How to Find the Cheapest Web Hosting Provider for Your New Blog

Find the Cheapest Web Hosting ProviderIf you are good at writing, and you can spare some time for blogging on regular basis, then there’s not much investment you need to make on a blog, at least not as far as money is concerned, because you will have to invest plenty of time on writing or promoting your blog. Getting a domain name and a hosting plan are probably the only inescapable costs that you need to incur when starting a blog. Not that a domain and hosting will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars, still many bloggers are a little reluctant (and quite understandably so) while paying even $60 to $70 dollars for a yearly hosting plan. When we break it down, it will turn out to be a meager $5 or $6 per month but majority of web hosts wouldn’t allow such low prices if you are paying on monthly basis. Therefore, it is logical for new bloggers to look around for an option that will let them save on these expenses, at least in the very beginning.

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Following are some resources that will help you in finding a cheaper option to host your blog.

Blogging platforms:

Well, before we move on to the cheaper options, why not consider an option which is absolutely free of charge. Blogging platforms like or enables you to start a blog in a jiffy, without paying a single dime. True that you wouldn’t be having total control over your blog or content, and not an independent domain, still many people have successfully used these platforms in the start of their blogging career, you can always shift to your own domain and host once you’ve established some kind of a readership and your blog is starting to make some money.

Hosting Forums:

Many web hosting forums have a separate section for special offers posted by hosting companies. You can simply go to these forums and see if there’s one that suits you. However, you need to be cautious because some of these offers might be coming from newly started, reseller companies with substandard services, but every now and then, you will find a discounted price coming from quality hosts, and you can gauge the quality of the host by going through the reviews. Same goes for the popular web hosting blogs and review websites, where you will find special offers or discounts from hosting companies.


You can’t talk about searching something on the Internet and keep Google out for long. When looking for a cheap web hosting plan, you can simply try searching on Google with the keywords like “cheap web hosting” or “web hosting offers” and you will get many results. Even better, you can use the searching tools like getting result “from past month” or “past week” to shuffle the results and find the most recent offerings.

Discount and Coupon Websites:

Discount and coupon code websites are another great resource for people looking for price cuts. You will find discounts and coupons for all sorts of businesses, including web hosting and domain registration companies. Remember that you must pay attention to the actual price and the type of discount that you are getting. Always try to find a discount that will apply on future payments as well, instead of going for a one off discount.

Things to Remember:

  • When looking for cheaper options, you need to be extra vigilant, there are quality hosts providing services at reasonable prices, but there’s every chance that you will be getting trapped by a substandard host that will prove to be a nuisance
  • Even when you are going for a cheap starter package, make sure that the host has some easy upgrading options available, so that you wouldn’t have to transfer your domain and data in case your blog grows
  • When going through the special offers, remember that most of these offers are coming from new start ups, which are looking to try their luck as a reseller, it’s better to avoid such start ups and go for a host that’s in business for quite some time

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