How to Use Classified Websites to Make Money As A Student

classified websites tips

Who else wants to make money as a student?

If you’ve been constantly looking for real ways to make money online, this post is a treat for you where I’ll be sharing how to use classified website to make money as a college student.

We all want to use our free time to make money, to enrich our skills or to get a better job. What else would be a better way to spend your time than making money? Fortunately you can use classified websites to find jobs or gigs that suit your needs to start making good money online.

What are classified websites?

Classified websites are sites where you’ll get all the job postings, notifications, services etc. The great thing about classified websites is most of them are free to use. That means, you can post ads for free or you can contact the buyers or sellers (who offer you various jobs or selling) without spending a dime. That’s the reason why classified websites like Quickr, OLX, Craigslist etc. became so popular in less time.

So do you want to use classified websites to find jobs? Start with a portfolio first.

Create a portfolio

Before searching for various classified websites to make money as a student, I would strongly recommend you to create a portfolio to find jobs almost instantly.

Here’s what you can include in your portfolio.

  • Mention if your work is showcased in any popular website. (For example, if you are a logo designer, and your logo is used on any website or blog, you can showcase it in your portfolio).
  • Mention all the work you’ve done till now (For example, how many logos or designs have you created? Showcase them in your portfolio page).
  • Try to launch a WordPress site and display your portfolio to attract more clients

Once you’ve created your portfolio, it’s now time to start searching for jobs you are really interested in using various classified websites. So are you ready? Let’s jump into the details.

Classified websites to make money as a student

classified websites tips

Using Craigslist to make money as a student

Craigslist is one of the most popular classified websites on the web as of now, as its users base is more than 60 million each month in the US alone. That says it all about the importance of Craigslist. And craigslist users post well over 80 million+ classified ads each month so you don’t have to search anywhere else if you want to use classified websites to make money as a student.

It doesn’t matter wherever you are, you can make money using Craigslist. It’s a classified advertising website that helps you make money from sales, items, services, gigs, jobs etc. You can search for a localized area items to find the best jobs that fit for your skills to start making money.

If you are really good at web design or content writing, you can start searching for those gigs and find a client to start making money as a student. It’s as simple as that.

Here’s how to start using Craigslist to finding gigs or jobs that suit your needs.

  • Go to and enter your city (location)
  • It will display you all the available jobs, postings and items
  • Click on the items you are interested in and reply to them

Using OLX 

OLX is the mostly popular classified website that was founded on March 2006 by Alex Oxenford. OLX is one of the largest market places in countries like Brazil, Poland and India, they have a very large customer base over these 3 countries. OLX is not only useful for selling used stuff like motorcycles, mobiles, clothes etc. but you can also search jobs corresponding to your skills to make money as a student.

Go to OLX, and enter the keywords like “jobs” and you’ll see a plenty of search results. See the snapshot below.


Once you start browsing through them, you will find a plenty of suitable jobs to start making money in your part time.

Quickr can land you quick jobs

Want to sell anything online? Quickr is the RIGHT place to do it. Most people only know that Quickr is used to sell “used stuff” to make money online, but it can also be used to find jobs or different gigs to make money as a student.

Just enter the keyword as “jobs” and you will be able to find thousands of job postings listed out on their search results. You can also use keywords like “data entry jobs”, “content writing”, “web design” etc to find relevant jobs according to your needs.

Once you find these job listings, all you have to do is to contact them through email and phone numbers and give your portfolio to them. If they liked it, you will be hired almost instantly.

Using to find jobs online

You can search for call center jobs to data entry, finance to teaching jobs using India’s popular classified website called You need to post a resume and search for various jobs or gigs you are most interested in. The great thing about this classified website is that most jobs are available for freshers or who still are studying. So if you are a college student and want to make some money part time, use this site to your advantage.

Final thoughts about using classified websites to make money as student

It doesn’t matter whether you are still studying or recently finished your graduation, you can use these classified websites to make money as a student. You don’t have to fret, just by spending a couple of hours each and everyday you can make really good money. After all, making money while studying can give you immense happiness as a student, right? You first need to create a portfolio to increase your chances of quickly finding jobs using these classified websites. Then go ahead and utilize your time to start making money in your spare time.

Let me know your thoughts about using classified websites to make money as a student. Do you find them useful or have you already used them to make money in your spare time? Leave your comments below.


  1. Rahul Krishnan says:

    Good to see you again. It is such an unexpected post indeed. When my eyes caught on the title, I thought it’s all about seeling used stuffs. I have never thought about making money from olx and quickr through job offers. Awesome idea bro. It is a method common to all, right? “Making money as a student” title seems irrelevant.
    I will defenitely give it a try. Thank you so much. Looking forward for more unique posts.

  2. Jason Ellis says:

    I have purchased some of my computer laptops at OLX, now I am looking for a bicycle there. Some are true and reliable, but at lease 80 percent of them works well. Thanks for this post.

  3. Bilal Khan says:

    Anil Agarwal Bro;
    Nice post for student and newbies to earn money and new method thanks bro keep up it

  4. Anurag kumar says:

    I don’t think Indian people use Craigslist. Olx is very popular. One of my friend posted an ad and within hour he started getting calls. He got total of 200 calls for a single ad. It shows how popular is OLX in India. I have seen these kinds of Jobs people post on classifieds but I used to think they are some kind of Spam or illegal things :D. So I never saw it clearly and I never thought it can be used to make money.

  5. srinivas says:

    Hi Anil,
    The post title quickly got my attention. I knew several ways to make money online. But never thought about classifieds. Once again cool stuff bro. Replying to the people who need your skill set would be great. But craigslist may not be suitable for Indian scenario. In addition to Olx, quickr i would like to add to your list.

    All the best Anil. Happy weekend BTW.

  6. Ayush Gupta says:

    Classified sites in India are going very popular. Must use this to earn bucks for sure! Let’s work on the untapped market.


    mind blowing article for a student who want to make money from home….

  8. Lemuel Danilo says:

    Great post. This will be very useful for students trying to make their free time productive rather than spending time without any accomplishments.

  9. Great article shared by you. It will be really helpful for those students who need money on urgent basis and part time is the only option for them. Thanks. Keep posting !

  10. s mukherjee says:

    Nice post for student and newbies to earn money and new method thanks and please continue

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