How to Use Facebook to Increase Your Affiliate Sales?

Facebook is growing immensely in the blogosphere. If you want to make more money from your affiliate campaigns, you must be using Facebook to full extent to reap the best rewards. Because most online marketers are using Facebook to promote their products to make more money from their affiliate campaigns.

Here are few top ways to use Facebook to increase your affiliate sales.

Facebook for increasing affiliate sale

Why should you use Facebook to increase your affiliate income?

Facebook is one of the top social media sites where you can find lot of hungry buyers (if you’re trying to build a laser focused tribe on Facebook). There are many ways to promote your stuff using Facebook, you can either use Facebook promoting groups, Facebook ads to get more online visibility on Facebook.

What are the best ways to increase your affiliate sales using Facebook?

It all starts with user engagement. No matter how busy you’re, you should be spending quality time to get in touch with your fans and followers to build a thriving network around Facebook to increase your affiliate sales.

Create a brand for yourself on Facebook: This is the first thing you need to focus on to increase your affiliate sales through Facebook. BRANDING is the key to online marketing success. You must have good followers to build your brand, you can’t simply make more money from your affiliate products by having 200 to 300 people, agree?

So, first focus on increasing your fan base, try to create great impact on them to buy your products. This way you’ll be able to get more out of your affiliate income.

Call to action is the key to success: You must be using a call to action to sell your affiliate products. And your call to action (CTA) must be convincing, compelling and reasonable. Your fans should immediately take some action after reading your CTA no matter what. To get this done without sweating much, you should focus on solving their problems. Know your target audience frustrations, read their minds, know what do they want – and create those products which solve their problems (or) promote those products which solve their needs. This way it becomes easy for you to make more money from your affiliate products using Facebook.

Collect their emails on Facebook: Create a compelling welcome page on your Facebook page or a video that describe your affiliate products and collect their emails using optin forms to turn normal readers into hungry buyers. Offer something for free in return to collect their email addresses. Email list is more powerful medium than any other traffic source, because they’ll listen to you and buy your stuff when they find something REALLY useful for their needs.

Build trust: This is a must if you want to make affiliate sales from Facebook. Why would anyone buy from you when there are hell lot of online marketers selling the same stuff? You need to differentiate yourself with other bloggers to make more money. People should first trust you and your business, this the only way you can make more money from your affiliate campaign.

How to create a great impact on others using Facebook then?

This is a good question to answer. Why would anyone buy through your Facebook links? You must give good reasons and you need to deliver value to your fans, followers and readers to convert them into customers. Here are few tips to make them loyal to your online businesses.

Regular updates: Regularly update your Facebook fan pages and provide as much value as possible to meet your readers’ needs.

Turn your fans into customers: This is how you can actually make money through your Facebook campaigns. Turn your fans, followers into customers by providing links to your affiliate products.

But, how can you do it without breaking much sweat?

Educate your fans about your products: If you want to make someone buy your affiliate products, then your most important priority should be making them aware! Yes, making them aware of your products and educating about your affiliate products can make them aware of what’s in it for them. When they are fascinated enough, they’ll SURELY buy from you!

Use your affiliate links on your blog to sell: This is the simplest part, after making them aware of your affiliate products, use a link back to your sites and let them buy your stuff using your affiliate links.

In a nutshell: Use Facebook to extend your online businesses through regular interaction, posting quality stuff and making them aware of your products to buy from your blogs. This way you’ll notice a huge growth on your affiliate income. Remember, this process DO take time, after all, patience is the key to online business, agree?

Let me know your thoughts, if you have any more tips to use Facebook to increase affiliate sales, do share them below.

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  1. Rahul says:

    awesome post!!! Facebook is famous social networking site by this site we can reach our customers and gain visitors
    thanks for sharing

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