How to Improve Alexa Ranking for Your Website Quickly In 2018?

alexa ranking

Do you want to know how to increase Alexa ranking fast in 2018? If yes, this post is exclusively for you.

Alexa ranking is considered as one of the best website metrics by most people (including advertisers) in the blogosphere and it’s also a fancy show off icon for most new bloggers.

Almost every blogger still looks at their Alexa rank once in a while. Aren’t you? Because somewhere we all still consider Alexa ranking as a slight indicator of blogging success.

So how can you improve your Alexa ranking within less time? Here’s a detailed guide on how to increase Alexa rank really fast.

Alexa ranking is undoubtedly one of the best metric for most new bloggers. Even those who blog for more than a couple months will consider Alexa ranking to measure their blogging success. To be specific, Alexa ranking is not an accurate way of measuring traffic, backlinks to your site or analyzing your keywords.

Yet.. improving Alexa ranking is important – because most advertisers will consider Alexa ranking whether or not to place ads on your site or give some product reviews to publish. This is why it’s essential to boost your Alexa ranking for your sites. But how can you improve your Alexa ranking within less time?

Here are few tips to increase Alexa ranking for your blog.

How to improve Alexa ranking fast in 2018

How to improve alexa ranking

Is Alexa rank important in 2018?

Although Alexa ranking is not an accurate way of measuring traffic, backlinks or analyzing your keywords, but it is still important – because most advertisers will consider Alexa ranking whether or not to place ads on your site or give some product reviews to publish.

So what are the benefits of having a better Alexa rank?

If you’re wondering about what benefits you’ll get by having a better Alexa rank (which is at least less than 100,000), here a few of them.

  • You can easily attract more people to write guest posts on your blog
  • You can attract advertisers to sell banner ads or ad space within your site
  • There are few SEO tools that still give importance to Alexa ranking and show up in the top sites metrics

So yes, Alexa rank is still important especially if you’re new to the blogosphere where you want to build some credibility by having a better website metrics like good Alexa rank and so on.

Increase your pageviews

Did you know that you can quickly increase Alexa rank by increasing your website pageviews.

Have a look at the image below (taken from Alexa official site), and if you plot the number of visitors to a site versus the rank it looks something like this:

visitors vs alexa rank

There are basically two BIGGEST factors that influence your website’s Alexa ranking which are;

  1. Total number of pageviews
  2. Average daily visits

So make sure to increase your overall website’s traffic.

Submit on social bookmarking sites: Social Bookmarking is one the best off page SEO techniques where you can share your website posts and links on social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest, Digg, Reddit,, and so on.

When you use these sites (which are mostly used by bloggers), you tend to generate traffic from those users who’ve installed Alexa toolbar which ultimately increases your Alexa rank.

Promote on Facebook groups: Content creation is halfway of content marketing, other half is promoting the content so you can get maximum page views and traffic to your website.

There is no other place than social media especially Facebook groupons where you can promote your content to improve Alexa ranking in overall. If you promote your content on social, you’ll also start to earn links to your content which helps you bring more traffic, better Alexa ranking and so on.

Use forums: Forums like Blog Engage, Blokube, Biz Sugar, Indiblogger, Warrior Forum is widely used by bloggers, SEOs and online marketers and if you use your website in the forum signature or promote your blog posts on such forums, you tend to get traffic mostly from bloggers who’ve installed Alexa toolbars. If they click on your Alexa metrics, due to Alexa traffic, your overall website’s Alexa rank will increase gradually.

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Attract more Alexa backlinks

In the post-Penguin era, it’s becoming extremely difficult to get backlinks. One of the fastest ways to increase Alexa ranking is to get as many links as possible.

Whether you know it or not, Alexa shows you the number of sites that are linking to your website. Here’s how it looks like;

alexa links

The more sites that are linking to your site, Alexa starts showing up them within their backlink metrics which will in turn helps you improve Alexa ranking quickly.

Although there’s no certain time which it takes to get links on Alexa, however we have noticed that our site backlinks reflect after about 3 to 5 weeks and there are some links that takes up to 2 months to appear.

Here are 2 ways you can get backlinks that actually show up in Alexa backlink metrics.

#1. Blog commenting: If you really want to get backlinks to show up on your website Alexa backlinks stats, make sure to start leaving comments on the authority sites and relevant blogs in your industry.

You can do a quick search on Google with the search phrases “marketing blogs” + “commenting” to find a ton of sites to comment on. Repace marketing with the industry you are in. You can also looking for dofollow and CommentLuv enabled blogs if you want quick and better results.

