How To Create A Successful Blog Series

Every blog has an objective or focus. Having a strategy will greatly improve the chances of meeting your aim.

Stringing related posts together in a series is one of the best ways to examine a broad topic in a more comprehensive way. Eventually it can even help to increase readership and improve search rankings for your business.

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Start by picking a topic

Find inspiration from the world around you. Assess your blog’s statistics, read comments from previous posts, study forums and industry magazines, and ask your friends in the blogosphere to find what questions aren’t being answered and what popular topics are being discussed.

Avoid doing a series on something you are unfamiliar with or that requires extensive research. Write about a subject that you’re passionate about or that people recognize you for.

Your knowledge and genuine interest in a topic will shine through and make your series much more enjoyable.

Start to outline a schedule of productivity

Do not start a series by simply writing a post and assuming that the rest will work itself out.

Map out exactly how many posts will be included in the series, what days they will be posted, what each post will cover, and even how you plan on marketing the series.

Try creating an outline that identifies the main topic, the break down, and supporting information for each of the categories. The outline is a great place for notes on the background information you’ve located, sources you want to quote or any side notes you may want to add.

Although technically, blogs have posts not articles, so when working on a series, it’s important to think of the initial post as an article. Articles are easier to break up and turn into a series because they’re longer and more detailed than traditional posts.

Break up your articles into smaller segments by dividing them into themes or categories. The objective is to allow readers the chance to connect with the blog without wasting too much of their time.

Finish off Writing the Whole Series First
Do not publish your series until the entire series has been completed, unless of course, you’re covering news as it happens. Completing the series beforehand prevents you from getting distracted and ensures that you have enough information to make the series valid.

Write Some Introductory Lines
Always write an introductory sentence to help visitors of your blog understand that they’ve come into the middle of a conversation and include a link that connects visitors to the previous post. Write an ending sentence for each post that builds anticipation for the next. Then, go back to the previous post and provide a link to the current post once the new one is published.

Adding Links for Previous Series Articles
Finally, consider adding a link to your series on the sidebar to prevent it from getting buried under all your new posts. To get even more mileage out of your series, share it with other bloggers and submit it in a distribution directory.

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  1. Great tips Yo, the key is the map/planning, the stronger and more detailed it is, the more successful you will be at completing your series.

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