How to Get Blogging Influencers to Promote Your Blog Content [Detailed Guide]

blogging influencers

Gone are the days where you can publish more blog posts to increase your website traffic. It doesn’t matter if you’re a new blogger or someone who has been blogging for years, you need the help of others to grow your online reach.

You know that feeling when you focus on creating great content, yet no one shares. You feel like a loser and always asks yourself what’s going wrong. Even though if you’re spending countless hours on creating and promoting your blog content, you might not get as much of results as you deserve.

Why? The simple reason is no one cares if you’re a beginner. You need to get the help of other bloggers to grow your blog community.

Without getting more online visibility, you simply can’t drive more traffic, get more social shares or increase your online sales. You have to make others think about your content, design and your blogging voice.

You need the help of other bloggers, especially the influential bloggers to take a quantum leap.

You also need to tap into the successful bloggers in your industry to make your blog posts go viral. So what can you do? I know it’s very hard to catch the attention of influential bloggers. If you are new to blogging, it’s almost impossible task, right? Then how can you grow your blog with the help of A-list bloggers in your niche?

In this detailed guide, I’m going to show you how to get influencers to promote your blogs without sounding like a salesmen. Are you ready?

Let’s start with a crucial question – why you need the help of influential bloggers?

  • To see a rapid growth on your blogs
  • To get more social shares
  • To get more email subscribers
  • To increase your online sales and
  • To boost your online reputation (if an influential blogger shares your content, it instantly creates an aunthenticity on your blog)

Now, you know why you need the help of blogging influencers to promote your blog content. Let’s jump into the details of how to catch their attention to share your posts without much ado.

How to persuade blogging influencers to promote your blog content?

blogging influencers

Create a list of bloggers you admire

You have to start somewhere. You need to first find out the blogging influencers to help you increase your website reach. Start with the bloggers who you admire most. Ask yourself, which blogs I mostly read? Then figure out all the blog owners who run those blogs and find out their contact details.

This includes;

  • their email address
  • their social media profiles (Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc)
  • their location (you can attend their classes/webinars etc. frequently to directly get in touch with them)

As a rule of thumb, you can create a list of 10 to 15 bloggers you admire. You are good at go once you know their contact details and start interacting with them.

Interaction is the key

Don’t sound like a salesmen. This is the only thing you need to remember. Almost every influential blogger is busy. They like to spend their time with the people who they can benefit from.

So don’t contact them just to get their help. You need to serve them first, then you can reap the rewards from them. Start sharing their posts on your Facebook walls, tweet their posts and frequently comment on their blog posts (even if they don’t reply!).

Once you’re done with it, pitch them a friendly email saying you are really admired with their blog content.

Here’s a sample email pitch you can try.

Hey [blogger’s name],

How are you doing? I’m XYZ, and I blog at

I’ve been reading your blog content for last couple of weeks, and I’m really admired. You are a resourceful guy when it comes to helping others.

Keep it going.

Your blog reader,


See how it is.. It’s just plain simple where you are just pitching him about his blog content and you are not asking anything in return. This is how you can catch the attention of other bloggers in your niche.

Note: Few people will reply to your emails saying thanks. Most people won’t reply you, just don’t lose hope and keep sending friendly emails whenever you find something great. That’s how you can build strong relationships with other bloggers.

Here’s what you can do in the beginning:

  • Make a list of bloggers you want to connect
  • Start following them on Facebook, twitter, Google+ etc.
  • Subscribe to their blogs
  • Use their affiliate links to buy stuff
  • Frequently share their blog content on your social media networks
  • Send regular friendly emails to get in touch with them

Create content worth tweeting

Once you catch the attention of blogging influencers, you can now ask for their help.

Most new bloggers forget one important factor: they seek others help even before they are ready. If you are asking for others help to promote your content, first make sure you have content worth sharing.

You need to create unique content that is helpful for the readers. Don’t write posts just to get more traffic. Instead, try writing detailed posts that help your readers to grow their blogs or solve their problems.

Influential bloggers always share the BEST of the BEST stuff, not any random stuff. So if you want them to promote your blog content, make sure it’s worth reading.

Find and fix their broken links

Whenever I browse a blog online to read some stuff, I often either end up finding their dead links or web pages that return 404 errors. Same thing happens with the BIG blogs too, if you spend some quality time on browsing through their archives or old blog posts, you might end up finding their dead links.

Use this to your advantage, find their broken links and report them to the blog owners through either social media or emails or both. You can use tools like screaming frog SEO spider, or broken link checker etc. to find out broken links of any website.

In a nutshell: Cultivate relationships through links, comments and shares. Focus on giving more to blogging influencers instead of getting quick results from them. Create content that is worth sharing and use the above methods to foster your relationships with influential bloggers in your niche.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments. What are the other ways you follow to connect with blogging influencers to share your blog content?


  1. Rahul Krishnan says:

    Hey, much needed post indeed. It becomes difficult to survive in blogosphere without interaction. Even the probloggers got the “pro” from prolific social interaction. Very useful tips bro. I think the sample email you wrote can be elaborated a bit before hit send button. Everyone love praises. So it is good to appreciate their work often. There are many blogging sharks who consistently keep interacting with readers. God is great.
    Nice post bro. Eagerly waited two days for your next post to come. Thanks.

  2. Anwer Ashif says:

    Hey Anil, I don’t want to give you a simple thanks. But it would be better if I learned before. Actually this is tough to find out detailed person nowadays. I greatful to you.

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