How To Drive Targeted Visitors To Websites Without Search Engine

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If there’s no search engine, or if search engine no longer able to brings up the search result, then what’s you’re going to do to bring targeted website visitors into your websites?

If that happens, that it’s a hard fact indeed. Search engine is an enormous machine to drive potential and profitable website visitors, and it’s targeted. Even so, not necessarily that the search engines as the only way to get people to visit a websites. In this post we’re going to share the other potential techniques to drive targeted traffic into your site without search engine.

Drive Traffic to Your Website without Search Engines
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paid advertisingPaid advertising in an effective ways to get targeted visitors to your site. With some budget and cost you’ll able to place Ads that linked to your site in the other blog or website those joined in the particular Ad networks. Yes, it requires a budget and expense invested dalamm a paid ad. Therefore you must be careful to determine how your budget will be going to.


Social Media Campaign

No more secret that social media become the 2nd most popular source to get web traffic after search engine optimization. Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, LinkedIn and many other major social media sites is the other place where site owners have their own chance to drive traffic to their sites. Actively interact with targeted audience in social media sites, build the engagement and own networks, are few ways you can apply to build own community in the social media sites that potentially to have them visit your site with several ways. Here you can learn more how to get web traffic from social media campaign.

Guest Blogging

Extremely popular today, especially after the Google Panda Update. To build qualified back links from blogs with content that is also qualified. On the other hand, guest blogging is very effective to drive unexpectedly targeted traffic to your website. aybe you’ll be surprised you managed to get a technique to increase targeted traffic, while having only few great articles on the right blogs.

Search for relevant blog to submit your guest post. Make sure you filter it, and distribute your article to the right blogs. That have high traffic, targeted audience, and many more other considerations.

Relevant Online Forums

Forums community online is a great place to get evolve and generate more targeted people visit your web. Just as when you apply other techniques such as social media marketing or blogging, your involvement and interaction with the other members will be very influential in your campaign to drive and keep them in your site for a conversions.

Take a note that the important side when you’re building traffic from forums is not only the traffic you’ll get, but also better image or reputation if you’re use your account to help each other, discuss or sharing other important tips.

Blogging & Commenting

The other very effective wayto capture targeted visitors into your website or blog. Blogging about the niche or topic where you’re in. Try to always write an interesting and useful blog post with fresh and quality post. Commenting in other blog is also great to apply when you will start to build specific people coming to your site without search engine. Comment other related blog and use your URL in your name link. Try to have a fun conversation with other reader or author there. Avoid generic comment that will never work. Effective tips to get success with blog commenting is by to be the first commenter and give your long and interesting comment that will lead to an interesting conversation, and most likely other people will be interested to click on your link name.


There are a lot blogger out there allow you to write review for your site or products and be paid. Basically, the concept is the blogger will write a review about your site or your product, and publish it on his blog with some pay and in certain time. This approach is very effective and will boost the targeted people visit your site escpecially when you have review in a famous blog that already have many of readers or audiences.


Video Marketing

video marketingIs nothing new, that video marketing has become a major new technique works very effectively to increase site traffic. Youtube, the most famous where millions of audience comes with all of its potential.

More than just producing quality video and post it in video sharing sites, video marketing has a broader sense to develop your site. When you come up with enough capital and investment, then you don’t need to worry if you’re suck with your SEO efforts that doesn;t give you the result. There are lot of techniques out there are make you able to drive long-terms targeted website visitors, and some are listed above.

Make you’re not hesitate to add and share more ideas to complete the pieces above.


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