How to Use Freelance Sites to Make Money Online As A Student

use freelance sites to make money as student

Recently when I published “online jobs for students” guide, it has received many shares, links, and comments. I also got emails from few readers asking for me to write few follow-up posts related to making money as a student. I finally decided to write a series posts on helping students to make money online.

This topic on using freelance sites to make money online as a student was originally asked by one of our readers Chitraparna Sinha.

online jobs for students

So here I’m with another post on using freelance sites to make money as a college student. If you are searching for ways to make money online as a student and have no idea on how to proceed further, I’d strongly recommend you to begin with freelance job boards where you can easily find clients and make money in your spare time.

In this guide, I’m going to share you few proven ways to make money as a freelancer. Let’s begin with the details.

Who’s a freelancer?

A freelancer can be anyone who works full-time/part-time to sell his services to make money. The services can range from freelance writing to creating logos to writing programming codes.

Here are few freelance sites that will help you make money as a student. I’m only going to share you 3 such freelance sites that are genuinely reliable and help you really make money as a college student online.

  1. Freelancer: This site is a freelance job board, gives you access to connect with thousands of other clients who are willing to pay you money for your services. It doesn’t matter which skills you’ve (writing, designing, programming etc.), you can find lucrative jobs using Freelancer job board.
  2. oDesk: oDesk was launched in 2003 and growing rapidly since then. Approx $50 million funds are received from this freelance site till date and there are over 4 million jobs have been posted. A great freelance job board if you want to find high paying clients.
  3. Elance: Elance was launched in 1999, the site that has been providing freelance jobs successfully from over a decade and is reliable to make money online as a student. Over 25,000 jobs posted weekly at Elance, this is the best freelance site to make money from your services.

Note: You must create an account in the above mentioned freelance sites to create a bid for your services and find clients to make money online as a student.

How to use freelance sites to make money online as a college student?

use freelance sites to make money as student

Here are 5 guaranteed ways to make money from freelancing sites.

1. Start by identifying your skills

Deciding what type of freelance work you want to do is the first step you can’t skip. Where are you really good at?

  • Are you good at writing?
  • Do you’ve photoshop skills?
  • Can you create appealing videos, logos or themes?

By picking the type of work you want to do reduces the amount of time it takes to find the RIGHT job for you on freelance sites to make money online as a student.

Don’t rush to use freelance job boards to get instant work and get paid immediately without knowing where you are good at and what you are going to offer. If there’s only one tip that helps you make more money from freelance sites, it would be this: identify services that you’re going to offer.

2. Networking is the key to make more money from freelance sites

Networking is the key whether you agree it or not if you want to find clients quickly. Connect with other bloggers, find some online communities where you can get in touch with bloggers and web masters.

Then start asking them whether they are in need of services you offer. Try to get bulk packages if someone’s interested in buying your services instead of getting hour based packages. That way you will be able to focus on more on giving quality work rather than spending your time on searching for clients which is often painful.

3. Learn how to charge your pricing like a pro

In the beginning when you’ve no freelance experience, you will tend to get less amount for your work. It’s common. But if you are trying to bid high amounts for your services, it makes your potential clients an instant turn off and you might not be able to find even one paying client.

So if you are just starting out as a student to make money online using freelance sites, don’t rush. Start with the low rates, gain some experience then learn the art of pricing. You can then be able to find clients who pay you more for your services.

You can generally charge your pricing in two basic ways.

  1. Hourly based (you’ll get paid hourly depending on services you offer)
  2. Project based (you’ll get paid for each project, you can charge 50% upfront and the remaining after finishing the task).

I’d strongly suggest you to focus more on getting project based work using freelance sites instead of getting paid hourly.

4. How are you going to market your freelance services?

Marketing your services is the right way to find high paying clients and you will also be able to make recurring and steady income if you have few elements in place.

  • Launch a blog: Start a blog and market your services. If you are offering writing services, start a blog to focus on creating content that is targeted to attract your clients. Then create a strong portfolio with your writing samples to turn normal visitors into paying clients.
  • Harness the power of social media: Actively spend time on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, twitter etc. and connect with other bloggers. You will be amazed with the results if you have strong connections. So spend wisely on social media sites to get freelance work as a college student instead of chatting.

5. Decide when do you want to work in a day

This is very important as you will need to dedicated some time every day to finish the tasks in your hand. When will you be free in a day? When do you can effortlessly do freelancing work without having any distractions? Morning, evening or at night?

Once you’re start getting projects, you need to deliver them within the deadline. If not, you will lose a lot of potential clients who are really interested in getting your stuff. So always over deliver and undercharge if you want to successfully make money as a college student by using freelancing sites.

What are your thoughts? Are you a college student and found this post helpful to make money from freelance sites, if yes please share this post with your friends. Also let me know on which topic you want me to cover in this series on “online jobs for students”, I’d strongly consider your points.


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    very nice post and really very help full for beginners who want to start their own work and want to be their own boss.

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    Hi.. n thanks for awsome suggestion Anil…I wud like to know only one thing…wllI get the payment on freelance sites on time.. n this is only for college student ..or us too ..I have my family ..I want to earn extra money…
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