How to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Classified Ad Posting

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website from Classified Ad Posting

Bring Traffic to Your Website from ClassifiedsAs a webmaster, entrepreneur, online marketer, Search Engine Optimization expert or owner of a specific blog, you look for every possible way over the internet that drives traffic. And because you know how significant it is that your website or blog, remains crowded with organic traffic, you will want to use all the methods that will attract real visitors. In other words, what you direly seek for is – such visitors who keep coming to the site every once a while, and not those who would drop in once in a blue moon and then vanish away forever. In this regard if you haven’t tapped the potential in classified ad posting yet, it was time you did so and saw what difference they can make over your website’s traffic.

Here is some insight about what how classified ads are beneficial and how to go about converting them into high traffic.

What Exactly Classified Ads do in Building Traffic?

Organic traffic or recurrent visits from real visitors can be seen as a well-built trust for your website and eventually for the business. More the opportunities you trigger to keep your prospects excited about the products or services, higher the likelihood that they will keep dropping over your site. Classified advertisements are a phenomenal way to convey a big message in limited words and to place the website address alongside. A better aspect with internet based classifieds is that you get to include a hyperlink back to the home site, thus making them more effective. Thus, all serious individuals who read out your ad are a possibility from the traffic’s point of view.

For instance, if your website is dedicated to artificial jewelry, everybody who trades for American, Italian or Indian form of jewelry would also be interested in having a look at what all you have to offer. Now here is a catch and something for you to cash on! If you announce that this website you have dedicated to jewelry welcomes free post ads for other forms of jewelries, diamonds, rhinestones, gems, etc., your website becomes manifold interesting and prospective. By doing so, you have generated a platform for entrepreneurs as well to come and place free classified ads and promote their business. All the more, it makes sense because these traders know they are advertising for their products and company at the right place. In other words, this online place becomes worthy for both buyers as well as sellers.

Fair enough, you have traffic now; but the point is how these classified ads will enhance traffic? Answer is very simple – it is the appeal or business interest you generate. Buyers who placed their ads over your website will like to keep track of the number of views their ads are getting per day. Every time they come back to check how good their classifieds are doing, it is an opportunity for your website to get spotted in the search engines. That gives a broad idea of what good classified ads do in building traffic!

Tools you should apply in Reaping Traffic from Classified Ads

There is definitely a lot you can apply to make your classified ads as magnets for high traffic. Why there is so much of stress on placing hyperlinks over specific keywords in your classified ads is obvious now. Traffic generated through clicks over these links turns in more chances for the site getting found in Google or other search engines. However, an even better way to place hyperlinks is to make classifieds more market and customer centric. Considering the jewelry site example as stated above, think using keywords like free American jewelry ads, Indian ornament classifieds, cheap Italian pendant ads, etc. This way, you are not only catching the attention of more and more buyers and sellers, but also are making your website the darling of search engines!

Another advantage of bringing classified ad placement option on your website is truly handsome from your income’s perspective. Sellers or entrepreneurs placing their classifieds are offered additional features like extra lucrative font categories, colors, designs, emphasized listing, etc. by paying an upgrade cost. If you are with an established classified ad affiliate program, they will pay you 10 to 20% of the up-gradation cost. That is simply to say that you are generating a whole new stream of income out here.

Choose the Best Classified Ad Posting Website

Classified advertising over net is a booming business with millions of visitors getting dragged to websites through companies like involved in classified business. Odds of your website getting heavily trafficked through classified ads multiply particularly when you are with the masters of this industry.

Talking about OLX itself, you can see everything from pin to aeroplane getting promoted over here. That simply indicates how businesses are leveraging visibility and are reaping rewards through the small content comprised in these free post ads. Moreover, inbuilt features are so user friendly that your ads can well accord with soothing pictures and attractive designs. Also, they never get broadcasted with erratic languages, spelling mistakes, etc. Facilitating enhanced promotion, your ad can be displayed over social networking sites and what’s more, you have access to OLX on your mobile.

As a result of this, without having to worry much about advertising expenditure, small businesses have prospects wide open to promote their products all over India, to build links back to their site and see increased sales volumes.

Studies show that it takes seven visits for a visitor to find a site valuable and to be convicted with it. That simply means your website should have interesting and fresh material for the visitor to keep coming and at the same time, is well optimized. Along with all the other tools used by SEO experts, classified ads have their special significance and have proven to be a magnificent traffic driver when used smartly, adequately. By creating room for buyers and sellers at the same time through classifieds, your website eventually creates a win-win situation. Classified ads are an exceptionally simple yet powerful way to gaining a high page rank for your website.


  1. Justin Wu says:

    Hey Anil, great blog once again. You mention that along with classified ads, I can help maximize my web traffic by applying useful keywords. Are there any SEO-related applications that you’ve had experience with that can help me correctly use keywords and help me further my web traffic? Thanks!

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      You can use Google Adword keyword tool for doing keyword research. This tool will share lots of valuable data like number of searches for a particular keyword and its associated terms on Google. You will also get better idea about the kind of competition and money you will be making though Google Adsense after getting top rankings for those keywords.

  2. Mohideen says:

    Hi Anil,

    Classified the thing which i have not tried for my promotion glad thanks for your tips.One doubt does directory submission and press release still worth please share your thought

  3. srikanth says:

    Anil Agarwal i have read your blog its very useful to the blogger.. thanks for your effort

  4. Brett Hooper says:

    Hi Mr.Anil,
    I am really impressed with this Post. Classified can move good quality traffic to your websites. People search the ads and get your list on the classified sites and move on your websites for the full information.

    Thanks for the publish informative post.

  5. siva says:

    Classified Ad are very important to get traffic to our site/blog.This is the one of the process for improving site traffic in seo process.

    Thanks for sharing your valuable ideas with us.

  6. Shibam Kar says:

    I just want to share one of my experience which I have got from Classified ad posting sites. I have a coupon and shopping site. There I posted some posts about some important but low costs products like headphones etc with affiliate links and posted them to ad posting sites. One week after I checked my affiliate dashboard and I was shocked! I sold 27 products in one week and earned some extra but big amount. Still the I use those ad posting sites. You can also try out them.

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