RSS Feed Subscribers: 15 Techniques to Get Lots of RSS Feed Subscribers for Your Blog

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January 25, 2021

RSS Feed Subscribers count is one of thing we look into a blog when we think of doing some form of partnership with its blog owners. If we have a blog with good number of subscribers, we can show them when someone shows interest in buying our established blogs.

And when take into consideration various factors to know the popularity of a blog; RSS subscribers count is one of the most important factors. Even bloggers like to see large number of subscribers against their RSS feeds. In the longer version, it’s the RSS subscribers that will work as an asset for the bloggers. Bloggers can use their RSS subscribers list to sell new products or to get feedback on certain topics from their blog readers.

When bloggers open their blogs every morning, they expect that they will see a big jump in their RSS Subscribers. But that will not happen automatically. Even with blogs that produce high quality content, find it difficult to get new RSS subscribers.

15 Techniques Bloggers Can Use to Increase their RSS Feed Subscribers

To get more RSS readers for your blog, you need to market your RSS feeds properly. And in this article, I’m going to share 15 techniques bloggers can use to market their RSS Feeds to their blog readers more effectively:

1. Easy Subscription Options

RSS Feed IconWhen readers lands on your blog, they should be able to know easily about how they can subscribe to your blog RSS. With lots of blog that produce high quality content even, I find a problem they don’t highlight their RSS feed icons.

On such blogs, you as a blog reader start thinking; there is no option to subscribe to this blog feeds into my favorite RSS reader. So you should not commit this mistake. You should showcase your RSS feed links and images on prominent places on your blog. Some of most viewed and most noticed positions on a blog are its header section, sidebars and blog post areas.

So I would recommend you add an icon for your RSS feed in your blog header or top sidebar section. Apart from this, you can think of including RSS subscription options in your blog posts for additional benefits. And don’t use fancy images to show RSS icons in your blog.

You should stick with the standard RSS images icons, as most people are aware about them. And when they look for subscription options on a blog, their eyes keeps searching those standard RSS links and images.

2. Offer Email Subscription Facility

Email Subscription imageAs a blog owner, you must be aware about standard terms like RSS feeds, RSS Readers, subscribing to a RSS feed etc. But most of your blog readers are unaware about such terms.

So the easiest solution to this problem will be providing email subscription facility. With Email subscription, your blog readers will subscribe to your blog RSS in their emails. And from their email boxes, they can read all of your latest blog posts. So add Email subscription box in your blog sidebar or with your post bodies. I have noticed most successful bloggers showcasing RSS email subscription facility in their top sidebar sections.

I myself have recently added the email subscription facility on Bloggers Passion to increase RSS subscribers to my blog. I’m using FeedBurner services to make my blog subscribers.

3. Produce High Quality Blog Posts

It’s your writing style that will ultimately matter. If people like your knowledge and writing style about the topics you are blogging about, they will start looking for options to grab your future posts in their emails and RSS readers.

But if they land on your blog to get details about certain information and they are not happy being on your blog, they will simply close your blog and switch to next website from where they can get the desired information.

So as a blogger, you should do lots of research work before start working on any of your future post. If you produce content that satisfies your blog reader’s doubts and questions, you will surely see big spike in your RSS subscribers when you have RSS icons in proper positions on your blog.

4. RSS Feed Subscribers Count

Bloggers Passion RSS Subscribers CountYou should start showing subscribers count in your blog sidebar. If your blog has already good number of RSS subscribers, that will motives hundreds or even thousands of others to subscribe to your blog.

No one would love to follow a blog having zero numbers against their subscribers. So it’s about marketing your existing RSS numbers to add many more to your subscribers count. In case you are looking for free alternatives to manage your RSS subscribers, I would recommend using services.

When you login into your Feedburner account, there is Feed Count option under Publicize that will give you HTML code that you can use on your blog to show your current RSS subscribers count as I have added for Bloggers Passion in its sidebar. Bloggers Passion has 177 RSS subscribers currently.

5. Ask for Subscription from Blog Readers

You should create special posts to increase subscribers to your blog. You should ask your blog readers in those posts to subscribe to your blog RSS and give some solid reasons why they should do that action.

In your regular posts as well, you can give some pointer for your blog readers to subscribe to your blog RSS in their readers or direct into their email boxes. Apart from this, you should write educational posts around RSS feeds like what are RSS feeds, how to subscribe to RSS feeds and how to add RSS feeds in blogs, websites, Facebook etc.

