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June 19, 2019

You can no longer solely depend on blog posts to promote and grow your online business. It’s essential to add a visual flavor to your marketing strategies. It’s where the SlideShare comes in.

SlideShare is one of the best content marketing tools to promote and grow your business online. It lets users to upload slides to reach new medium of users. If you want to grow your blog or business in 2019 SlideShare gives you the ultimate edge.

In this article we will discuss about the benefits and strategies to grow your business and blogs using SlideShare.

Why use SlideShare to grow your business?


In short, SlideShare is the biggest community for sharing presentations. It gives you wider reach to your small businesses or blogs. You can grow your network by reaching new people with your content (slides). You can generate business leads using Leadshares option.

SlideShare has over 150 million monthly pageviews, with that you can reach more audiences in your network. SlideShare is search engine friendly. If your slides are properly optimized for the search engines, they will usually rank on top of the #1 page which is indeed a big boost for your business.

Now let’s talk about how you can grow your online business using Slideshare.

6 incredible tips to use SlideShare to grow your business and blogs

1. Come up with a problem solving idea

You can get more views, shares and leads on your slides if your presentation is on a topic you are expert on.

No one likes to take advice from novice bloggers. Make sure to tell people what you know. Never show false expertise, it may degrade your online branding sooner or later.

The major benefit of creating slides on a topic where you are expert on is you can pull massive readers by providing unique solutions. People love to share and subscribe if they find your slides informative.

2. Make your slides visually appealing

If the design of your presentation is not appealing, it won’t get much attention no matter what!

Always choose appealing fonts and limit your fonts to just two. Make sure to get the best cover shot for your slides. After all, if it doesn’t persuade people to click, your efforts will all go in vain.

Use Compfight or Shutterstock to find BIG images to use on your slides creation. You can also hire people to design slides but if your budget is limited it’s a better idea to create your own slides using visually appealing images. Better images alone can make your slides look better and gives an edge to get more user interaction.

3. Use proper CTA’s to get more traffic, leads and shares

Never upload your slides without using CTA’s (Call To Actions).


Most people don’t know where to go after viewing your slides. If you direct them to certain places in between or at the end of your slides, they will more likely to do what you say because they are already engaged with your content.

There are many CTA’s you can use while creating slides. You can ask them to

Note: Don’t do it excessively. Asking people too much is surefire way to getting nothing. The best way to get more user interaction through your slides is to use your CTA’s at the end of the slideshow (last page).

4. Keep it short and sweet

Did you know that the most popular slides have an average word count of 24 per slide? Always get to the point. Don’t use extra words to convey your story or message. Keep it short. It gives you more boosting to your slides.

And don’t use too many pages on your slides if you are just starting out.

Most popular slides contain more than 40 to 60 pages range, but when you are beginner avoid using too many slides. You may end up posting too much information with too little interaction.

As a rule of thumb, use 8 to 15 slides when you are just starting out with SlideShare. Try to get more audience and shares on your slides before creating long and detailed slides.

5. 8 out of 10 people read headlines to whether or not to open slides

According to Brian Clark from Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people read headlines before opening your content.

Headlines are vital to make your slides go viral. Why did you open this blog post and still reading it? Credit mainly goes to the simple yet effective headline.

If you have a choice to select one among the following two headlines, which one would you choose?

  1. How to Get More Email Subscribers?
  2. How to Build 1000+ Email Subscribers In 3 Months?

Second one is more captivating right?

Focus on spending quality time on crafting great headlines for your slides. It definitely gives you an edge over your competitors to make your slides go popular.

6. Promote your slides

Did you ever wonder why few movies get so many collections even if they are mediocre?

It’s all because of promotion.

They all promote their movies or shows excessively. They almost spend half of the time in promoting and marketing their stuff to reach wider audience. The results are always fruity because of their excessive promoting efforts.

Similarly if you want to get more benefits from your slides, you got to promote your slides to reach wider blog audience. If no one knows about your slides or ideas who will do business with you and how can you find customers?

Promotion is the key to build a profitable online business. The more you spend in interacting with others and promoting your stuff the better.

In a nutshell: To get more out of your Slideshare efforts, try socializing them with all the major social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Google+. You can get more benefits with your slides to grow your business or blogs when people start sharing your stuff with their audiences, simple as that. And never forget to use CTA on your slides.

Over to you:

Are you using Slideshare to grow your blog and business? If yes, do you have any more tips and strategies to get the most out of Slideshare? Please share your views in the comments.

Anil Agarwal

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  1. Syed Ali says:

    I am using slideshare for a long time and it’s a great way to boost my blog pageviews
    nice info:)

  2. Anirudh Anand says:

    Now this is a New Idea. I haven’t used slideshare to promote blog before. Nice idea Anil. Will try it out. But preparing slides will take a bit time.

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