How to Use Your Smartphone to Make Your Blog Better

We’re becoming an increasingly mobile society. As more and more people jump on the smartphone wagon, we’re taking more and more daily tasks with us where we go. One thing people do constantly on their smartphone is read blogs. If people are experiencing your blog on their smartphones, shouldn’t you be using your smartphone yourself? That would certainly improve their experiences.

It doesn’t really matter what kind of smartphone you have. From the iPhone to BlackBerry, from Windows Phone to the T-Mobile top Android phones, you can find all the tools you need. Once you put them in place, you’ll have a blog that is much more attuned to the modern reader.

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Blogging Software

Wordpress Iphone Apps

If you run your blog on WordPress — and the great majority of blogs do — you’re in luck. You’ll find a WordPress app on every smartphone platform. While each one is slightly different, they all give you basic functionality. You can edit posts, moderate comments, and even write full posts right from your smartphone. Best of all, you can preview your posts from the app, meaning you can get a good sense of what your readers are seeing.

While the WordPress app is the only bit of blogging-specific software you need, there are other smartphone features that help with the process. For instance, all smartphone platforms, even the BlackBerry, contain a powerful browser. This browser can take you to the WordPress Dashboard, so you can edit anything just as you would on your desktop. It’s not the greatest experience, but it will allow you to make changes on the fly.

Apps Galore

Blogging software might be the most useful, but there are plenty of other apps that will come in handy for a blogger. Many of these are free, too, so you don’t have to go spending your ad dollars on software. You might want to check out the following.

  • HTML editor. If you’re going to compose posts on your smartphone, you might find trouble opening and closing HTML tags. It takes a few keystrokes on any keyboard. An HTML editor app will make that a bit easier on you.
  • Image editor. Images can make a good blog post look great. Yet most images you find will not be sized for your blog. With a smartphone image editor you can resize, crop, and rotate images so they fit perfectly.
  • Voice recorder and notepad. Even if you’re not writing posts on your smartphone, you can certainly use it to take down ideas while you’re out. Notepad and voice recording apps are perfect for this. Best of all, you can get basic ones for free.
  • Remote desktop. If you’re out and need a file on your computer, you can just fire up a remote desktop app and find it. With so many remote desktop apps out there, there’s no reason to not have one.

Communications and Marketing

Writing and maintaining your blog is just a small part of the overall blogging process. Successful bloggers are also active in social media channels. They interact with readers and other bloggers. In the process of doing that, we’re actually marketing our blogs. Say something interesting, in other words, and people will think you’re interesting. They’re more apt to read you that way.

Every smartphone platform has Twitter and Facebook apps, which will allow you to interact and market from anywhere. On a long line? Interact with people on Twitter. Waiting on someone? Leave a comment on someone’s blog. All of this goes a long way in not only marketing your blog, but also using your time wisely. We’re all winners.

If the future of blog reading is on smartphones, the future of blog creation and maintenance should be as well. That is, bloggers need to understand their audiences. If their audiences are using smartphones, then, then bloggers need to be doing the same. It’s the only way to keep up in this rapid-fire media environment.

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