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How to Make Money with Online Data Entry

Online Data entry jobs has since be ridiculed by members of the public as one of the numerous money making scams online which has led to most hardworking people give up on this sometimes lucrative form of money making venture. We have received questions from a majority of our readers asking if data entry jobs are not scams then how can they find legitimate jobs and make some money working on data entry. This we would answer in full details below.

The first step in looking for a job is preparing your mind by removing the negative impressions about a particular business niche and arming yourself with the necessary documents and skills needed to accomplish data entry jobs irrespective of how easy or difficult a project may be. But how does one go about preparing him/herself?

Make money online with Data Entry

Steps to Making Money through Data Entry

Step 1- We suggest that you create a separate business mailing account for your job search so you’re your business emails do not get mixed up with your personal mails and to avoid clutter or important mails been sent to your spam box thereby harming your data entry job search.

Step 2- Ensure that you create a well defined resume that outlines your key strength which directly increases your potential of getting a job. The importance of creating a strong resume lies in the fact that securing real or scam free data entry jobs can be very competitive due to the number of people applying for them. Therefore, a professional resume drastically improves your earning power.

Step 3- Develop a strategy. This means that you should constantly be on the search for data entry opportunities by signing up on different data entry websites and forums to maximize your earning potential if you plan to make a living out of online data entry. You can register for free on legitimate websites such as, etc. this increases your earning potential therefore having a schedule that allows you register on 10 survey and data entry sites per day is highly recommended.

Step 4- Develop a strong work ethic. Online data entry jobs or the filling of survey forms is a very repetitive occupation and most people become sloppy or enter incorrect information while filling these forms or entering data which then affects the surveys quality and the survey site/organization as a whole. This curtails your earning power because survey sites then clamps down on you due to your errors.

Step 5- Check your emails regularly to apply for more online data entry jobs as quickly as possible because data entry positions gets filled up fast due to the number of people seeking these job opportunities

Step 6- Always seek ways to diversify your search for data entry jobs by visiting companies and firms that offer offline data entry jobs or need individuals to work on their survey forms when the need arises. Offline data entry jobs have the potential of providing you with recurring jobs which would definitely stabilize your income in the long run.

Step 7- Honesty providing your online data entry services to survey companies is not just enough for dishonest information derails an entire survey therefore, always fill survey forms honestly which would help you gain the trust of your employers. Been a reliable data entry employee provides you with recurring jobs opportunities as well as good recommendations that can help you land your next data entry job.

Step 8- Some websites offer money to individuals to try out offers and leave a feedback which helps the website gauge the performance of their serves. This may not be your traditional data entry job nor provide you with any continuity but it is also a method of employing data entry to earn some money for yourself.

Step 9- Market your data entry abilities through cold calling and cold mailing. Most people tend to avoid cold calls to companies due to the fear of rejection but what they fail to realize is that a majority of the companies out there have downsized their staff due to the economic situation of today and they now place more emphasis in outsourcing data entry jobs to manage cost. Endeavour to try the cold mailing technique also and you might be surprised with the results and money making potential of cold calling.

Step 10- Registering on freelance websites such as, etc for it puts you directly in touch of people in need of online data entry freelancers to outsource their data entry jobs to. Scams do exist on freelance websites but you can avoid them by reading an employers references and by also keeping to the payment rules of the websites you are registered on.


  1. Felicia says:

    Online data entry jobs are not scams, you just need to know where to look. A friend of mine currently has a data entry job online where she researches numbers on the online yellow pages and input them on their website. Another friend is sent a portfolio of stamps wherein she categorizes them accordingly by country and theme as well as place the main headline of that stamp. They say it’s tedious work, but they also say that it beats going to the office.

  2. Dean Saliba says:

    The reason people scoff at them is because the scams normally promised that kind of work. The scam went that you paid them $10-$100 to prove you were serious and they would supply you with the work, in reality they just sent you the information on how to scam other people.

    If there is indeed legit jobs available in this area then I would assume they were very highly sought after.

  3. Purathini says:

    Everyone should know some Internet research techniques before they start to search for Online data entry jobs, So it will be easy for them to understand, who are good and who are fake.

  4. alisaabbe says:

    When we start data entry job,then first of all be aware of research techniques of online data entry & following step are helpful for online data entry job.

  5. Jack Smith says:

    Online data entry jobs are now a big money earner but people should be aware of the various scams going on with respect to data entry jobs, so it advisable to do to a bit of research and gather references before taking up any kind of data entry job.

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