#2. Guest posting: Although Matt Cutt said “Guest Blogging is Dead” but it is only partially true because the REAL truth is spammy guest blogging is dead which will get your website penalized by Google. But if you’re writing quality guest posts and building backlinks from trusted, relevant and authority sites in your industry, guest posting is still the most effective way to build quality links.

These links that you get from other sites also reflect on your Alexa backlinks metrics that will help you increase Alexa ranking ultimately. Here are few things to remember while writing guest posts for others.

  • It’s better to get guest posting links from the top level domains like .com, .org, net
  • The website should have a good Domain Authority known as DA (anywhere around 30 to 40 or even more). To check website DA, you can use Moz toolbar which is completely free to use.
  • Check domain name DA, PA and spam score of the website. For checking these things, you can use Moz open site explorer.
  • Root domain should have some quality backlinks. Backlinks should be from some authority sites, not from spammy sites and you can use tools like SEMrush to check the backlink profile of any site.

So make sure to focus on blog commenting and guest blogging if you really want to increase Alexa ranking fast in 2018.

Certify your website with Alexa for accurate info

Whether you know it or not, Alexa allows you to certify your website with them which is known as “Certified Site Metrics” in which your website metrics that are directly measured from the website instead of estimated.

Basically Alexa provides estimated traffic, keywords, links metrics for every website but when your is certified with them, you’ll get to see “accurate information”.

You’ll need to install an “Alexa Certify Code” within your website pages to be able to show the Alexa metrics publicly which are actually accurate when compared to estimate metrics.

If you’re wondering about why you need to certify your metrics on Alexa, here are some benefits.

  • You’ll get an accurate Alexa Rank which you can use to attract paid sponsorships, collaborations, paid reviews, banner ads and so on
  • You’ll also get access to a private metrics Dashboard for On-Site Analytics where you can see your website traffic stats along with traffic sources
  • It also gives you the ability to publish unique visitor and pageview counts if you really want to display them when someone clicks on your Alexa metrics

By having an accurate Alexa rank, you can improve Alexa ranking much faster than you actually can. Just make sure to also bring as much traffic to your sites as possible for even better results. Here are their pricing plans.

alexa certified

Get more traffic from Alexa toolbar

Getting more traffic from Alexa toolbar is the PROVEN yet less known hack used by mostly professional bloggers. Alexa by default considers the traffic majorly from the browsers that have installed Alexa toolbar so if you can get traffic from it, you can get to 100,000 or below Alexa rank really quickly.

Here are few hacks to increase Alexa ranking fast.

Visit a Internet cafe and ask the management to install Alexa toolbar on all of their computers (provide them freebies or money) and also persuade them to tell their visitors to click on your website Alexa whenever they browse online (you can do so by making your website’s URL their default homepage on all of their browsers).

That’s the fastest way you can get multiple clicks every single day from a ton of users which helps you quickly improve Alexa ranking.

You can also ask your friends and family to install Alexa toolbar (or colleagues) on their browsers and ask them to click on them whenever they browse your site.

Few more quick tips to improve Alexa ranking fast

Claim your site on Alexa:

This is the first step and it is no brainer, if you want to increase Alexa ranking – claim your site. Don’t worry, it’s free, just go through Alexa site and sign up your account then claim your site with the description of your blog. You’re done!

Download Alexa toolbar:

No matter which browser you’re using currently (be it chrome, safari or Mozilla) – you should be consider using Alexa toolbar to improve your Alexa ranking. When you click on it regularly to know your stats (I know most beginners will do this every day!) you can drastically improving your Alexa ranking. Trust me – this works!

Bring more traffic:

Alexa ranking can be rapidly improve when you’re getting boost in traffic CONSISTENTLY. This is also one of the best metrics that Alexa will consider to increase Alexa ranking on any site. Improve your site traffic.

How to bring traffic to your sites then?

Driving traffic to any blog is not an easy task – especially when you’ve a brand new site it become very hard to bring more traffic.

Here are few simple ways to bring quality traffic to your sites.

Use social media: Social media is becoming much wider these days. Especially after the latest updates which are releasing by Google, most bloggers are now concentrating on  social media to bring traffic to their blogs. You can start bring traffic using the two main social media sites: Facebook and twitter.

Twitter: Twitter is the best social media site to build healthy relationships with other bloggers. You can make them read your blog if you’re actively promoting their stuff on twitter. So make sure you’re actively participating on twitter to get more visibility.

