How Stay At Home Moms Can Make Money Blogging?

stay at home moms making money blogging

Did you know that you can turn a blog into a money making machine?

Yes, if you have a professional website that has loyal readers, you can easily use your blog as a secret weapon to make more money online.

I’ve been successfully making money online for over 8 years now and I know how money blogging works. So I’ve decided create a detailed guide for all the stay at home moms to make money in their free time.

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Here are some of the topics covered in this detailed guide to making money as a stay at home mom.

  • 5 points to consider before blogging for money
  • The 3 mistakes most people make when choosing a topic for their blog
  • Creating a content strategy
  • The two factors that will drive you more blog traffic
  • Using your blog traffic to start making money as a stay at home mom

Let’s now discuss about the above things to know how stay at home moms can actually make money from blogging.  

How stay at home moms can make money blogging?

stay at home moms making money blogging

5 most crucial things to consider before blogging for money

#1. Blogging is easy but making money from it isn’t

Most people before diving into blogging think that making money from blogs is easy. Even I thought it was easy before I launched this blog 5 years ago. In reality, making money from a blog takes time and lots of efforts. So if you’re thinking that making money online is easy, you should think again.

You must learn the art of selling and the art of turning normal website visitors into repeated buyers to make passive income from your blogs. And you will learn all these skills as you keep on growing your blog audience.

#2. Blog for the long haul

If you consider blogging as a get rich quick scheme, you should rethink. Blogging takes time before you start making money (especially if you don’t have prior online reputation and marketing skills).

So if you blog for the long haul, you will definitely get the reaping rewards. Make sure to define your target audience and find products to promote if you want to quickly start making money. Another way of making money from your blogs quickly is to offer your services (be it writing for others or setting up a blog).

#3. Start with a free blog if you’re unsure

Are you confused whether you can succeed in blogging or not? Then why not give it a try? You can easily start with a free blog and start honing your writing skills to find out if blogging is for your or not.

Here’s a great guide on launching a free blog from scratch and making money from it. Make sure to check it out if you are unsure about investing money on building a self-hosted website that needs money for domain and hosting.

#4. It takes money to make money blogging

Once you figured out blogging is for you, you should treat is as a business not fun. If you consider blogging as a business, you will invest money and take out time from your daily routine to seriously start building and growing your blog. That’s the key to build a blog that makes you money.

#5. Consistency is the real key

Sue Anne, Jane Sheeba, Ileane Smith, Kristi Hines, Lisa Irby, Ali Luke – all these mom bloggers are making money consistently from their blogs for years. They have been doing it successfully because they are consistent with their blogging efforts.

Although all these mom bloggers started small but they grew their audience to a great extent and that’s the reason why they are making passive income from their blogs every single month.

If you want to successfully make money as a stay at home mom, be consistent. Pick a blog posting frequency and stick to it.

3 dumbest mistakes to avoid while picking a topic for your blog

If you are a stay at home mom and just starting out, it’s quite obvious that you will struggle to decide what to blog about. Here are 3 common mistakes you should avoid at all costs before finding your niche.

  1. Picking a broad market: Topics like technology, marketing, entertainment, news etc are heavily crowded. There’s no way you can build a profitable blog from scratch in any broader market. You need to pick a small niche and become an expert at it overtime to make passive income. Because it’s easier to get noticed and become an expert in a small market than diving into an ocean full of sharks where competition is more.
  2. Not knowing your blog audience: This is the most common mistake I observe from the beginner bloggers, they don’t know their audience. If you don’t know who you are writing to, how can you create engaging contents that get more shares and links? Define your audience including their gender, age, demographics etc and then figure out the problems they might have. That way you will be able to build a blog that solves their problems through products you create or promote.
  3. Basing it only on your passion: You should also consider the market demand. If they are no people who cares what you are writing or selling, then there’s a no way you can make money from your blogs. You should definitely pick a topic that you are passionate to write about but at the same time, you should also know the market needs for the topic you choose.

Creating a content strategy that drives you more website traffic

Building blog audience is the key to start a better blog. And it’s not possible without writing great contents on a regularly basis. You should not write whatever comes into your mind especially if you have zero experience in what you write.

So creating a strategic content strategy helps you grow your traffic and audience. Here are few ideas on how to do it right.

Pick only 3 topics to write at first: Conquer them one by one instead of writing on the 3 topics you select. Most people fail at building blog audience is because they write on any topic that comes to their mind. If you want to build a loyal readership around your blog, you should write at least 5 articles on one topic, then go for another topic.

Get to know about your audience: In the beginning, the more you know about your audience, the better content you can create for them. Create surveys, use Facebook groups and ask your readers what kind of stuff they like to read.

Analyze your competitors: Get to know who your competitors are. Find out how they are attracting their readers with the content. See how many links, shares and comments they get. Analyze their blog post headlines and see what works. Repeat the same on your blog too by adding your own writing tone.


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2 major factors that will drive you massive blog traffic

If you want to know how stay at home moms can make money blogging, you should know first know how to grow your blog traffic. Without traffic, you won’t get any sales. Without sales, you can’t make money. It’s as simple as that. Here are two incredible ways to drive more traffic to your blogs.

