Install WordPress on Hostgator with Fantastico One Click Installer

Hostgator is one of the web hosts in the industry if you are searching for best WordPress Web Hosting Company on the internet. With few clicks only, your WordPress based website will be up and running on WordPress in 5 minutes time only. You can read complete Hostgator Review here and can get maximum Hostgator Discount Coupon here. In today’s post I will mainly focus on how to install WordPress on Hostgator. But before that you need to buy Hostgator web hosting.

How to Buy Hostgator Web Hosting

In case you have not purchased Hostgator Web Hosting yet, you can do so by Clicking This Link and use Discount Coupon BPWEBHOSTING to Save 25% on your first billing cycle. You can even get Hostgator web hosting for 1 Cent Only if you want to give a try to Hostgator hosting for one month only initially using the discount coupon bloggerspassion994. Which even discount coupon you decide to use, your money is totally safe with Hostgator as they are giving away 45 days full money back guarantee. So if you are not happy with Hostgator services, just cancel your membership within 45 days of purchase.

Hostgator WordPress Hosting

If you want to host just one domain, you should opt for Hatchling plan and in case you want to host more than one domain with the single hosting account, you should choose Hostgator baby Plan. Business plan is best suited to those website owners whose requirements are private SSL, IP Addresses and Toll Free number.

How to Install WordPress on Hostgator

We can install WordPress on Hostgator in three ways namely Manual, through Quick Install and through Fantastico. You may face some technical challenges if you decide to install WordPress manually on Hostgator web hosting. Installing WordPress through Fantastico one click installer is the easiest method to install it on Hostgator. If you don’t know about what Fantastico is, it’s basically a script library that automates the installation of web applications to a website. Generally Fantastico scripts are used for installing content management systems, shopping cart software, Wikis, Blogs and Photo Sharing software’s etc.

Install WordPress on Hostgator Through Fantastico

    1. Login into your Hostgator Control panel using the details you received after purchasing Hostgator web hosting from Hostgator sales team.


    1. Under Software/Services Tab, Click on Fantastico De Luxeas shown in the screenshot below:Fantastico De Luxe


    1. From the Next Screen, Click WordPressfrom Left Side navigation bar under Blogs as shown below:Wordpress Link Fantastico
    2. From the Next Screen Click on New InstallationLink as Shown below:Wordpress New Installation


    1. From the Next Screen, you need to select the domain name on which you want to install WordPress. You can install WordPress at root level and sub-directory level i.e. if I want to install WordPress on Bloggerspassion.con domain, I can install it at: Or


    1. In case you are interested in installing WordPress at root level, you don’t need to mention anything in Install in directory Box. You will also need to enter Username and password that you will be using to access your WordPress blog under Admin access Data. And if you are intended to install WordPress at sub-directory level, you will need to mention blog only in the Install in directory box. Once you are Finish with these settings, Click Install WordPressButton as shown below:Install WordPress on Domain


    1. From the Next Screen, Click Finish InstallationButton as shown in the screenshot below:Finish WordPress Installation


  1. Next and last screen to help you Install WordPress on Hostgator will give you login details that you will be using to access your WordPress blog and the URL to access your WordPress blog. These details are the same that you entered previously under Admin Access Data.

Now you should visit your blog to make sure that WordPress installation is successfully done on your domain. If you have installed WordPress on root directory just type into address bar and if you have installed WordPress into sub-directory, you should type into address bar. Your WordPress blog should look like the screenshot shared below after installation:

Wordpress Default Theme

You can login into Your WordPress account using if you have installed WordPress into your main domain and have to login using in case you have installed WordPress in Sub-Directory. Your login screen will something like the image shared below:

Wordpress Login Screen

That’s all required from your end. Now your WordPress blog is ready to go and you can know start blogging on it.

So by now you are finished with buying Hostgator web hosting and installation of WordPress on Hostgator. Now it’s time to have a quick look at some of resource guides which you can use for installing WordPress plugins and themes on your first WordPress blog.

WordPress Plugin Resources

WordPress Tutorials worth Reading

Professional WordPress Themes

With this, it comes to the end of this special post to help Bloggers Passion Readers to Install WordPress on Hostgator web hosting they had already purchased.


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    HostGator and WordPress is really an awesome combination when it comes to building a website. Thanks for sharing with us the link on the 1-month Hostgator hosting service for only 1 cent!

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    Thanks for this tutorial which is teaching many things step by step and no doubt in that WordPress is giving amazing result and i am sure after take this service it will be prove more better for us.

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    Hostgator is the best.

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    Great explanation of hostagtor’s 1-click script install. This feature saves sooo much time and makes starting a website so easy. HostGator coupons make starting a website cheap too! I love them.

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