How to Get Maximum Retweets On Twitter

The Microblogging site Twitter is one of the leading social networking sites currently being used by users. The site has created a lot of hype in just about 3 years. The popularity of the site can be guessed from the fact that more than 340 million tweets are sent each day by the registered users. This site gained about 5000% increase in the number of employees from the year 2008 to 2011. 32 percent of all the Internet users in the world use twitter today.

When it comes to gaining traffic to your blog, you simply cannot ignore the world of social marketing, especially twitter which offers far more capabilities than you can imagine. Any news on Twitter travels faster than Tsunami, and just in a fraction of seconds, a single tweet can help you flood your blog. If you are aware of the right tactics of getting your post retweeted, then the site would not be less than a magic wand for you. If you really want to harness the unbounded powers of this microblogging site, then these tricks will certainly help you in getting a vast audience.

Maximum Retweets On Twitter

A Faithful Audience

I have seen many people who purchase followers from the market by paying a fixed amount of money, or by using some illegal methods, but all the followers gained with such techniques are useless. Most of the users you gain here are fake accounts which are not even opened once in a lifetime. Once you join twitter, you need to set up your image and share informational content to gain more number of real followers who read your posts on a daily basis, and do not hesitate to retweet it if it impresses them.

Tweet At the Right Time

Just like any other social network, even Twitter has rush hours when maximum users are online reading tweets and updating their own statuses. To reach the maximum possible audience, you need to wisely utilize these hours. As per different reports and surveys, the best time to post anything on this site is between 1 pm and 3 pm local time. I would advise you not to do any activity after 8 pm as it marks the arrival of dead time of the day. Once you start utilizing the good hours, you will definitely see how your site stats start improving.

Retweet others

We all have heard the old saying: “The more you share, the more you get”, and the same thing is true for the virtual world today. We are aware of the fact that once you like someone’s photos on Facebook, there’s always a greater chance that they will like yours’ back. Similarly in the Twitter world, if you retweet other’s contents, there’s always a better probability that he or she will retweet you returning your favor.

Retweet yourself

Retweeting one’s own tweets used to be considered as spamming in the previous days, but with the passage of time, this technique has been adopted by many businesses to gain global audience. Retweeting your own views ensures that everyone who is following you receives your tweets. The practice really helps when your brand has followers from every country and you need to ensure that every follower gets your posts. You only need to keep in mind one thing that there’s a difference of several hours till you retweet it to make sure that your followers are not flooded with unwanted spam, or they would not hesitate to unfollow you.

Ask to Retweet

As per the reports, the tweets which contain the word “RT”, or “RETWEET” gets about 12 times more retweets than normal tweets. You need to add a call of action to convey your needs to your followers. Just try to keep it simple, and ask your followers to retweet your tweet if they like it. This is really as simple as it sounds, and can really benefit you.

Write to Get Retweeted

If I tweet something like “having dinner with family”, I certainly cannot expect a single retweet for my post. If you want to get yourself retweeted, you ought to provide something useful. If you simply drop in your blog links without adding any kind of descriptions, there’s no chance that anyone would bother to open it or say anything about it, unless you are a famous Hollywood celebrity or President of any country.

Use Hashtags

If twitter provides the power of hashtags, why not utilize it for your benefit? Very few people actually understand the hidden power of these tags. They allow a user to get his posts featured in the search box provided by Twitter. #FollowFriday is the most popular hash tag on twitter today. If I post something about SEO, adding #SEO instead of simple SEO has its own unique advantages.

Keep some gap in your Tweets

The whole idea of gaining retweets becomes useless if I post 3 tweets every minute, and then stay away for the whole week. Just like you write posts for your blog on a periodic basis, you need to adopt the same mantra here. Keep a definite time gap between your tweets for the maximum efficiency.

How do I count the number of retweets a particular tweet received?

The task is pretty simple here. All you need to do is after you log into your twitter account, simply type “RT@[handle you want to track]” in the search box which appears at the top, and press enter. This will take you to a page containing all your retweets.

There are several strategies people adopt to gain traffic from Twitter. A few of them even do not hesitate to drop personal messages to the loyal followers asking them to retweet their latest tweet. If you have any such trick which has helped you, or proved to be disastrous for you, do share it with us in the comment box to help other fellow bloggers. The things which look shallow from front can be really deep a few times, and this is exactly what’s true for retweets on twitter.


  1. Rahul Pahal says:

    Hi Anil,
    Hash tags is something that I learned today for the first time. Even before writing this comment, I have applied hash tag to my tweet. And I am also going to add RT before my tweets. Hoping for the better results now.

  2. Mohit Rajwani says:

    I just examined each and every point and i found out that can we really retweet our own tweets? But other than that i really liked your points and thank you for informing about the time span between which we should tweet to get more attraction..

    Thank you.

  3. Hi Anil,

    Great post! I will be using this helpful tips. 🙂

  4. ashar says:

    Thanks for that Anil, although I have a Twitter account and my blog posts directly to it, I myself have not got to grips with it yet. I need to I know, this post I think may just be the kick start I needed. thanks again

  5. vikas yadav says:

    Hi, i learnt the hashtag features of twitter. i have great number of facebook likes on my blogs, but twitte is very leas as compared to the like, a great place to learn the tricks of more and more twittes on the blogs. Thanks a lot @ANil.

  6. Uday Ghulaxe says:

    Great article about twitter. I like the point where you told tweet at right time .Yes I think this will reduce our work probably or we can say it as a smart work andthe trick you mention here for counting tweets is really usefull.

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