80/20 rule of promotion:

Most bloggers spend 80% of their time on creating blog posts and 20% on promoting them. How dumbest mistake is that? You are writing blog posts to get more people read and share your stuff, right? Then, why spend so much less time on promoting them? You need to reverse engineer that and start spending 80% of your time on promoting your contents and 20% on actually creating them. For instance, if you are spending 2 hours on writing a post, you should spend at least 6 hours in promoting it on emailing people, sharing on social media, actively participating on other forums related to your niche etc.

Building an email list:

If you want to make others to buy products from you, you should first make them like and trust you. It is possible only if you are building an email list and educating them about the products you promote. Most mom bloggers don’t build an email list, they simply go for monetization ways like advertising, paid reviews etc. But if they focus on this one thing, they will make much more money with minimal efforts. So start building an email list from day 1 and give any freebie to attract more people.

How stay at home moms can make money from their blog traffic?

Making money as a mom blogger is not difficult as there are so many ways to generate income. Here are few evergreen ways most mom bloggers use to make money from their blogs.

  • Selling products and services: This is the fastest way to make money as a stay at home mom from your blogs. Start selling products you personally use on your blogs and write honest reviews about them, place affiliate links on your posts to make money. You can also offer blog services like paid writing, consulting etc to make money as mom blogger from day 1.
  • Advertisements: Most bloggers who drive massive traffic to their sites mostly rely upon advertising income. If you have a huge traffic site, you can easily earn a lot of money every month just by adding few ads on your blog’s sidebar. The good thing is that you can put any price tag you want!
  • Affiliate marketing: If you want to generate a passive income from your blogs, affiliate marketing is the ONLY way. There are a lot of successful Internet marketers like Darren Rowse, Ramit Sethi, Brian Clark, Pat Flynn etc are making a living from blogging by promoting products they like. Pat Flynn makes around $100,000 each month mostly from affiliate products. You need to have a hungry email list if you want to make more out of affiliate marketing.
  • Sponsored posts: Another source of income for most mom bloggers is that they publish sponsored posts. They are also known as paid product reviews, you will generally get a free trial of any product and you should write a review about. You will also get paid in return!

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Final thoughts about stay at home moms making money blogging

Making money as a stay at home mom can be easy if you can spend at least 4 to 6 hours every single week. If you observe this detailed post carefully, I talked more about building a strong foundation to create a blog that makes money.

I deliberately not focused solely on giving you some random monetization strategies. So if you really want to make money as a mom blogger, focus on building a strong foundation by implementing the strategies mentioned in this guide.

And as I mentioned in the article, there’s so much inspiration for you to look at. There are so many mom bloggers who are successfully making money from their blogs. So if they can do it, why can’t you?

What’s stopping you to start a blog? Don’t waste your time anymore. Use your free time to find out your passionate topics to write about and launch a blog. If you need any help in setting up a WordPress blog, please mail me at and I’d be glad to respond to all your questions.

Please feel free to share this guide with your network so other stay at home mom can find it easy to make money from blogging. Share your thoughts or questions in the comment section below.



  1. Great post Anil.

    I know how difficult it is as a work from home mom. The initial days will be really difficult as you have a small baby in hand and a blog you would love to grow.. But with time, your quality content attracts the like minded audience and then monetisation works well.

  2. Great Post Anil and yes moms and housewives can use blogging to make passion income online and blogging is the best way I think because I am also in this field and I know how we are managing to write blog posts but housewives and moms have lots of spare time which they can utilize to earn some passive income

  3. Great post Anil,
    I agree with you that creating a blog is easy but making money blogging is not easy. This is the simple truth a lot of people are not aware of. They think its all about creating a blog and throwing in some affiliate links all over it. There’s more to it than just that.

    But one thing I didn’t agree with here is your suggestion that its good to start with a free blog if you’re unsure.

    No, I’ll rather advice that you don’t start at all if you’re unsure. If you really desire to achieve anything in life then, you don’t need to be unsure. Being unsure is the first step to failing.

    So, you must be very very certain of what you want and if you really want it, you’ll definitely find a way to get it.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi, Anil,

    I love this post – especially the 80/20 promotion rule and the “don’t just follow your passion” idea.

    I have too many bloggers that email me after the fact – I blog about my passion and I don’t have any traffic or subscribers. You need to make sure your subject matter is something your can monetize down the road.

    Thanks for the shout-out today!

  5. Sourav says:

    Hi Anil,

    Visiting your blog for the first time.
    I liked the approach about how you have considered even those audience how are unsure (or a bit skeptical) about starting a blog. Yeah, all bloggers don’t start as a pro, and doubting is a human nature(even though it’s not good to doubt oneself too much).

    As you said at the end, this post gives a good idea that in order to make money from a blog, building the base is the most important.

  6. Jim says:

    Of course, more passion with educated moms can make money via blogging in their spare time. But blogging along with household task is not so easy . Thanks for sharing such informative post.

  7. Ileane says:

    Hi Anil!
    Well, first I want to thank you for mentioning me and my blog here in this wonderful post. I enjoyed the advice you are sharing about making money online for Moms. I’d like to add the using video is another way that Mom’s can reach out to their audience and gain new subscribers for their email list. Product reviews are also very effective when they are done on video and I find that I can increase my earnings for affiliate products when I create a video for them.

    Hope that helps!

  8. Hi,Anil
    Thank ypu for this lovly post.more passion with educated moms can make money via blogging in their free time.

    Neeraj Sharma

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