10 Incredible Guest Blogging Tips for New Bloggers

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Guest blogging has become a great weapon in blogging world. You MUST consider guest blogging especially if you’re new blogger, because you won’t be having much online reputation before, so guest blogging is the best way to bring more visibility to your blog. Guest blogging can also bring;

  • More traffic
  • Quality and permanent back links to your site
  • More subscribers (if you’re offering a freebie)
  • More sales (if you link to you a sales page)
  • Better relationships with other bloggers

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1. Create relationships with other bloggers first: When you want to first create a guest post, this should be your top priority. Unless you already have great connections with others, you must be focusing on connecting with others to increase the chances of getting your guest posts accepted. When other bloggers know your name and your writing skills, they probably won’t reject your guest posts. The key here is to have as many connections as possible with other bloggers to increase the chances of getting your guest posts getting published.

2. Frequently leave good comments on your targeted blogs: This is the first step to connect with other bloggers. How other bloggers know about you and your blog when you don’t have enough online reputation before? When you frequently read their blog posts and leave thoughtful comments – they’ll surely come to know about you, once in a while, they’ll also visit your blog to leave comments in return. This is the most engaging way to get the things done.

3. Target small blogs first: Don’t focus on landing your guest posts on top blogs in your niche. You’ll find it VERY difficult. Instead, target on small blogs first, increase the number of guest posts, get some guest blogging experience and hone your writing skills. Then consider writing for the authority blogs in your niche. When you first land on small blogs with your guest posts, you’re not only increasing the reputation but you’re also giving yourself a self-boost. This is MORE important before landing on top blogs.

4. Know their guest blogging guidelines: This is a no brainer. When you know their guest blogging guidelines, you’ll have more idea about what topics to write and what kind of audience to write for. This makes the guest blogging journey much simple, because you don’t have to research about the blog readers and topics, agree? So focus your eyes on reading the guest blogging guidelines.

5. Know to whom you’re writing for: This is a must when you want to effectively start your guest blogging journey. No matter how great writing skills you’ve – you should be knowing the targeted audience to make your guest posts go viral.

6. Start writing your guest post: Now you know whom you’re writing for and you the blog topics to write, start writing your guest post. Just write as if you’re writing for your own blog, don’t give yourself a hard time by focusing on perfection. There’s nothing like perfection, perfection is just an illusion, keep that in mind. Try to provide as much value as possible to their audience.

7. Avoid writing about YOURSELF: When writing the guest post, don’t brag about yourself. This is the most common mistake I notice from the novice bloggers. They always be talking and boasting about themselves. Avoid this mistake at all costs. It’s about them, not about you! Write for the readers first, focus on more on delivering high quality contents. Avoid me-me posts to make your guest posts go crazy on the blogosphere. Write for their audience and you’ll gain their trust sooner or later.

8. Email the guest post (or) follow their procedure: When you clearly read the guest blogging guidelines, you’ll also know what to DO after writing your guest posts. Either send them your guest posts to their emails or tell them that you’ve written a guest post for them. The key factor behind getting your guest posts accepted is: you should be sending the whole guest post, instead of sending the headline or blog post ideas. By doing this, you’ll be giving more command to the targeted blog owners to know about your writing skills.

9. Give it more exposure: Promote your guest post in all the networks. If you’ve an email list, then promote your guest posts using it. Tell your blogging friends to share your guest posts, this way you’ll be having more online visibility.

10. Respond to all: After getting published your guest posts, now it’s time to engage with others. Try to respond to all the comments no matter how busy you’re. I don’t suggest you to respond to each and every thank you comment, but DO respond to the comments which require a response!

Over to you:

Let me know your thoughts about guest blogging. Pose your questions in the comments sections if you’ve any, I’ll be glad to help you

Written by Rahul Kuntala


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