How to Get Fans on Facebook: 20 Tips for Getting Lots of Fans for Your Facebook Fan Page

If you have noticed I wrote a post about How to Create a Facebook Fan Page recently. Now I’m starting a series of post that will help various Facebook Page owners promote their Fan Pages. We want to see hundreds or even thousands of Fans for our Facebook pages. But it’s not an easy task if you ask me frankly in case you are aiming at fans in four or even five figures. You need to really work hard for getting every new fan. You will not get lots of fans on Facebook overnight; it’s a gradual process. So you need to be patient and keep on making efforts in the right directions.

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How to Get Fans on Facebook: 20 Tips for Getting Lots of Fans for Your Facebook Fan Page
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In the past one year I had learnt a lot about increasing Facebook Fans. And in today’s article I’ll be sharing my experience and learning lesions towards increasing Fans for a Facebook page. I started a fan page for Bloggers Passion few days back only and by now it has 30 fans only. I know this is not a big count at all. But it is also true that I haven’t done much for the promotion of my Facebook page. I’m aiming at taking my fans count for this blog to 1000 by the end of this year.

In case you have an active Facebook page and looking at ways to get lots of fans to it, this post is specially drafted for you. Here is the list of 20 tips that will answer your questions related to Facebook marketing like how to get fans on Facebook. In case you know of an ethical technique that helped you get lots of fans in quick time, please share in the comments section available at the end of this blog post. So keep reading…
How to get lots of fans for your Facebook Page

1. Get Those 25 Magical Numbers Quickly

You mush know we need to have 25 fans at least for our Facebook page before we can go for search engine friendly, Short and Brand URL for our Fan Page. So we should look at ways to get those magical 25 fans as quickly as possible. Whenever I need to get those 25 fans quickly, I always take help from my friends. I ask my friends to Like my new fan page and also ask them to share it to their friends. So getting those 25 fans should not be a problem for you. Once your fan page got 25 fans, go and get Custom URL for Fan page from here. You should be extra cautious while selecting your Fan Page URL, as you will not be able to change it in future. So make sure you don’t make any spelling or other errors while choosing a user name for your Facebook Fan Page.

2. Show Facebook Like Box on Your Blog

Go to this URL to start creating a Facebook Like Box for your Fan Page. Enter your Facebook URL and then use the rest of available fields to customize your Like Box as per your choice and then click Get Code button. You need to place the code that you get in your blog where you want to show Link Box widget on your blog. I have seen most of bloggers showing it on their blog sidebars and some even repeat it towards the end of their blog posts to generate more likes for their fan page. I’m also showing a Facebook like widget on my blog sidebar. Here is a sample Like Box that you have noticed on lots of blogs:

Facebook Like Box Bloggers Passion

3. Invite Friends to Your Facebook Fan page

Next thing you can do is suggesting your Fan Page to your friends list on Facebook. When you go to your Fan Page when logged in, there is a link Invite Friends towards right side as shown in the screenshot. When you click on this link, you will be shown list of all your friends that you can suggest your new Facebook fan page. Once you have selected some or all of your friends, click Submit Button. This way you will be able to suggest your fan page to few or all of your friends and thus can increase some for fans for your Facebook page. Apart from this I would recommend you increase your friends list on Facebook. 5000 is the maximum limit for friends for a user on Facebook. So think how much fans you will get when you invite 5000 friends of yours to be Fan of a Facebook page.

4. Face Page Like Exchange

I would recommend you contact other website owners and bloggers operating in your niche and ask them if they will be interested in exchanging Facebook Like where you will be clicking the Like Button against their fan page and they doing the same thing for your fan page.

5. Share Your Fan Page with Your Website Subscribers

If you have huge numbers against RSS Subscribers, you can convert them into your fans. Since they are interested in your website or blog content, they will be interested in what you have in store for them on your fan page. So export all email lists of RSS subscribers from FeedBurner and send them a promotional email explaining they are your blog valuable subscriber. You should introduce your brand new Facebook Fan Page with them and ask them to be Fan of your page on Facebook. But you must give them some solid reasons to Like your fan page. If you are giving away some freebie to new fans, do mention that as well in your email.

