How To Dominate Google And Profit With Micro Niche Blogs

How To Dominate Google And Profit With Micro Niche Blogs

The real online profit lies in micro niche blogs.

You can start profiting very quickly and you would begin to imagine what’s going on. Since I started targeting the micro sectors in popular niches, it’s been a total success.

Off course, there were stumps I stumbled upon on my way to awesome Google ranking. But the good news is that: the end result is always better than the temporal downsides.

If you ride with me in this post, I want to open up the channel of earning opportunities using tiny blogs. It’s never a get rich quick scheme, and there is no 100% guarantee that you’ll achieve success like me.

Dominate Google And Profit With Micro Niche Blogs

But your business life will never remain the same once you give this a shot.

Why Targeting Micro Niches?

From the very beginning, the web wasn’t made for jack of all trade. Every website ought to have a specific area of specialty. But that has never been the case – in fact I’ve seen websites that shares content on every topic on the face of the earth. Search engines prefer web pages that are somewhat similar to each other.

If you’re into shopping for instance, you need to explore the possible topics discussed within the shopping niche and talk about it. Topics like coupon codes, discount deals as well as review products and services in that niche – like I did with my micro blog where I share free sittercity coupon and 6pm discounts.

On the internet, getting people to know you for everything can be so difficult. You need an edge and that can only come when you concentrate on one particular area.

Less Competitive Keywords

Several keywords associated with micro niches are usually less competitive. It could be almost difficult to find any reasonable, less competitive key term in the expanded niches like health, internet marketing, finance etc.

Since a micro niche blog deals on a single product or topic, you can easily research high volume keywords that have little or no competing web pages on Google.

One of my primary keyword receives over 6,300 monthly searches, and the number of web pages that are targeting this term is less than 2,000. If you build a blog around this particular term, there is every tendency that you would rank on Google in the first 14 days.

This is not a guarantee but with few relevant backlinks, coupled with quality and detailed blog posts, you’re good to go.

Targeted Buyers

Psychologically, when a person decides to buy a specific product or service online, they make use of buyer keywords. These key terms show intents of the searcher making immediate purchase.

You will recognize these terms by the prefixes and suffixes used. E.g. review, compare, purchase, buy, quick, fast, order, download and product names are all indications that the searcher is ready to buy.

Well, if you’re ranking on Google for any of the buyer keywords, your monthly earnings would be bigger than someone who is trying to please every web user with generic blog.

Marketing Takeaway

You should seriously consider micro niche blogging. The irony is that very many bloggers, internet marketers and online entrepreneurs are still alien to this awesome business opportunity that is capable of generating 5 or 6 figures yearly.

But you’ve the opportunity on a platter – Even at that, reading about it doesn’t change anything, it’s the step you take after this that makes the BIG difference. See you at the top!


  1. Mia says:

    I agree, it’s better to be a big fish in a small lake, then a small fish in the ocean.

  2. You’re right Michael, micro niche blogs are a great way to make money online, if you can get things that are in or about to be in the news, even better.

    • Michael says:

      You’re most welcome Jamie. I’m glad you know the potential of micro niche blogs. I appreciate you stopping by to say something sweet. Good luck.

  3. Deborah says:

    Hey I have tried that one before. I’ve just had a certain serious situation with the captchas though and since then they haven’t been fixed. Not one from those guys gave a response and I’m very much disappointed.

  4. Keshav Sharma says:

    Yes i do agree with you sir, Micro niche blogging is very good in terms of maing money, all you need to do is to just know the tips for optimising it and making good backlinks to your blog. And the last but not the least Keyword research before selecting any primary or secondary keyword is very important.

  5. Arun rana says:

    hi can you tell me ,are link building also needed in creation of micro niche blog ??

  6. tk says:

    i just created a micro niche site, and i agree with your post.

  7. Mukesh says:

    As a starter, can one start micro niche site in Health category, like cancer or diabetes? What’s your opinion?

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Hi Mukesh

      NO doubt you can start a blog in any niche. But the health niche should be really competitive. Would suggest you to pick some other niche or try to pick more specific niche within Cancer, diabetes or any other sub category under health.

  8. Scamshouters says:

    hi please can u help me to get the good low competitive keyword and the domain name i wanna start the Microblog please share with me thank you

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