When you make your blog readers understand about RSS feeds and related terms, there is every chance they will subscribe to your blog.

6. Do Lots of Guest Blogging

You should start submitting guest posts on most popular blogs in your niche. When submitting your guest post, you should include a way to subscribe to your blog RSS in the body or author section as per the blog owner guidelines. This way also, you can get additional subscribers to your blog.

7. Drive Lots of Traffic to Your Blog

You should look for maximum ways to increase traffic to your blog. You can expect rise in blog subscribers as the traffic to your blog increase.You should look at getting traffic to your website from search engines and referral websites.

For referral traffic, be active on discussion forums related to blog niche, share your blog posts on social media websites, include links for your blog email signatures, do lots of blog commenting, share your knowledge in Yahoo Answers kind of question answer websites. There will be hundreds of other ways around you can send lots of traffic to your blog.

8. Write Blog Posts Daily

No one loves to subscribe an inactive blog. For generating additional traffic from search engines and increasing subscriber’s count, you should publish high quality posts on regular basis on your blog.

There are no minimum posts per day type criteria when we talk about the number of posts we should publish on our blog. It’s all depends upon your ability to write high quality posts. It would be ultimate if you could deliver 3-4 quality posts in a day.

But when creating posts, you should stay focused around the topics you are supposed to cover on your blog. If you happen to blog about anything in random, you may lose some of your existing blog subscribers. So the whole idea will be publishing high quality, frequent and targeted posts on you blog.

9. Offer Full RSS Feed

When we provide RSS Feed for our blog, we have the option to provide full or partial RSS feed for our blog. With full RSS, blog readers will be able to read complete posts in their RSS Readers and with partial; they will have access to a portion of your blog post only.

For reading compete posts, they will have to click on your blog. Every one wants to see full information in one place and the same thing applies to RSS feeds. You should provide full contents RSS feed facility to your blog readers.

10. RSS Feed Directories

There are hundreds of RSS feed directories available where you can submit your blog RSS for free. Submission of your blog RSS into these directories will help you spread words about your blog and its latest content on Internet. With this, it will also help you improve your RSS subscribers graph further.

11. Holding a Contest

We hold contests on our blogs to accomplish lots of our motives like increasing comments on our blog, increasing guest posts on our blog, increasing Fans to our Facebook Page or for increasing our Twitter followers etc. And the same thing applies to RSS subscribers. We can use contests to increase some quick RSS subscribers to our blog.

We can start contests on our blog where we can give some exciting gifts to the contest winners. We can set our own criteria and rules to declare the winners for the contest.

With email subscription method, you can easily track who is actually subscribing to your blog and can choose winners by lucky draw or though selecting some random email from the people who have subscribed to your blog in recent times.

12. Include Subscription Options Towards the End of Blog Post

I have noticed some successful blogger using links and icons for subscription towards the end of their blog posts. When someone reads though your blog post completely, they may look for ways to do further actions on your blog.

If they really love the content of your blog, they will subscribe to your blog using the subscription links that you have added at the end of each or popular blog posts only.

Here is sample text you can use towards the end of your blog post: If you like this post, subscribe to Bloggers Passion feed via RSS here.

13. Offer e-Book for Download as an Exchange

I have noticed lots of Internet marketers and bloggers are using e-books to grow their subscribers list successfully. So what you have to do is create an interesting e-book around a vast topic that you are covering on your blog and offer that e-book for free to all those blog readers who subscribe to your blog RSS.

If I think of creating an e-book for this blog, some e-book topics that come to my minds are: Make Money Blogging, Making Profitable WordPress Blog etc.

14. Ask Unverified Subscribers to Confirm

When someone subscribes to our blog RSS, lots of subscribers forget to confirm their subscription. And by the time they don’t confirm their subscription, they are not your blog verified subscribers and thus will not be shown up in your subscribers list.

Number of unverified subscribers can in hundreds or even thousands depending upon your blog popularity. To convert these unverified subscribers into your genuine subscribes; you can email them to confirm their RSS subscription link they received sometime back.

15. Redirect Different RSS Feeds to Feedburner Feed

Most of blogging systems have their own options readers can use to subscribe to a blog. Like for a blogger blog, two feeds are automatically created (rss.xml and atom.xml). Similarly for each WordPress blog, there are some feeds generated by WordPress at root level, then at category and comments level etc.