6. Share Link

Share LinkOn your Fan Page there is Share link as shown in the screenshot in the menu bar available in left sidebar. You can use this link to send promotional messages to your friends. You can even show those promotional messages on your wall, on your page, your friend’s wall and in a group etc.

7. Send An Update Link

On your fan page, you will see edit or edit info link. Click on it, and then Resources link available in left sidebar textual menu. There is Send an Update link available under Connect with People heading. When you click on this link, you will be shown Send an Update Window. You can use this window to send textual, video and post link message with a subject to all your fans or selective fans as per the demographics, sex and age group of your choice.

8. Using Other People Wall

You should create a list of top fan pages active in your niche. Once you have that list, now find out those pages that allows it s fans to write on their walls. Once you have the filtered list, become fan of those pages and start writing on their wall. You should share updates very cautiously as some active Facebook page owners may delete your posts. If the page owners are happy with your posts, they will allow you writing posts on their walls and may even like your fan page. With this, fans of those pages will see your posts and they may even like your post quality so much that they decided to be Fan of your Facebook page.

9. Targeted Groups

When Facebook was started, people were able to create groups and the concept of Facebook comes later. Even today, lots of groups are created around different topics. So when you search for active groups in niche, you will be able to find lots of groups carrying 1000 plus members even. So the trick will be joining those groups and look at ways to promote your Fan page into those groups. If you are an expert about a niche, start sharing your knowledgebase in to those groups and in return, members into those groups will return their favor by becoming fan of your Facebook page.

10. Configure Welcome Landing Page

You should configure a welcome landing page for your fan page using FBML (Facebook Markup Language). Most of HTML tags will work in FBML and there are applications available like Static HTML that will give you the facility to add Custom landing page to your Facebook page. Once you have welcome page ready, set it as default page for non-fans and show up your regular wall to existing fans.

11. Facebook Advertising

If you have got some budget, you can use Facebook advertising for getting more targeted fans for your Facebook page. I have seen lots of internet marketers using Facebook advertising for increasing Like for their fan pages and for driving leads to their website. With Facebook advertising, we can options our ads will be shown to a particular set of users fulfilling your criteria like Age group, demographics, interests, ads relevancy etc.

12. Running Contests

I have seen people getting lots of success with contests. You can add lots of fans to your Facebook page in quick time with the help of contests if you are giving away exciting prizes to the winners and are working effectively for the promotion of your contest. You can ask participants to take desired actions like Being Fan of Your Facebook Page, Sharing your Fan page on their walls, Writing about Your Fan page on their websites and blogs, commenting on your Fan page etc. You should set some timeline for your contest and how winners will be chosen like you will have lucky draw or you will be using some other method to judge the winners. I will be running a contest around the promotion of my Facebook page soon as right now I don’t have funds to give away the prizes and for marketing of contest.

13. Include in Your Signature

You should include a link for Facebook page in your email signatures and business cards. Apart from this, if you are active on discussion forums related to your website niche, I would recommend you adding a link for Fan Page there in your signature sections. When you include a link for a Fan Page in your signature section, will help you send additional targeted traffic to your fan page and thus there are high chances, they will Like your page on Facebook and increase users engagement there with their comments, feedbacks, post shares and likes.

14. Using @ Symbol

If you are a fan of your Facebook page, you can use @ symbol to link to your Fan page in your status updates. And on your profile page, you can use the same symbol for linking your friend’s profiles in your status updates. With @ tag, we are able to create a working link for our own Fan page, profile page and friends profile pages. We can use this tag to send personalized status updates to selected friends.

15. Continuous Update Matters the Most

People would love to visit your fan page to read interesting updates from you. And if you are not doing status updates at regular interval, you are not doing justice with your fans. So you should add interesting contests from your blog and from other websites and blogs you find worth sharing. If you are offering some discount or hot deal, please share that on your fan page. Apart from content sharing, you should reply positively to incoming comments on your page from your fans.

