How To Find Long Tail Keywords for Increasing Website Traffic

how to find long tail keywords

Long tail keywords play an important role in Blogging or online business. Now a days, to rank for competitive keywords is not an easy game like old days. It is easy to rank for long tail keyword as compared to normal keyword. Many times, I get a questions from a newbie blogger – ‘I have written 50+ post at my blog and it is five month old but I am getting only 100 visits daily. How to increase my blog traffic?’

how to find long tail keywords

They all need to know first why they are not getting massive traffic to their blog. A good reason may be that they have not optimized their blog posts for targeted keywords. They need to find out long tail keywords to their blog post so that they could rank their post easily in Google and get more traffic from search engines. In this post, I will show you how to find long tail keywords.

What are long tail keywords?

Long tail keywords are the keyword phrases which have three or more than four words.Working with long tail keywords is like giving a boost to your website or your blog. It increases the chances of your posts to rank on major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Some example of long tail keywords:

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#1) Use Google Search Box

This is very easy and effective method to identify long tail keywords. Go to Google and type your target keyword for which you want to target your blog post. Google will show you lots of related search terms. In this way, you will get an idea what users are looking for.

long tail keywords

You can see in above image, Google is showing related terms. These terms are those which are used by users often. You should select one of them to rank your post easily in Google, it will helpful to drive massive traffic to your website.

#2) Use Google Related Searches

Did you notice when we search a particular query in Google, it shows searches related section at the bottom of page.

It looks like the image below

long tail keywords

This area acts as mine of long tail keywords.To get complete benefit of this long tail keywords mine, type your keyword into Google and scroll to the bottom of Google and select the best one long tail keyword from search related section.

#3) Use Keyword Research Tools

There are several keyword research tools available to find best long tail keywords. When it comes to selecting the right tool for keyword research, I often prefer to use “Google Keyword planner”. This is one of my favorite tool. But to get best result, we should try all. Finally you can select one which best works for you.

I am sharing some important tools below to get more ideas, give a try to all of them.

i) Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is one of the best free keyword research tools. It provides related search terms with monthly searches, competition etc. To find good long tail keywords with high searches, medium and low competition, simply type your query into search box and now click on keyword filters option. It will show you four option first average monthly searches, second suggested bid, third ad impression share and fourth competition. Type minimum number into monthly searches option, I prefer to select keywords with 1000+ monthly searches so I like to type 1000 in monthly searches option and select medium and low option in competition section.

ii) Google Trends

Google Trends plays an important role to select best keyword. It shows currently popular searches and high-volume keywords. First go to Google Trends and type your keyword for which you want to rank in search field.


Google Trends provide result “interest over time” based on search volumes and news headlines.


Give a look at Related Searches section. It looks like this:



You can find some useful keywords using this area.

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iii) UberSuggest

UberSuggest is also free keyword tool. It is developed by an Italian SEO guy. provides information from Google Suggest. It provides more keywords suggestions as compared to Soovle.

It looks like


Type your keyword into search box and fill the captcha and click the suggestion button. It shows 100s of long tail keywords in alphabetic order.


You can click on a particular character to get further more suggestions. I used query “long tail keyword” and click character “a”. In this case, it shows


#3) Use SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin

SEO SearchTerms Tagging Plugin is very popular plugin and has been downloaded 463,572 times. This plugin shows a list of incoming search terms. When you land on any blog post, it will show you all popular incoming search terms. Using those phrases,and you can find some high volume searches keyword by with the help of Google Keyword Planner.

#4) Use Forums And Boards

Forums and Boards are helpful sources to find long tail keywords. For finding long tail keywords using Forums and Boards, first you need to find forums in your niche. Simply go to and type “your keyword” + forums. Google will suggest you relevant forums and boards in your industry. If you have used forums already, you know thousands of people are asking and answering questions in your niche in every day.

Take a look at  queries which are being asked in popular Seo Forum.

use-forums-and -boards

Using this method, you can easily find those high volume queries which people are searching in Google. In this way, you can provide exact information to your audience what they are looking for.

