How the Design of Your Blog Can Influence on Your Success

Many people today prefer to write blogs and share with other people in the Internet his/her thoughts, plans, impressions or knowledge about everything and regularly.

But some blogs are more popular and interesting for readers that others. Why it happens and what does it depend on?

There are a few tips on the layout of your Blog and how they will influence your success.

Appropriate name for a blog

First of all, choose a theme name or slogan for your Blog. Make sure it can be easily seen but is not intrusive. If it is good, then there is no need to shout about it. Try to make it clever or poignant with regards to the topic of the Blog. A clever slogan or theme name will improve your chances of success far more than any type of layout or design.

Use a template design from the beginning

There are many designs or graphics in the theme gallery official WordPress that can serve as a basis for selecting and adapting your personal graphic identity. Using these themes will help your success in a way that limits your failure.

You could design your own blog layout from scratch but having a template means that it is harder to make a complete mess of it. It is a human trait to become accustomed to what we see. This is why the people who create things cannot often see how bad it is. The reason is that they have looked at it for a long time. Using a template will restrict this risk.

Choose the target audience

Pick your top three graphical themes and enter them for discussion. Submit them to your online entourage and your offline entourage such as your spouse, family, friends, parole officer, etc.

See what it inspires them. Tell them about the concept, the idea that you have behind the creation of your Blog. Specifically, you should get the advice and comments of the people who you want to read your Blog.

For example, if your Blog is on the looming threat of China as a world power, then get the opinions of Americans who have the foresight to see an inevitable future. Do not ask the opinion of people who cannot recognize a threat when it is on the horizon because they will not be the ones reading your Blog.

Getting the opinion of the potential readers of your Blog is one of the better ways of influencing your success in the right direction.

Play with colors of your blog

The colors can be changed very easily, so test them to see which help foster usability and accessibility of the content. Most people like white backgrounds and airy open spaces. You should take a leaf from other Blogs that run similar content.

If you are regularly following the blogs that have similar colors and are on the same issues as yours, then consider copying their colors. The colors of your Blog will not have a massive influence in gaining you more readers.

Would you buy a book primarily because someone told you it has green and red writing? On the other hand, would you buy a book for its contents? The way color influence on your blogs attendance will only matter if you do it incorrectly. If your color scheme is bad, then people will stop reading because it is simply too offensive to the eye.

Short, smart, easy!

Space is of massive importance. You need to consider having 70% or more of your page as empty space. Reading online is so much harder than with books. The more empty space you have the more chances people will keep reading. Space will influence your success if there is too little of it, since people will stop reading because they simply cannot be bothered.

Make short paragraphs and simple sentences. Don’t use very long and complicated phrases when the reader can forget the beginning until he/she writes the end of your message.

Keep in touch with readers

By the way, don’t write too long articles. A reader can be a little tired to look through all material you’ve posted. To keep his attention you can if you use questions, endless or provocative sentences and exclamation points.

Don’t forget to response all comments of your readers. Keep in touch and continue the discussion your readers have started.

Applications for a blog

Make some magazine style in your blog. Add more bright pictures and photos, animations and videos. People like not only reading but also watching colorful background.

But you should remember about appropriate amount of all thus design staff. Of course, you can add music as well. But firstly, you should think, do you really need it? Many users of the Internet hate when some strange song starts playing from nowhere.

Moreover, if you like some song, it doesn’t mean that somebody also can like it. Be careful with it, especially in the beginning of you blogging career.

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