iPage Web Hosting Review 2019: Is It The Most Affordable Web Hosting (At Just $1.99/mo)?

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June 16, 2019
iPage Web Hosting Review $1.99/month
iPage hosting review

Price: $1.99/month



iPage is well suited to newbie bloggers, small businesses and large websites. You can start your website with iPage using the below link for $1.99/month only.

If you are searching for an honest and detailed iPage hosting review, your search ends here. Choosing a web hosting service is hard, right?

Yes, if you’re a beginner to the blogging world, it’s difficult to know which is better and which is not. That’s the reason why we at Bloggers Passion always strive to find the best hosting services for bloggers that are also affordable.

Here’s the iPage hosting review where you will find all the details of it along with its pricing, pros and cons and many other details.

Are you curious to read the iPage review for 2019? Let’s get into the details.

iPage hosting review 2019: Is it worth your money?

iPage hosting review

Extremely affordable hosting with a free domain

Registering with iPage starts at an unbelievably low offer – $1.99 per month! You enjoy a gamut of basic and exclusive features as early as you open up an account with iPage. But there are many other enthralling plans you must look because with every penny you spend over iPage, something distinct and conducive for your business comes along.

You don’t have to go finding many iPage web hosting reviews to decide living in the iPage environment. Insight shared out here is experts’ viewpoint. Now it is all about how fast you take the first step!

ipage hosting

Click Here to Start Using iPage Web Hosting for as low as $1.99/Month Only

Here are few things that you’ll get with iPage hosting to market your sites online.

  • $100 Google Adwords offer
  • $100 Bing credit
  • Free YP.com listing
  • Site Analytics Suite

iPage is a Mix of Expertise and Experience

It counts to have the heavyweight by your side. iPage is the product that comes from a team having fifteen plus years of rich experience in shared hosting. With its infrastructure spread across 150 nations, company holds a massive team to provide every service associated with web hosting. Consequently, as high as 1.5 Million web sites depend upon iPage, using range of its services such as hosting tools, add-ins, etc. It does not matter whether you are a newbie or are already knowledgeable with web hosting – iPage is well equipped with user-friendly functions.

Control panel provided with it is a one-touch gateway to a whole gamut of options and applications. So it is just a matter of some clicks to kick off your activities and align them with iPage web hosting. Go shopping online, get into blogging or manage your content, you get in-built tools that take you there. Being an upshot of expertise and experience, iPage gears you up for a next generation occurrence!

iPage shared hosting plans

Well, every host service provider offers the basic plans but what differentiates is how well they provide service to customers and at what pricing. Here are the four shared hosting plans that iPage provides.

  • Shared Hosting. Its called the essential plan that comes around $1.99 per month initially. When you renew your hosting, it goes up to $11.95 per month. It comes with unlimited storage, domain names, bandwidth and MYSQL databases.
  • WordPress Hosting. It has two sub hosting plans, one is WP Starter and WP Essential. WP Starter comes at $3.75 per month with important plugins preinstalled, customized control panels and hand picked themes whereas WP Essential comes at $6.95 per month which includes all the starter features. In addition to that, it offers better site speed and boost performance as it uses SSD based infrastructure. They claim that they can handle million of visitors monthly.
  • Dedicated Hosting. It comes at $119.99 per month which has three plans again under this namely start up plan, professional plan and enterprise plan.It offers independent control where you are able to install any application without restrictions and optional root access. For high traffic sites, this plan is very useful as it provides faster operating speeds. It provides seamless migration options and cloud based flexibility. With all these above, you will be given free domain name registration, free marketing credits, options to customise your email.
  • VPS Hosting. It comes at $19.99 per month.Just like dedicated hosting, under this plan you have three more options namely basic plan, business plan, optimum plan. It offers high speed mirrored SAN storage and seamless migration options.

iPage is specialized in Shared Hosting. With plenty of add-on options, packages and resources, they offer a completely priced package.

Here are few mesmerising things that you will take Pride In with iPage

It shouldn’t be wrong if I call signing up for iPage web hosting service synonymous to opening a box of cookies! Crispy delights as unlimited storage, infinite bandwidth or free domain come handy as you open it up.

