How to Write an Excellent Guest Post: 7 Steps

Writing an Excellent Guest PostA guest post is simply a post written by someone else on a blog. Guest posting is a common practice among bloggers and offers the poster the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise on a given subject and hopefully attract more readers to their own blog. It also supplies the blog owner with additional quality content on their site. It is important to create a well-written, relevant and useful posts when guest posting. Here are some steps that will help you do just that.

Step 1: Topic choice

You need to choose a topic that is relevant both to the blog you are posting on and the content on the link you are going to provide at the end of your post. For example, posting a diatribe about how gross Brussels sprouts are on a technology site is silly (though entertaining perhaps), especially if you sell biodegradable rubber bands. Better, if you for example have a dog website, find a pet care website and post something about clipping a Golden Retriever’s nails, how often, how to do it, etc. That is relevant to both sites, a perfect fit. So first step, choose a relevant, but useful topic.

Step 2: Plan ahead

You might even want to go offline for this part. Diagram the points you want to cover then put them in a sensible order. This will ensure you stay focused, clear and concise once you begin writing.

Step 3: Additional research

You should know your subject fairly well, but there is always more info out there. Go online and research the subject, then add the ideas you’ve researched into your diagram of the points you are going to cover. Don’t forget to fact check your own points prior to starting to write. Nothing is worse than giving your readers bad information.

Step 4: Start writing

Using your diagram put all of these points in paragraph form using a program like Word or other with spellcheck and all those fun tools. Have a beginning, middle and end, just like you learned in grade school. Be sure you are writing in your own voice, and keep it interesting but to the point. Concise is better than clever when it comes to blogs. Now read it allowed and make sure it sounds as good in your mouth as it did in your head. Now make sure your spelling and grammar is good to go and you’re almost ready.

Step 5: Find a picture

Attention span is limited online, so you need a picture for your post. You can make a picture or buy one if you like, they are everywhere online. You want to save this for last though because you need to be sure the picture is relevant to what you actually wrote. Depending on the type of blog, you may be able to add the picture to your piece then just submit it to the blogger who is going to post it, or you may have to save the picture separately.

Step 6: Send it to the blogger, edit if needed

Everyone loves what they just wrote, even if it is horrible. If the blogger would like a couple changes prior to posting your piece, accommodate them. It’s their blog after all and they need good content just as much as you do.

Step 7: Go in order

It’s tempting to find a cool picture first, or to just start writing without a plan, try to follow these steps in order though and you will find that the quality will be much higher, and you will actually get done faster since you will not have wasted time going back and forth with new or different ideas.


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