How to Increase Website Conversions Without Increasing Website Traffic

increase website conversions

If you are making 1 sale out of 100 visitors tell me which is better?

Bringing 100 more visitors to increase 1 sale or increasing the website conversions rate by 1% (that means you get 2 sales from the same amount of traffic)?

Obviously increasing website conversions, right?

But the problem is that most bloggers don’t know how to convert their website traffic into sales or leads. If you learn the art of converting people into sales, you don’t have to strive hard to increase your website traffic.

Who else wants to increase their website conversions without increasing website traffic? Here’s a detailed guide on how to do it right, let’s jump into the details.

5 Ways to Increase Website Conversion Rates Without Boosting Traffic

increase website conversions

Landing pages are golden if you want to get more conversion rates from your online businesses. There are certain ways to get more leads, and money from your landing pages. You should certainly have one goal a page to get more conversion rates on your landing pages.

Following are the 5 ways to get more leads, sales and conversions from your websites without increasing your web traffic.

#1. Use only ONE CTA on each page

CTA (Call To Action) is one of the most powerful factors that influence your website conversion rates. If you want to increase your website conversion rates without increasing website traffic, you have to use highly effective CTA’s on your pages.

Most bloggers give too many options on their landing pages. What happens when you give too many options on your landing pages? Simple.. no one will be interested in your offers. They do NOTHING when you overwhelm them by giving too many options. You need to be clear, focused and concise to get more conversion rates on your landing pages.

So if you want to increase your website conversion rates, learn to write effective call to actions and make sure to use only ONE CTA per page.

#2. Use catchy headlines that draw attention

We all know the power of copywriting. If you are serious about increasing your conversion rates, focus on writing captivating headlines that make your audience click.

You should always be using great headlines on your landing pages to get more people attention. No matter how great your offer is on your landing pages, you should be attracting others attention just by using your titles.

Spend time and/or money to create captivating headlines, because headlines are 90% in getting more conversion rates on your lading pages. You should be telling what’s your offer is and what’s in it for them by using your headlines. Don’t confuse them and don’t give false statements just to grab their attention.

#3. Kill the distractions to increase website conversions

When it comes to building a profitable website online, you need to create a stunning web design that focuses more on users and distracts less. Landing pages are great when they are FOCUSED. Landing pages can give more results in less time when you offer focused call to actions.

Don’t distract your readers by giving too many links, providing navigation menu and using sharing buttons (sharing buttons suck when your goal is just to collect the email leads). When creating landing pages to boost your website conversions, focus on your offer rather than creating a distraction for your website visitors.

Keep your landing pages less cluttered and more focused. Remove all the distractions and focus ONLY on your CTA (Call to Action) to get more leads and sales. After all, your visitors are interested in your offer not in other things. Moreover this improves your overall page loading times which is good in terms of improving your traffic too.

#4. Design matters A LOT

First impressions matter a lot when it comes to increasing your website conversion rates. If you give great first impressions to your website visitors they will stick to your blog to read your stuff. When you are creating web pages to grow your email list or to sell something, your design plays a vital role in making it going viral.

For instance, when someone lands on your landing pages for the first time, they will notice your design and offer. Not who you are what you want to achieve from your landing pages. They will spend more time on your landing pages when they appeal good.

Use plugins like Premise or hire a design professional to design your landing pages and tell them what you want to achieve from your landing pages. Choose the primary colors, don’t clutter your landing pages by using too many links, footer options or sharing buttons – they will destroy your visitors from the call to action (CTA).

#5. Show testimonials to boost your website conversion rates

Social proof matters A LOT to make your landing pages go good to great. Most online readers don’t trust others so easily. When you have genuine reader reviews and/or testimonials from the influencers in your niche, you will surely get more attention on your landing pages.

Try to trim your contents and don’t waste time on writing detailed posts that don’t add any value. Why?

Remember, most online readers don’t READ they skip the contents. No matter if you are a copywriter or a legend in your niche, no one will care reading your stuff from top to toe, so you need to be quick.

Use less text on your landing pages, but your visitors should easily understand what’s your offer is within the less text. Use bullet points, make use of sub heads and images to easily grab their attention and to tell your story within the less text.

Final thoughts about increasing website conversions without increasing website traffic

If you want to increase your conversion rates without increasing your website traffic, learn to optimize your website distractions, page loading time and use effective headlines and call to actions. Always give top priority to your website visitors instead of solely focusing on increasing your website traffic. Remember that, people pay you not page views!

When do you subscribe to any blog? What kind of offers do you like? Please share your thoughts on how to increase website conversions without increasing website traffic and I’d love to hear your views.


  1. Manik says:

    Hi Anil,

    Great post indeed, You mention here some great points that’s should consider to increase conversion rate.

    Thanks for the nice sharing.

  2. Hello Anil,

    Wonderful post indeed! I really need this topic as my conversion rate are very slow. I have improved bit than previous but, need to improve more.

    Thanks for the these 5 great tips to increase conversion rate. I would definitely try it.

    Thanks again for sharing with us. Have an awesome year!

  3. RAJNI says:

    Thanks a lot anil for this wonderful article… Its been a great start to 2015 for me reading this great article and learning new things.. keep sharing such content..

  4. Pawan says:

    Hello Pawan
    Great write-up without a doubt, You point out the following some very nice factors that’s should think about to raise alteration pace.

  5. Thanks u for helpful. This is a good step by step guide on how to improve your website. Identifying your traffic is necessary if it is low or not.

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