We can fix this problem by manually writing redirects for all rss feeds to FeedBurner Feed. And if you are running a WordPress blog, there is a plugin called FeedBurner FeedSmith available here to do all the RSS redirects for you in easy to follow steps.

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Final Thoughts

Hope the above-shared techniques will help you increase RSS subscribers to your blog to great extend. But one thing I would like to make clear, getting 1000’s of RSS Subscribers is not a one-day job.

It will take time, so you need to be cool and keep on working hard for getting more and more subscribers. In case, you have a killer method that I missed mentioning related to RSS Feed Subscriptions, please share in the comments section below.

Anil Agarwal

RSS Feed Subscribers: 15 Techniques to Get Lots of RSS Feed Subscribers for Your BlogAnil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. Bloggers Passion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

20 Comments on "RSS Feed Subscribers: 15 Techniques to Get Lots of RSS Feed Subscribers for Your Blog"

  1. Agha says:

    Hi Anil,
    I agree with tip# 14, coz we have a lot of unverified subscribers and the suggestion that you shared is actually converting them originally.

  2. goldendiamond says:

    wow that was wonderful, can’t wait to start growing my own RSS suscribers

  3. manas says:

    Really good post. But how can I start Contest for this

  4. ram says:

    Nice ways and if feed subscribe options are easy to catch on blog then most of members try to subscribe.But too much of boosting is bad for losing subscribers.For example some bloggers place a popup subscription box in their blogs.This is the most irritating one.

  5. jagat kumar says:

    wonderful write up, its right RSS Feed is useful for blogs and quality content really help them…

  6. Avnish Gautam says:

    I apply same techniques on my blog to Increase RSS Feed Subscribers of my blog. Thanks.

  7. Efoghor Joseph Ezie says:

    Anil. thanks for this great write up. Submitting your feed to feed directories and writing quality content really do wonders in helping to increase your RSS feed subscription.

  8. Matt Brennan says:

    Good post. For me, RSS is always an afterthought, and it definitely shows in my numbers. I might be able to use a couple of these tips to increase my numbers. Maybe I’ll find some more directories. Hoping the numbers go up with more guest blogging, too.

  9. vipzonet says:

    Thanks for this article.
    I have 1 question about 15. Redirect Different RSS Feeds to Feedburner Feed – FeedBurner FeedSmith”
    I don understand why do I need to install this plugin “FeedBurner FeedSmith” ? Whats problem with redirects?

    sorry for bad english =

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      This plugin will help you redirect default RSS Feeds to Feedburner feeds. Like for my blog default is redirected to Feedburner feed URL

  10. Anna says:

    I have one urgent question: does Google count the RSS subscribers as Web Popularity Index? in any case, RSS feeds is highly efficient tool.

    • Anil Agarwal says:

      RSS Subscribers are surely one of indicator of your website popularity. By increasing RSS subscribers, you will not only making Google happy but will also be able to drive lots of targeted traffic to your blog from RSS Feed subscribers

  11. yourpcuniverse says:

    Great article.please write an article about popular RSS directories,

  12. Speaky Magazine says:

    Great Information, Rss feeds are great way to show the authority of website in online world, thanks great post.

  13. Sahl says:

    Rss is really an important part of blogging in my opinion, the popular bloggers always keep track of their subscriber stats and send newsletters weekly, monthly.

    Although i always used feedburner i would writing an ebook and use aweber or some other service for auto responder, subscribers are imp.

  14. Govind Choudhary says:

    Great tips BTW Is there any plugin that convert blog commentors into subscribers automatically in feedburner?

  15. Scott says:

    I like your tips! one problem.. for your 14. Ask Unverified Subscribers to Confirm are these people not reachable any more? i installed the plugin.. but it wont work. i dont have access too use it or something. this is the wp plugin.

  16. Steven says:

    Thanks for sharing the tips. In the era of social networks, i focused on a lot of time in increasing Twitter followers, facebook likes. I found the traffic from feed is even stable with the increase of subscribers.

    I would implement the tips to further increase RSS feed subscribers. It’s really helpful!

  17. Melvin says:

    Personally I don’t put much emphasis now on RSS readership as much as I used to back then (2 years ago). I try to focus on getting leads for my newsletter instead since its much more worth it I think.

  18. Jamie Northrup says:

    Those are some good tips, #13 (eBook) is probably the most effective in my experience, but it’s worth doing all of them.

    These tips can be used for mailing lists as well.

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