How to Start A Free Blog And Make Money from It

Who else wants to start a free blog and make money from it?

Most people ask me that, do free blogs really offer an edge to make money? Yes, but there are a couple of limitations. We all know, making money blogging is not hard if you are following few proven money making strategies. But the challenge is to make money from free blogs. Is it really possible? Let’s get into the details.

Although there are a lot of blogging platforms like Tumblr, Weebly, Typepad that help you create free websites, I strongly recommend either or Blogger platform if you want to make money.

Here are few reasons why I recommend both these blogging platforms to make money without spending any money. is completely free and you won’t have to pay even a penny. But you’ll get a domain name extension with If you’re fine with it, you can simply opt for blogging platform.

Once you start working with, you will love its features to the core. WordPress sites are not only search engine friendly but they offer great themes to rock your websites with stunning design. We’ll discuss how to use (free blogging platform) to make money later in this article.


One of the best ways to start a free blog and make money is by using Blogger platform. Blogger is widely used and it is one of the top picks for most people who want to start a free blog and make money. Later, if you wish you can also get a custom domain name and host your site on Blogger platform to manage your sites.

The best thing about Blogger is that it’s Google AdSense friendly. Getting approval of AdSense becomes easy for you and you can make money from AdSense easily if you get more traffic from search engines.

So Here’s How to Start A Free Blog And Make Money

start a free blog and make money

Here’s the 3-step formula for making money from a free blog.

  1. Create a keyword rich site
  2. Increase your online influence
  3. Offer your services to start making money

Now, let’s talk about the above in detail.

Step 1: Write content that has potential to bring more search visitors

The only way you can make money from a free blog is to get lots of traffic from search engines. Without organic traffic, you simply can’t make money because you’ll have to mostly depend upon Google AdSense.

The more content you create the more traffic you can get from the search engines. So make sure to create keyword rich contents frequently on your free blogs to drive more organic traffic.

Step 2: Boost your online influence

Your online influence is directly proportional to the money you make online. It doesn’t matter if you are using a free blog or premium, you need to have influence online to start making money.

Fortunately increasing your online influence became easy with the introduction of social media. You can use twitter, Facebook etc to immensely grow your traffic. You need to spend more time on these sites to share quality contents and keep engaging with the influecers to get attention.

Step 3: Offer services to make money

Want to start a free blog and make money? Then offer your services from your blogs. Free blogs don’t offer much ways to make money except few monetization ways like Google AdSense, Amazon associates etc. But if you want to make a decent income from free blogs, you need to start offering your services.

The blog services include;

A blog service can be anything that makes others work go smoothly. So choose a blog service that interests you and offer your services through your free blogs to make money.

Limitations of using free blogs to make money

Although using free blogging platform to create blogs is free but they always have some limitations. Few of them are:

  • You will have no control over your sites. Blogger or can shut down your sites anytime without notifying you!
  • Your domain name doesn’t look professional.
  • If you’re really serious about making passive income from online, free blogs are not for you! Make sure to create a self-hosted WordPress blog that is both search engine and user friendly.

The alternative to create a free blog besides WordPress and Blogger to make money

One of the major reasons most people don’t opt for free blogging platforms is because of the lack of control. If you’re using free platforms like Blogger, you won’t have any control over your sites. Except from using AdSense, Amazon associates you can’t promote products to make money. And they can take down your site anytime without your notice!

So the best alternative to this problem is to use a free hosting.

Check out: List of Cheap WordPress Web Hosting Providers

A simple Google search of “free web hosting” will give you lots of options, but I recommend as it’s one of the industry leaders that provide free hosting to users. Best of all, they won’t put their ads and the hosting is free forever.

For domain name, you can use .tk extensions. They offer free domain names to its users so you will get both domain name and hosting for free. This is really a good alternative if you don’t want to spend money on hosting and still want some control over your sites unlike free blogging platforms like or Blogger.

Final thoughts on how to start a free blog and making money

Starting a free blog and making money from it is really a big challenge. It’s almost a daunting task especially if you are a beginner to blogging and marketing space. So I’d strongly recommend you to first focus on creating a brand for yourself instead of solely focusing on making money.

Once you start spreading your name, you can use it to get clients who will be interested in hiring you. You can also use your website’s traffic to generate income from AdSense, for this, it’s better to use Blogger as your blogging platform instead of going with as Blogger is more Google AdSense friendly.

If you start making some money, then you can invest money on getting hosting from good hosting services like Bluehost and start a self-hosted WordPress site.

So what are your thoughts about creating a free blog and making money from it? Do you have any more tips on making money blogging from free blog sites?


  1. Rohit Singh says:

    Nice post anil but i would recommended blogger instead of wordpress for free blog, I am not talking about self hosted wordpress blog they are the best no doubt but for free blog I would go for blogger instead of wordpress because adsense approval is easy as well as you will get more traffic

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      Rohit the only downside I see with free blogs that are created on Blogger is that your blog can be deleted at any point of time by Blogger team if they feel its not as per their T&C. NO doubt with blogger, we can implement more monetization methods on Blogger as compared to any other free blogging platform.

  2. Raza Nagori says:

    Nice Post Anil and i am also using Blogger and Yes Getting Adsense Approval is Very Easy in Blogger.

    Thanks for Sharing This.

  3. Sagar Tiwary says:

    Sir I am beginner on this blogging platform.
    I have created my blog on blogspot.
    Can you tell me how is it easy to get adsense approval on blogger?
    I mean What is the number of posts?
    And if I get adsense approval, can i migrate to wordpress and continue to earn?
    Guide sir.
    Thank you

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