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Bloggers these days are looking for more and more ways to make money online from their blogs. And in today’s post, I’m going to share one more money making method bloggers can apply on their blogs for generating additional revenue. is a banner buying and selling marketplace like You need to create a publisher account with before start selling banner ads on your blog. Registration process is quite simple and will take very few minutes in finishing up.

Make money online selling banner ads with Puxee.comOnce you have created your publisher account with Puxee, submit your website for approval. You will need to submit your blog details like its Title, Description, Category, Tags, Twitter and Facebook Id’s and FeedBurner URL. You should be submitting your most popular blog to get accepted into this banner buying and selling marketplace. But no doubt, it is quite easy to get your blog approval into their marketplace when compared with kind of popular networks.

Benefits As Publisher with

You need to have a Paypal account where you can accept funds that you earn while selling banner ads with You will have full control of your banner ads. When some banner ad slot is purchased by an advertiser on your blog, you will get an email from website, then you can simply accept or reject that advertising opportunity. You will have 24 hours to accept or deny a new banner-advertising offer. Once we accept a banner ad offer and placed it on our blog, will get our earnings for that slot into our paypal account instantly.

For each banner ad that is sold on your blog via Puxee, you will be getting the 75 percent share and rest of 25 percent will be credited into account. So they are keeping a revenue ratio of 75:25 for its publishers, which is not a bad deal if you are finding advertisers on your blog directly or want to sell more banners ads on your blog.

So you can give a try to this easy way of making money online from your blog using banner buying and selling network. I will be writing lots of make money online programs that really work on Bloggers Passion in the coming days.

Benefits As Advertiser With

You will be able to get lots of targeted traffic on your website from blogs where you decide to place your adverts. Targeted traffic means more business leads, which means more money into your pocket. For each ad spot you will be paying for 30 days only and you will have full control over your advertising budget. Affiliate Program

Apart from selling banner ads on your blog, you can make some extra money by sending high quality advertisers to their network. How their Affiliate program woks.

It’s quite simple. You have to send high quality advertisers to them and in return, you will get 5% of sales revenue from the banner ads they buy within 30 days of joining network via your affiliate link. All publishers that are accepted into this network automatically get into their affiliate program.

And in case you want to make money selling banners ads on your blog, here is my affiliate link for website.


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