How to Increase Your Fans On Facebook

facebook traffic tips
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No doubt, Facebook is the best social media site that can bring you more leads, traffic, income and fans to your online businesses. If done right, Facebook marketing is the most powerful marketing to make more money online.

If you want to get more online visibility, you must have more fans on your Facebook pages, agree? How to increase the fan base on Facebook, then?

Surefire ways to increase your fans on Facebook

facebook traffic tips

Spend quality time on Facebook

If you want to get more loyal readers, fans or followers from Facebook, you must spend quality time to engage with other bloggers.

No matter how busy you are, set aside some time each and every day to provide value to your fans on Facebook. Regularly update your Facebook pages with images, posts or links that will make your fans to build better blogs or increase their income.

Research the most active users on Facebook.


To know and analyze what topics they are sharing on their Facebook pages to engage with their fans and followers. You will never know how many great tips you can use on Facebook to improve the user engagement, so follow the influencers to increase your fan base on Facebook.

Always share GREAT stuff

No one will be interested in becoming a Facebook fan for you if you share random stuff or mediocre links.

Everyone wants unique points, more value and great stuff. So, give them what they want, know and analyze how to grab their attention.

Once you started getting loyal fans on your Facebook, they will bring more people to like your Facebook pages. You only need to share great stuff on Facebook (don’t always self-promote) to build loyal fan base on your Facebook pages.

Promote others blog posts using your Facebook pages

I often notice that most new bloggers, especially the new bloggers share ONLY their blog posts, videos or product on their Facebook pages.

How can you expect more fans on Facebook when you promote your own contents?

You should also share other bloggers stuff to improve the visibility and credibility on Facebook. This is the best way to grab others attention, sooner or later they will also start promoting your contents on their Facebook pages.

This is a win-win approach for each and every blogger. This way you can build a thriving community around your Facebook network in no time.

Use Facebook like box on your blogs

One of the best and easiest ways to increase your fans on Facebook is by placing a widget of your Facebook page on your blogs.

The best tip here to quickly get more attention is by placing it on the most visible places on your blogs Ex: Top of the sidebar

There’s a great plugin called “Facebook like box widget” for WordPress users. Facebook like box plugin will help you attract and get more likes on Facebook pages from your own blogs.

This plugin enables you to;

  • see how many users already liked your Facebook page
  • which of their friends like it too
  • read recent posts from the page and
  • like the page with one click (without needing to visit your Facebook page)

Invite your blogging friends to like your page

Once you start blogging, you will find so many blogging friends online. You can create great relationships with them either by blog commenting or guest posting on their blogs regularly.

Add your blogging friends on your Facebook profile to connect with them and to discuss blogging related things online.

Ask them to like your Facebook pages, you can use “invite your friends to like the page” option on Facebook to easily bring your friends and followers to like your Facebook pages.

But before asking them to like your pages to increase your fans on Facebook, hit ‘like’ on their Facebook pages first – this is the basic thing, right?

Write a blog post on your Facebook page


Even if the readers on your blog who is reading your stuff for a long time might not be aware of your Facebook pages.

To make them fans and increase more likes on Facebook, create a post on your Facebook fan page on your blog. Give your readers reasons why should they like your page and tell them what value you provide and how often they receive updates.

Create contests regularly

This is the simplest (yet most effective) way to QUICKLY get more likes on your Facebook pages – create contests regularly.

When you frequently give away something for FREE to your readers, visitors they will tend to like your pages instantly and they might bring even their friends to participate in your contests.

You can offer anything in your contests like giving away plugins, videos or eBooks or cash prizes to grab their attention to increase fans on your Facebook pages.

Over to you:

Do you have any more tips to increase likes on Facebook page? Please share them below..

Written by Rahul Kuntala


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