How to Make the Most of Your Self-Serve Advertising Platform

Self-ad serving platforms came to save the day for small site owners and bloggers who always fell short when it came to filling the requirements of big media network names.

Ad platforms, such as Adsgadget, Google AdSense, etc. have become one of the principal ways of generating steady income from a site. However, the fact that they are “self-serve” often makes people think that everything is taken care of. While this mindset may be logical, since everything on a self-ad serving platform works automatically much like a well-oiled machine, there are some things publishers can do to help maximize their profits.


1. Reposition your Ads

Have you ever heard the saying first impressions are what count? Well, this totally applies when it comes to banner ad placements. It is a well-known fact that a lot of publishers are quite weary of placing ads on their homepage or within their site’s content out of fear that this may be seen as spam. Whatever you do, do not be weary. Where a banner is placed on a website can greatly affect its results. While it is true that publishers should be careful of not cluttering their sites with ads, placing them on the top fold of their website pages or within the site’s content is a great way of maximizing banner conversions. If done correctly, ad placements do not need to look like spam, on the contrary, they can help attract visitors’ attention in a smart, not to obvious manner. Publishers should always remember that site visitors do not usually scroll down when they land on a homepage, which is why it is crucial to give them the opportunity to see the ads at the first look and make sure they don’t go unnoticed. This will not only help the banner ads be more effective, but also help them blend in better overall with your site.

2. Test Different Ad Sizes

More often than not, publishers tend to choose a specific size for their ad placements and stick with them for long periods of time. This can be due to several reasons; some may be afraid that big banners will look like spam and others may be resistant to using smaller ads out of fear that their site visitors won’t give them enough attention. One of the most important things when it comes to banner performance is size; a publisher needs to be open to try different sizes when it comes to his ad placements. In the online advertising world, diversity is important, and spicing up your ad repertoire with different sized banners can generate sky-high conversions.

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3. Implement Different Ad Types

Implementing different types of banner ads is a necessity for any publisher; this is why when it comes to creating ad placements, you shouldn’t choose just one specific type of ad. If your self-ad serving platform supports rich media (e.g. Adsgadget, Kontera, etc.), experiment with pop ups, pop unders and any other type available. Often, publishers fear that pop ups and pop unders will be too much for their site visitors, but in fact, these types of ads reach much higher eCPMs than others. Don’t be afraid to try different types of banner ads; remember that ad variety can generate more income and bring more traffic to your site.

4. Be Patient

Remember that making money takes time and effort. If you decided to work with a self-ad serving platform, it must be for a reason. Trust that they are doing their best to give you the highest rates and greatest amount of revenue. Your success is their success, so if receiving the first payment takes a bit of time, don’t stress. On the contrary, cooperate, collaborate, and help your ad platform help you; ask them for recommendations or advice, discuss and brainstorm the best possible way of optimizing your revenue, etc. Keep in mind that the your ad platform’s optimization team needs to “learn” your traffic and get familiar with your impressions and where they come from in order to provide the best results and determine the appropriate advertisers for your specific site.

Adsgadget Earnings Report Sample

There are many ways in which publishers can help their self-ad serving platforms do a better and more effective job. The above are just some out of many things you can do in order to really help your ad platform maximize your results and speed up the optimization process. Constant tracking and daily monitoring your banner ads performance will help you understand how to improve and most importantly, how your ad platform can improve it best. Publishers should always maintain good communication with their ad platforms, consult with them, and remember that they’re both on the same side; a publisher’s earnings are an ad platform’s achievements.


  1. Aliakbar fakhri says:

    Thanks a lot for tips Anil Bro..
    i really appreciate your Work…
    great Blog… Keep it up!:)

  2. Ben Troy says:

    I prefer adsence, it is quick and easy to implement than other flatform.

  3. Nice article!!
    i myself would advice others to have a self advertising platforms as it is an easy medium and u can have a personal track to it and also its a more likely source of income.

  4. Hamza Sheikh says:

    Well, at first! I prefer and always look for Adsense. But, when it is not here! I go with affiliate marketing with in specific niche to earn some handsome amount of money. However, recently! I took a part in numerous self-serving ads platform, and currently struggling with BSA and Ad$Gadget.

  5. really nice information thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Felicia says:

    Hi Anil,
    As always, you provide very helpful and informative posts. Personally, I prefer to place ads just below the title and article author of a post. At the bottom part of the post comes, well, MGID. Other ads are placed on the side column as well as on right side of the website’s banner. So far, this setup has worked great for me.

  7. Rajkumar Jonnala says:

    Hi Anil,

    First of all thanks for awesome tips, next currently iam using adsense which is always stands as good income generating platform for my blog as mainly it depends on the ads placements which i’ve learned by experimenting the different placements. Amazed to check the stats of your income report 🙂

  8. Dean Saliba says:

    I am always tinkering with my ads, whether they are self-serving ones or my own advertising platform, to try and get better results. I have always found that the ads that appear in the header do the best for me, does anyone else find this?

  9. Jimson Paul says:

    self advertising would be the best option as it will help you monitor the movements and traffic by your self

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