How to Conduct Interviews from the Professionals in Your Niche?

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Who else wants to conduct interviews from professional bloggers in your niche?

Conducting interviews from the professional bloggers in your niche not only boost your online visibility, it will also give more loyal readers and a way to connect with like-minded people around your blog.

Here are the top tips to conduct interviews with the influencers. Do implement after reading!

Get targeted traffic

Give importance to building a strong connection with them: Get in touch with them through social media sites like Facebook or twitter or use their blog comments to interact with them regularly. This way you’ll become a known person to them and there’ll be very less chances to get a NO from them when you ask something.

But the idea here is not to connect with the just for the sake of getting things done, it REALLY sucks. You should be focusing on helping them first, offering them something useful, don’t irritate them by asking them to share your contents or leave blog comments on your posts. But be in touch with them regularly, become a useful resource for them, you’ll notice the best results, period.

Do proper homework: You should become the ambassador for your readers, after all, they’re the ones who read and spread the interview. So, your top priority while doing an interview should be focusing on solving your readers problems and post questions according to them. Don’t ask about their personal life or income reports when they don’t share on their own blogs. I RECENTLY stumbled upon an interview of one of my favorite bloggers, he doesn’t actually share his income reports. When other blogger asked him about his income – he simply said NO.

There’s no harsh feeling while reading the question, but the author who is asking the questions should be aware of what he likes and/or what he dislikes. Never ask personal details, focus only on giving more value to your readers by asking relevant question to your blog’s niche. This way you’ll get more likes, comments, shares and subscribers to your list.

Ask: Now, you’ve done the rough work and already engaged with the targeted bloggers whom you wanted to interview. The next step is to simply ask them about the interview. You can either use social media sites like Facebook, twitter or emails to engage with them about the interview. Wait for few days, they’ll SURELY respond you about whether or not they’re interested in the interview.

What if they say no?

No matter how small your blog is, most bloggers who often perform interviews will rarely say no. So there’s no need to worry about the rejection. Moreover they’ll tell you the reason why they’re not accepting your interview request. So there’s nothing to worry about.

Take help from your readers about the questions: This way you’re not only inviting more questions to ask, you’re also making them feel important! Use social media sites like Facebook and twitter to take help from your readers. They’ll SURELY respond to you.

Limit the number of questions: Anywhere around 5 to 8 questions are better. Anything which cross the limit can overwhelm your readers. Ask laser focused questions that are relevant to your blog niche, which should be providing value to your audience. Spend some time on just selecting the questions, remove the unwanted (or useless) questions from the list. Ask yourself this question, whether this question will help my readers? If yes, then go ahead. If the answer is NO, then simply ignore asking that question from your list.

Have a conversation instead of assuming it as an interview: This is one of the effective methods of conducting an interview. When you decided to ask questions, consider it like a conversation with your friend and try posing valuable questions that will educate you and your readers about the selected topic. Don’t ask random question that will kill the time of both your readers and your targeted blogger.

Say a BIG thanks (or a personal thank you note) after the interview: After finishing the interview send a personal thanks note to the blogger. This will not only create a great impression on you, but it also gives you a chance to create long-lasting relationship with the same blogger. After all, blogging is all about connecting with others and building long term healthy relationships, agree?

Promote like hell: When you’re conducting an interview with a famous blogger in your niche, even one social share on Facebook could bring hundreds of visits to your blog in no time. And ask the same author to promote at least on Facebook or twitter, their network can bring EVEN more traffic to your blog, thus increasing the visibility of your blog in the crowded niche.

Give it some breathe: After the interview getting published, don’t post something new on your blog the next day. This will kill the total purpose of organizing the interview. Give the interview some time to go viral and reach more audience. Till then try promoting the interview in your network and let other bloggers share the interview with their networks.

Let me know if you’ve any questions..

Written by Rahul Kuntala


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