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I have always loved Gretchen Rubin’s The Happiness Project and Neil Pasricha’s The Book of Awesome. Both are a page-turner and require less time to check Merriam-Webster’s dictionary and more time for the book and some pondering, actually. But did you know that those two incredible authors and their bestselling books began their journey towards Planet Popularity through the use of the so-called blog?

Viral MarketingThe world of snail mail and pagers is over. Very few companies now are still relying on sending promotional leaflets on client’s home or office, hoping and praying that they haven’t migrated or left their jobs yet, and not to mention the expenses of printing creative brochures and sending them overseas. Nowadays, having a blog is very necessary in marketing a product. The thing is, consumers are drowned in these marketing strategies that more often than not, they are ignored altogether. As they say, too much of something is never good, and instead of attracting people to be intrigued and click on it, they disregard it. Facebook sidebars, advertisements as you wait for a page to load, spam on your inbox… Name it! But as for the advertiser’s point of view, it is also tiring, exhausting, and unbelievably draining to constantly find ways to promote one’s product. So how should you do it close enough to be like Gretchen and Neil? We show you how. But let us remember that there are very few products out there and that not all of it are suitable and striking to all possible clients.

1. NowTrending

There’s just too many vehicles to be in the know of what’s in and what’s out, of what’s cool and what’s not and many people, consciously or unconsciously follow these trends. People always want to know what’s happening so strike them at their weakest. Just be sure not to overdo it. Just because it is summer, your page doesn’t have to be crowded with floral prints. Look for unique ways to convey your ideas look for THAT twist in the bandwagon.

2. Tease and squeeze

Photos with one-liners are just one of the greatest product teasers out there. Readers will be excited with your upcoming post so make it good with an imagination-inducing one with a catchy line. But be sure not to reveal everything there. You are don’t want to make the reader feel like you ARE selling them something, do you? Make them excited, curious, and giddy all at the same time, but make sure that the photos are relevant because nobody wants to be misled.

3. K. I. S. S.

This goes alongside checking the trends. You have to always keep them aligned. Targeting the Harry Potter generation? Use a couple of spells to speak to them. Want to talk to the middle-aged men? How about something NBA game that was shown last night? Is the product about The Script? How about a line from one of their best songs? Just remember to Keep It Short and Sweet.

4. See more after the jump

Why not inject a bit of new facts and trivia in your column? How about an interesting story as an appetizer to the main dish? Put something that almost all people can relate to, something that is so familiar to everyone’s lives, and something that, once read, the reader will automatically say, “Yeah, it happened to me, too”. Finding some common ground among strangers is one of the best ways to have them pause a bit and listen to you. Remember, this is the introduction we are talking about. The first few lines of your entry have to be eye-catching and pause-worthy. Never disappoint your readers. They chose to spend some more time on what you’re trying to say so make it good.It is in these first few lines that the reader will decide as to whether or not to go on reading and switch pages and get back to work. “Hmmmm, go on. I can spare some more minutes on this while on my coffee break”.

With so many posts on the Internet, we may have seen almost everything there is. One eighty-degree lifestyle change after a close call, poor children who struggled with life and worked hard and are now the CEO of “I’ve been there” company, the proper ways to remove excess belly fats in 3 minutes. Why not try to create something that is really close to human encounter? Sure those stories are interesting, miraculous, and inspirational but how much of the world’s population can actually put their feet in those people’s shoes? How about relating to the more common needs and interests of the people? Find a way to make a thing of everyday life appealing, make it unique, and make people think, “Why haven’t I thought about it before?”

5. Sharing is giving

Social Media Icons
This is the easiest part. If you have a note-worthy article, there is a very little effort to move people to share your article. They themselves will share your article on Facebook, or ask their friends to read your blog. No need to be fussy about this. Believe in the power of the word of mouth even to this age and time.

The bottom line of this article is simple. Make your entry worthy of other people’s time. Invest your time in creating something you yourself would love to read. Discover new techniques to convey your ideas and make it yours. No man is an island, as they say. So if you are a cut above the rest, expect some fan mail in your inbox, and be ready to be liked and shared.

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