16. Use Questions Answers

I would suggest you start asking questions related to your blog niche on your fan page. Lots of users on Facebook will be interested in answering to your questions. It’s also a good idea to start sharing your thoughts about some interesting facts and questions related to your niche. From time to time, it is advised to get users feedback about your content quality with status updates and polls etc.

17. Integration with Other Social Networks

You should connect your Facebook account with other social media and social bookmarking websites where you are active. Some of websites that you can think of connecting with your Facebook account can be Twitter, Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon etc.

18. Create Groups

Create some groups matching your website niche and look at ways to increase members to your groups. Once you have some members in your groups, start promoting your fan page there in groups that you own.

19. Skype Integration

If you are active on Skype, you can include a link for your Facebook page on your Skype profile URL.

20. Use Your Tabs Effectively

You should use various tabs available on your fan page effectively. There is a discussion tab where you can create threads around interesting topics. If you have some interesting videos created for the promotion of your website, share them on your fan page. Use polls to get users feedback and views about topics of their interest. If you have some cool pictures that your fans will love, share them on your fan page.

If you like this post around Facebook Fan Page, please become fan of my Facebook Page by clicking the Like link available in Like Box widget available in my blog sidebar or by visiting Bloggers Passion actual Facebook Fan Page here.


  1. Ryan says:

    Hi Anil !

    That post is absolutely awesome which i am finding to build fanpage for my blog as well. Thanks for sharing, mate.

  2. Baltej says:

    Hey Anil,

    I somehow landed on your article – great read you are pretty much bang on. I just created a video the other day talking about ways to increase your fan page – and its good to see we are on the same page for the most part.

    You can check it out here:

    The only thing I would be careful with is #4 Face Page Like Exchange and #7 Send An Update Link

    For Face Page Like Exchange – if you start getting fans that are not interested in what you are doing – and simply just fanning you because they are getting it back – this can actually hurt your overall sucess – because when you start posting stuff, and people dont interact (like, comment etc) – its letting FB know that your FANS are not interested , and therefor it doesnt show up in their newsfeed – even for those that might be interested – just because theres a bulk of them that are not.

    And as for #7 , there is nothing wrong with sending an Update – but just based on my experiences – it doesnt really do anything as a lot of people dont even realize they get an update. The recipient (fan) doesnt get a notification nor does it show in their facebook inbox – but in a sub folder called ‘Updates’ which a lot of people dont even know exists!

    Anyways – great article – lol check out my video – ud be surprised how much stuff is similar 🙂


  3. Al-Amin Kabir says:

    I tried with facebook advertising. It’s not cost effective, and not well things for targeted users..

  4. Kavya Hari says:

    I created face book fan page for my blog post. But those tips will be more helpful to get high number likes on here. and, its one of the worthy post without any errors on here 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your blog post on here 🙂

  5. Jonathan Williams says:

    Hi Anil,

    Informative article. I am having problems with writing on other “pages”. If you take a look at my page ( you can see I’ve just asked a questions on various other pages but they are not showing up.

    Could you perhaps help me with this problem?

    Many thanks

  6. Colton says:

    The tips are really nice and appreciated. Could you share on us how to design a facebook fanpage?

  7. Belly says:

    Thank you for these suggestions! I’ve been wondering about the best direction to take my fbook page & how to increase interaction with my followers. Thanks, again!

  8. Nice tips, some are obvious, but some are really great, I need more fans on all my pages, so I’ll be using some of your techniques for sure.

  9. Yolene says:

    Thank you very much for your tips. I am trying to increase the number of my fan page. Your tips are very helpful.

    Thank you again;-).

  10. mostafa says:

    Hi Anil,

    Thanks a lot for these tips,
    very helpful

    My fan page :

  11. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Increasing facebook fans is really important because facebook fan page drives lots of traffic to the blog if it has a more numbers of fan.
    encouraging uses to share fan page really works but for this we have to built good relationship with the user.

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