteristics and traits presented by Hostgator and Dreamhost, this study should help you have a balanced view about the two web hosting providers and decide over one neutrally!

If you are looking for a reliable and cheap hosting service, I strongly recommend you to use Hostgator as it offers hosting services as cheap as $3.96 per month where as Dreamhost is a widely used hosting service starts from $8.95 per month where you can also get a free domain name. So the choice is yours, which hosting service would you prefer? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. rahul says:

    go for hostgator…its really good…i have tried it

  2. Rahul Jain says:

    In my opinion both are good in some ways.
    Hostgator is good for cheap and most trust-able hosting. popular in shared hosting.
    Dreamhosts is very good in VPS, many of my fellow bloggers are using it, it does’t mean shared of Dreamhosts is not good at all. But i expressed what i think. nice share.

  3. Ravi says:

    Hostgator is used by most of the bloggers whereas BlueHost is considered as Best Hosting in the World. What should i prefer is really a great confusion but i think I will go with the opinion of other bloggers, hence hostgator

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