    • Pick a yearly subscription and you are given the liberty to choose a domain amid .com, .biz, .org, .net, etc. absolutely free. With the unlimited bandwidth provided, you will keep the visitors, coming over your blog or website, delighted with a fast paced and high quality experience. You open a single hosting account with iPage but can go on hosting multiple sites, so that is some ‘real value for money’ kind of feature.
    • You always wanted to create an email address having a distinct domain, didn’t you? When any barrier in terms number of email accounts you can create is removed, it is a huge benefit particularly if you got a team. Thus, you can provide every team member a unique email id with your chosen domain – something as pat@yourcompany.biz!
    • Want to enjoy the fabulous blogging experience over WordPress? Your hosting account with iPage simplifies it by just auto installing the WordPress script provided. But there is more for you! You can go on installing as much as 20 scripts, such as Joomla, Drupal, phpBB, etc. to name a few, comprised at one place called Install Central. This may though require filling up a form before you install.
    • You ensure that the doors for spammers and hackers are all the time closed with iPage web hosting. An inherent feature named SiteLock Security not only keeps your website secure form the filthy eyes of intruders but also sanitizes your domain, which is anytime facilitating from your brand’s perspective.
    • A customer support team is up on its toes 24×7 to address any of your queries about iPage web hosting services. If you are a North American, expect the call centre executive to answer in your native language!
    • When you are setting up an all new online business, iPage turns out to be a promising place in many ways! As an aspiring webmaster, blogger, online marketer or all, when you want to open up all the gateways that trigger business, you also look for saving few bucks here and there. Little did you know that joining iPage web hosting service is worth $450 plus of marketing credits! Yes, you hear it right. For example, as a new account holder with Google Adwords when you sign with iPage, you are up to receive a $100 Google Adwords credit. Similarly you get $50 Facebook credits, $25 credits for Yahoo and Bing, and many more credits towards advertising.

iPage security and Integration options

The one feature that makes iPage to stand out in the crowd is its sitelock security suite.What it can does?

sitelock ipage

It regularly scans for malware issues and helps in preventing unwanted security breaches. Based on the hosting plan you choose, it also removes malware stuff. In a case study conducted by iPage and SiteLock, it is found that 12% of subscribers sites contained malware at some point in 2014.

In order to prevent any kind of potential security leaks, it uses a firewall. For example, if your website has any outdated plugins, it becomes vulnerable to attacks. iPage scans regularly and updates with latest versions.

With just $1.99, iPage provides automatic daily backups which is super low when compared to other host service providers.

The integration options from iPage is very helpful especially to the e commerce websites as it connects with Google apps, PayPal and many other. If you want to have secure payment transactions, iPage third party integration options suits you the best.

iPage hosting pros and cons

We can’t wrap up this iPage hosting review without talking about its pros and cons. So let’s get into those details so you can easily decide whether it’s right fit for your website needs or not.

Pros of iPage hosting

  • It’s damn cheap.
  • Offers pretty decent customer support.
  • You need not worry about potential security problems and can sleep well at night as SiteLock takes care of your website.
  • Provides better third party integration services.
  • Most of the web pages looks so inexpensive at first but as timepasses, they increases the amount but iPage is different from all those. It charges the same monthly rate no matter which ever duration you prefer.

Cons of iPage hosting

  • It has below average uptime of 99.77%. If you deal with business  where your website has to stay up always then it does not help.
  • Its page loading time is 48% slower than average. When uptime is itself not up to the mark, you can’t expect page loading time to be fast. If you have slow page loading time, it impacts negatively on your site ranking in Google too.
  • They are very honest when it comes to promotional pricing. You can pay the same amount for the first time and for the specific period you choose. But once it’s over, the renewal pricing increases 350%.
  • Under 30 day money back guarantee policy, they will deduct $15 fee for the domain name and gives the rest of the amount which means they offer expensive domain name.
  • It doesn’t offer cPanel as an alternative it offers vDeck which is not that much comfortable for so many users. However, vDeck simplifies the management and promotion of the extensive websites, also offers more add-ons, provides flexible file and FTP management tools.

Click here to start your blog on iPage (for just $1.99 month)

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Final thoughts about iPage hosting review

In a nutshell, iPage hosting is cheap and offers decent customer support which is fairly fast. It’s a great alternative for other hosting services like HostGator, Just host etc.

This iPage hosting review is NOT solely written for increasing sales but written to help beginners to pick the right hosting. Its uptime is not up to the mark. But if your site receives around 5k visitors per day, yes it can handle without any fuss.

So did you like this iPage hosting review? Do you have any more questions? Feel free to post them in the comments below.

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