How to Persuade Your Readers to Take Action On Your Blogs

How to Persuade Your Readers to Take Action On Your Blogs

encourage readers to take action on blogs

According to a survey 77% of Internet users read blogs and upwards 7 million people have their own blogs. The size is only growing day by day and making the web noisy.

There’s only one way to get your ideas spread across the noisy web, “build loyal readership” around your blogs.

Building a profitable website is really hard especially if you are new to blogging world. Most bloggers quit blogging even before they start, they quit just they are about to notice a growth on their blogs.

If you don’t have enough patience, and if you can’t work hard on your blogging goals, you’ll also fall under the same group. So I strongly suggest you to start building a loyal community around your blogs to grow it really faster.

How to make your readers to take action?

Here are few proven ways to make your readers to take action on your blogs without being pushy. Are you ready?

encourage readers to take action on blogs

Focus on making them to leave comments on your blog posts

Blog comments are essential if you want to build a loyal community. The more blog comments you get the more beneficial to you in terms of social proof and SEO. Start focusing on getting more blog comments per post instead of increasing your traffic or making money.

It will help you in the long run to build a better blog. Here are few surefire ways to get more comments on your blog comments that lead your readers to take action.

1. Address your readers using your names. Whenever you are responding to your blog comments, address them by names. This helps you give personal touch and they personally feel they are getting recognition for their comments. This practice often leads to getting more blog comments no matter what your niche is.

2. Reward your visitors when they leave comments on your blog posts. Rewarding is the fantastic way to get more blog comments, you can use several rewarding methods like writing a post for them (for being top commenter), linking to their blog (when they leave exceptional comments) and by showing top commenter plugin widget (if you are using WordPress blogging platform).

3. Write powerful headlines on your blog posts. Observe any blog post that got good number of comments, they all have one thing in common i.e. their headlines. So start writing great headlines that make your readers to click on your posts.

Make them to share your blog posts

Apart from getting more blog comments, you should also focus on increasing your social shares as social media is getting bigger each and every day. If you want to drive massive traffic from social media sites like Google+, Facebook, twitter etc. build your fans and followers as soon as you build a blog.

Making your blog readers to share your posts on social media sites is not a big deal if you follow few simple tips.

How to get more shares on your blog posts?

Follow these tips to get more shares on your blog posts from your visitors.

1. Remember, your visitors will share your stuff only when they find it interesting. So make sure you have unique content.

2. Ask your readers to share your stuff. If they find your content so valuable, they will definitely share your contents with their networks.

3. Use less sharing buttons. Most people don’t get much shares on your posts because they use almost every social sharing button. When you use too many, you won’t get too many shares. It’s as simple as that. Less is more in getting more shares.

4. Share others posts and tag them when you share. If you want more shares, share others stuff first and mention them. This will not only help you get more shares, you will also create healthy relationships with others.

Ask them to link to your posts

We all know the importance of backlinks, the more quality links you have the more traffic and rankings you will get from search engines. But building backlinks in Google Penguin world is not easy.

You have to spend extra time and efforts to build quality links. If people are naturally linking to your sites, Google gives you rewarding results for the keywords you are focusing. Asking your readers to link to your blog posts is one such way to natural build links to your websites.

Here’s how to get links from others to your blog posts. Here are the effective ways that can get you more links on your blog posts and landing pages.

1. Email your readers or other website owners and say what’s so special about your posts. Ask them to share or link to your posts if they like your stuff. They will surely do so if your content is relevant.

2. Link out to others too often. Want to get more links on your posts? Start linking out to other bloggers and email them whenever you link. This way you will not only grabbing their attention, but you are building a vibe to make them link to your posts in the future.

3. Write exceptional content that naturally attracts links. This is a no brainer. If your content sucks, no one likes to link to it no matter how hard you promote it.

Build trust among people

Trust is the new online currency, without trust you can build a successful blog. It doesn’t matter whether you want more links, shares, comments on sales, you have to build trust and foster your relationships with the readers to make your website profitable.

So find out different ways to build trust with your readers. Learn to turn your website visitors into loyal fans using social media, email lists and your content.

In a nutshell: Persuading your readers to take action on your blogs is not a rocket science. You too can master this skill by following the tips mentioned above. Just don’t try to be pushy and sound like sales person and you will be fine.

Let me know your thoughts about encouraging readers to take action on your blogs in the comments.


  1. Lem says:

    In every blog post I write, I ask the readers their opinion regarding the article.
    Just like what you and most bloggers are doing.
    “Let me know your thoughts about encouraging readers to take action on your blogs in the comments.”
    Anyways, I need to drive more traffic to my blog for me to have more readers.

  2. Manik says:

    Hi Anil,
    Thanks for sharing the post with some great tips. Found some new idea to increase readers to make comments on blog post. Hope these tips will work better for me. 🙂

  3. Anil , what you have written is so true .. When I started out I was focusing on making money rather than building relationships with the readers and building the trust factor. With time I learnt that the readership turns to traffic turns to money and success in the order ..

    Brilliant post must say!!

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