How Google is Changing Long Tail Search with Hummingbird Update?

I tried to Google “How can I install the latest updates for my Samsung Galaxy S4?” sometime back, and all I received were irregular links showing reviews of this gadget, or links to discussion forums where various topics like “Update Samsung galaxy mobiles” were posted, but none of the pages provided me exact answers. But when I Googled “Samsung Galaxy S4 update”, all results were related to my query.

When exploring Google today, I tried searching again “How can I install the latest updates for my Samsung Galaxy S4” and was simply shocked to check that all the results now are exactly to the point. Yes, Google certainly has done a lot of hard work to satisfy the needs of the changing environment. All credit goes to the new Hummingbird Update.

Google Hummingbird Update

Google, just like any other search engine tries to bring out the best user experience for every visitor. It does not leave any stone unturned in providing the most accurate results to the query which a user has entered in the search box. In the post, Google did provide the reliable results for short keywords, but when it came to long tail keywords, as happened in my case when I entered a full question, it most often failed to produce the relevant content.

This all happened because till that point, the algorithms used by Google didn’t understand the entered phrase as a whole, but it tried to break down the phrase into smaller parts and then look for it in fragments on a website.

With the latest Hummingbird update, Google now has the power to understand and analyze the full phrases which a user enters. This empowers it to produce the most reliable content which someone would expect from it. The new update is now targeting longer tailed keywords.

Hummingbird Update effect on long tail keywords seo

It has been seen that most of the experienced Internet users search for the short keywords which they want on Google, but still, there’s no shortage of newbies who do not understand the basics of search engine, and try to enter a complete question in the box taking into account every Grammatical rule. This update is surely going to help these people.

Along with the focus on long keywords, there are a few other features which have been included as bells and whistles to the update. The Google Now is the new service started by Google to provide the most basic information on temperature, GPS, latest news, etc. to the consumers. Let’s have a quick look over the benefits of Google Hummingbird update:

1. Ease of Use for Newbies User

I have clearly explained this point in the above paragraphs. Once someone enters a full question into Google, he can now gain much more precise results.

2. Ease of SEO for Developers

The SEO executives really had a hard time in indexing the short keywords, as the competition grew tougher with each passing day. With the new update in hand, the developers can now focus on indexing long tail keywords, which is a much easier job. The more the length of the keyword, the more are the customization options available, and the easier it is to get the keywords indexed.

How Do I Benefit From Hummingbird Update?

If you are already running a blog, and you never had a strong link with SEO tactics, then Hummingbird might be the turning point for you. A major percentage of bloggers always had a lot of problems in getting their keywords indexed for the Google’s front page, no matter how hard they tried. The reason was not that they were following some illegal tactics, or they missed a few points, but the only main reason was the high competition.

If you search for a mobile phone on Google, you are certain to get one link from Amazon, one from Cnet, one from Engadget, one from Gsmarena, and one from Phonearena. Irrespective of your efforts, it’s simply next to impossible to defeat these rivals.

With the new algorithms, you may or may not be able to rank for “Samsung Galaxy S4”, but you can surely rank your site for “The latest Samsung Galaxy S4”, or “price of Samsung Galaxy S4”. Yes I do agree with people who say that only a minor percentage of people would be browsing Google with these keywords, but at least you are sure, that when that small portion of crowd searches for these keywords, and they find your link, they will certainly visit your site. Something is after all better than nothing.

No surely never had any visitor with small keyword, but with the larger ones, you do stand a chance. This means that Google has thrown all those sites back in the game which were considered to be inferior as compared to others, or which were never included in the results.

What you need to keep in mind is that you will need to analyze deeply the Google keywords tool, and select the best keywords to build around your article. Do not forget to check the total searches performed every month for the keyword you’ll target.

Do I need to change my SEO tactics as well?

Google has always been respectful towards content, and it will continue on its path to excellence. There’s nothing more to SEO except a few ‘meta’ tags, robots.txt files, image alt tags, etc. Google has not introduced any change in the SEO codes with the new update. All the practices ought to remain the same. The only modification is that you can now easily target long tail keywords.

The new update by Google certainly is one of the biggest ones in a couple of recent years. If we talk about shorter keywords, the update would hardly introduce any changes, but when talking of longer keywords, it is sure to completely change the face of the search engine. It has now been good amount of time since the update was released, and if you have experienced any change in your organic traffic stats, feel free to share it with us.

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