How to write Keywords Rich Articles

The search engine optimization industry places critical importance on the improvement of an page’s ranking on the lists of search engines. In order to attain that, a deep and comprehensive understanding of the workings of search engines is very important. Whenever SEO industry people discuss the optimization of a website, the work that needs to be done may include the editing the HTML coding, the title, the meta’s and associated content to increase its relevance to certain keywords. This aspect of SEO activity is the one that this article will concern itself with.

To rank high in search engines, we need to include phrases or keywords that Web users often enter into search engines. This will result in increased traffic to the site and it is the aim of this article to give a few tips that SEO writers can use to write better keyword rich articles.

Determining relevant keywords

Most of the time, if you are writing for other people, your clients will conduct their own analysis and provide you a comprehensive list of those keywords which they deem relevant to their area of business. On certain occasions though, clients will expect you to research such keywords on their behalf for the fee they are paying for your services. If that is the situation, there exist multiple free or relatively affordable software solutions which you can download off the Web to make your job just that wee bit simpler.

For SEO writers on a tighter budget, there are:

The registration of a free account is necessary and from a personal point of view, I believe that this is not worth the hassle as there are equivalent solutions available.

In my opinion, I find the Google Adwords Search Tool to be an especially wise choice to use because Google allows us to use it for free and the features it offers are relatively comprehensive. Apart from the integration of numerous categories which we could base their search on, a traffic estimator is also included, enabling us to determine the keyword capable of generating the highest web traffic. Last but not least, one would certainly expect Google to know one or two things about search engine optimization as they practically dominate the search engine industry!

Nevertheless, if you have the cash to splash and wish to rise above the other websites, Wordtracker is also a fairly good option. Like what you expect a service which requires you to pay a subscription fee to provide, Wordtracker rises above other generic software in the aspect of additional features and specialized services. For example, they have the ability to show you the number of competing sites which contain the same keywords as those you are planning to use. With this knowledge, you could perhaps avoid direct competition with such sites for the attention and clicks of Netizens. Best of all, they do not charge a leg and an arm for their services; just less than $8 for a day’s usage and less than $27 for a week.

Keyword Density – Are you going over the top?

Occasionally, clients would specify the number of times which you should include keywords into the articles you write, or in other words, the keyword density that they prefer. If that is so, do not worry that you have to spend time working out the Maths yourself. Textalyser is an example of tools which are available online and which can assist you in determining whether or not your articles meet keyword density requirements. If you find such a solution to be a cramp for your writing style, the software can help you work out the number of times the keywords need to be included in the article in order for density requirement to be met.

Regardless of whether or not you get the freedom to set the keyword density of the articles you write, a rule of thumb is not to go over the top. For instance, if an article contains numerous repetitions of the same few phrases, it can hardly be considered quality reading material. In fact, no reader in their right mind will feel the urge to read on further! To achieve just the correct mix in a keyword rich article, include the keywords just 5-7 times. It is also advisable to place keywords at the starting and ending of sentences/paragraphs where most people’s attention are focused on.

A few last words…

To recap, despite the seemingly daunting task that newbies to the SEO industry face, writing keyword rich articles is actually not that hard to do. It is just as simple as heeding the short guide given above, adding in some interesting info which Internet users would be likely to read and there, the perfect keyword-rich article is done!


  1. Seazel says:

    Thanks a lot for the tips. I am sure that this is really going to be highly beneficial for a blogger like me. Though I started blogging two years back, I did not know much about promotion. However, I manage to get around $100 from AdSense. But still, more traffic will do me much favour!

  2. Aziza Akther says:

    New Blogger can be benefited from your nice article writing tips

  3. Emmanuel says:

    Thank you for this rich article as most newbie will find it useful as a guide. The older ones in the industry it will find it refreshing in updating their skills.

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