Optimize your contents for the search engines: Search engine traffic is the best traffic when compared to any other traffic. But you need to properly read Google’s mind. Instead of keyword stuffing your blog posts, it’s a smart move to use long tail keywords on your blog posts and bring quality links to those keywords to drive long lasting traffic from Google.

Grow your email list: This is another best traffic source. Grow your email list, start building your own products and increase your online visibility. And start conducting the giveaways to attract more people subscribing to your email list. This way within a short time, you can immensely build a massive email list.

Now.. this traffic from above all the sources work like a charm to increase your Alexa ranking. Alexa checks whether or not your site is getting traffic, when you’re getting traffic consistently, you’ll see a great improvement in Alexa ranking.

Update your blog more often:

This is one of the KEY factors in increasing your Alexa ranking. At least in the beginning of your blogging career, post daily. This will not only improve the no. of posts on your archive, but it will also boost your Alexa ranking.

Note: Don’t publish useless posts for the sake of improving Alexa ranking! Make sure you’re writing engaging content everytime to gain more readers and followers for your blog.

Bring more bloggers to read your blog(s):

Why? Because when more bloggers reading your blog – they’ll tend to check your Alexa ranking too, thus giving more boost to your Alexa ranking. The only way to bring more bloggers to your sites is this: write captivating content that others can’t easily ignore reading your blog posts, simple as that!

FAQs About How To Increase Alexa Ranking For Your Blog

Here are few of the question and answers you must know if you really want to know how to increase Alexa ranking for your website really fast.

#1. What is Alexa ranking?

a ranking system set by (a subsidiary of that audits and makes public the frequency of visits on various web sites.

#2. How is Alexa rank calculated?

We’ve gone through a lot of articles along with Alexa official website to find out how is Alexa rank calculated and came to a conclusion that “your website’s Alexa rank is calculated based on the amount of traffic recorded from people that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of 3 months”.

Here’s how it looks like;

visitors and rank

#3. Does improving my website rankings help Alexa ranking as well?

Absolutely yes, especially when your website traffic is growing constantly, your Alexa rank tends to increase as well (where you don’t even have to implement any of the techniques mentioned here). But if you’re just starting out, make sure to focus on implementing the tips mentioned here where you can increase Alexa ranking quickly.

#4. How to improve Alexa rank in 30 days?

If you’ve just launched a website, your Alexa rank will be in millions. You can in fact increase Alexa ranking to 1 lakh or even below within a month or two by installing Alexa toolbar on your browser (make sure to click it when you’re on your website multiple times a day, it really helps for new sites) and also start updating your blog regularly.

Make sure to also ask your friends and other blogging buddies to install Alexa toolbar and click on it when they are on your site. Give it a try, we’ve tried the same strategy on multiple new sites and it always worked like a charm.

#5. What’s the best way to check Alexa rank of any website? Are there any Alexa rank checker tools available online?

The simplest way to find out Alexa rank of any site is to find Alexa toolbar from your browser extensions and install it. So whenever you’re on any website, the Alexa rank will show up when you click on the Alexa toolbar extension. You can also use free tools like Moonsy to quickly find Alexa rank of any site.

Final Thoughts On Increasing Alexa Ranking Quickly In 2018

Alexa ranking although it not as much significant but it is still considered by few brands where you can sell banner ads, attract high paying product reviews by having a better rank (under 100,000 or below).

Hopefully this post on how to increase Alexa ranking can really help you improve your website rank in 2018 and beyond. If you still have any questions, do let us know in the comments.


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    Great post man! I believe that traffic is very crusial factor for a better Alexa ranking especially if the traffic is highly targeted! If your readers love your content and stay much time on your blog then I Believe that this is a bonus for your blog/website cause you show that you provide quality!

    Thank you,

  2. niranjan says:

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    iam social media analyst, my site alexa rank increased 9,000 to 15,000 iam submitting all social media sites, please suggest below 9k alexa rank suggest me please

  3. Vex Vane says:

    Alexa is basically dead now.

    No widgets, no plugins, no scripts, cannot claim site, Amazon discontinued almost everything, and made it paid service only.

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. it will really help me out to boost my Alexa rank.

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    Very useful. Basically I am new in blogging field. However I started my career with ecommerce site and adsense. I will surely implement above steps to rank my website on both alexa and Google.

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    Very informative guide for anyone wanting to increase Alexa ranking, But in 2018, I don’t advise anyone to go after Alexa ranking, It doesn’t matter anymore. Better to pay more attention to SEO and content.

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