Unverified Subscribers: How To Get Them On Board

How To Get Unverified Subscribers To Confirm Their Email Subscriptions

Engaging subscribers to your blog is important but more important is the technique that you employ to achieve this objective. Getting subscribers to register with your blog via email is an innovative approach to an otherwise bland method. It is true that RSS feeds started the trend of subscription; but they are based on numbers. Offering email subscriptions are not only profitable but they can be inexpensive too.

Feedburner is one of the services that you can use to offer free subscriptions via email. Other options such as Feedblitz offer similar services at a nominal cost. The point is; this is entirely a doable task.

Note that both Feedburner and Feedblitz help you deliver your blog’s content to reader’s inbox. However you cannot set up email lists and broadcast or do email marketing with these services. These services can only deliver your feed’s content by email.

Follow up your subscription emails

Send in follow up emails after a significant period has passed after you sent the subscription email, when there has been no activity from the subscribers’ sides. Most analysts and even the email subscription services themselves claim that sometimes a little reminder can set the ball rolling.

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Do not be too frequent with reminder emails

The biggest risk about these mails is they can be perceived as spam emails. The alternative is to filter the frequency with which you send them in. Remember, you want them to be little nudges in the direction that you want. You do not want them to be annoying the subscribers so much that they cancel out on you. There is however, no set number of how many reminders need sending.

Put in a CTA in the reminder emails

The reminder emails should clearly spell out the action for your subscribers. If you are sending a reminder to a long-standing unverified subscriber, suggest them to check their junk folder for accidental filtering of the subscription offer email. Since there are no URLs that you can place in your reminder as verification for your clients, it is prudent to place in re-subscription links in your reminder emails as well.

Keep a track of unverified subscribers to take timely action

If you leave the problem unattended for a long time, you will risk failure in your efforts. However, for timely action on the details you need information and on time. Log in to your Feedburner account and go to the “My Feeds” section. Under the ‘Feed’ option, click on ‘Publicize’ to get to the ‘email subscriptions’ link. You can check your subscribers’ full details if you go to the ‘total subscribers’ option and click on ‘View Subscribers’ Details’. These details will include the time and date of subscription, email details and the status of subscription of each client. You can control whether you want to send in reminders or deactivate a stagnant unverified account. You can also store this information in spreadsheets after exporting the details from the subscription details.

Set the tone of your reminder email

Whether it is a long-standing unverified client or a new one over just a short time period, you want to convince them that verifying their subscriptions is an advantage for them. You do not want to come across as pressurizing or desperate. Draft your reminder email and read it. The tone should be firm, polite and extol the virtues of your blog without appearing to do so. The material of the reminder mail will work as a deal decisive factor, so work on it to set it to perfection. Addressing the client semi-formally is the best approach to set a friendlier tone.

Use Plug-ins for bulk reminder mails

There’s a plugin available called ‘Notify Unconfirmed Subscribers’, which can help you take care of the bulk part of the process. This plug-in is for WordPress blogs.

The reminder mails need to be short and to the point. However, infuse warmth in to the words to help your unverified subscribers connect with your blog. The demand for action is a courtesy that you extend to clients who were interested in your blog enough to leave their emails with your Feedburner feed. Chances are a subtle reminder might nudge them to finish the task that they started in the first place.


  1. Great tips Jane, I’ll test them out today, I never really took the time to go after my unverifieds, but I will today and see how many I can convert.

  2. Grayson says:

    Interesting tips you have provided for us, Jane. I have no idea how to get those people who have subscribed but did not verify it in their emails. I will check out some of unverified subscribers on one personal blog of mine, and if there are, will definitely try your tips. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Lori says:

    I’m not sure that I see the answer, but are you saying that our follow-up email for unverified subscribers will be through our email address connected to our blog? Or, is there a shortcut in Feedburner to send the follow-up email. I’m not finding a way to send a reminder through Feedburner. Thank you for your help.

  4. hamada says:

    Thank you for sharing this information . What can i do to use automatic reminder for unverified emails in feedburner

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