#5) Google Webmaster Tools

You can use Google Webmaster tools also to find long tail keywords, Are you surprised? Let me explain how you can use Google Webmaster tools like a keyword tool.First login into GWT and click on “Search traffic” on the left sidebar and select search queries from the menu. GWT will  show you a table with query, impressions, clicks, CTR and Avg. position etc. Pick that keyword from this area who has more impressions and type this keyword into Google Adwords, now Google adword will suggest you some long tail keywords. Using those keywords, you can easily rank your post.

#6) Question Answer Sites

Question Answer sites are also one of my favorite methods. You must have heard about popular question answer websites like Yahoo Answers and Quora.To use Quora, first create an account on Quora. After creating account, login into Quora and type your broad keyword into the search bar. It looks like


Like Forums and Boards, Quora will show you most popular queries related to your search term.



Some queries are high volume keywords themselves, Go to Keyword Planner and put those queries and hit enter. Have a look at ‘searches section’ and select one which have high volume searches.

#7) Think Like A User

It is not a tool but this method is very effective. You can drive massive traffic using this method. Think like a user, think if you need to find out long tail keywords, ofcourse you are not going to type long tail keywords and hit enter. You will type query like – ‘how to find long tail keywords’, ‘best ways to find long tail keywords’. In this way, you can find some high volume searches keywords.

You can find awesome long tail keywords using above methods, all are free tools so you don’t need to pay any single penny. Hopefully you enjoyed this post and above mentioned methods are going to help you. If you use any other method to find long tail keywords, don’t forget to share via comments section.

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  1. Anubhav Gupta says:

    Hey @Anil

    Really amazing timing for article on blog. I was finding some free ways to collect Long tail keywords for post. Now i’m going to use these tips.

    i was using only Keyword planner. Can you tell something about pro long tail keyword research tool.

    Thanks for pretty article.
    Anubhav Gupta

  2. Pankaj says:

    No doubt, Long tail keywords are easy to rank than any short keywords. Generally people uses long search terms to find answers or solutions to their problems. So if you’re writing solution offering content then you’re more likely to rank higher for long term keywords.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      pankaj if you look at the traffic stats for any website, you will came to know 90-95% of traffic on that website must be coming from long tail. So its a great strategy to target long tail keywords through your blog posts.

      Long tail keywords will be helping you in solving specific problems of your blog readers and which will ultimately help with drive more traffic from search engines.

  3. Monu Kumar says:

    Hi Anil Bro,
    Anil from last 7 days I was searching about this topic. But today I am very to see this here. Frankly speaking these all points are so unique and very knowledgeable for me except Google Ad word tools.
    Seriously sir I will implement on these all methods to find long tail keywords.
    Again I want to say heart touching thanks from heart regarding this mind blowing article.
    Have a Nice Day……… 😛

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Monu please let us know the impact on your website traffic here after using the shared tools from this post. I hope you will end up receiving more traffic from search engines.

  4. Nizam Khan says:

    Wow! Wonderful and detailed post. This is so much here and it’s very useful for finding long tail keywords and also LSI keywords. Thanks for the amazing write Anil!

  5. krishnan says:

    That’s good idea to find long tail keywords likewise, looking user comments may give some long tail ideas.

  6. kartik chugh says:

    Hlo Anil Agarwal,
    nice artical thankuu for sharing good information…

  7. Harish Bali says:

    hi Anil

    You have done well on putting the info together in a readable manner. I wasn’t aware of search term tagging plugin and yahoo answers and quora is also a discovery for me.
    good post

  8. Rahul Singh Solanki says:

    nice article sir, i always get problem in getting right keyword for post, i think this will help me…

  9. rex says:

    it is such a nice information to grow up traffic. i am daily using Google search box it is so nice and helpful. traffic is daily increasing daily. give me some specified tool for it. keyword planner is also very helpful. please provide me specified keyword tool name details which one is the best for it.

  10. rakesh kumar says:

    I have already read your most of the title but i am sure this is a better guide to find out long tail keywords. Though this method does not explain how much competition that keyword is going to face. This it may be effective. BTW a Good starter guide for newbies. Keep in touch anil

  11. Interesting information on long tail words. Interesting topics covered by you

  12. Atin Sahoo says:

    thank you bro for this post

    I would like to ask you that KeywordPlanner is not working no a days and others are paid so what to do ?

    how to find targeted keyword and search volume ?

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