Improve Your Blogging and SEO Skills with Kulwant Nagi from Blogging Cage (Interview Series)

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September 15, 2021

In the bloggers interview series so far, we have done interviews with some of leading faces of blogging including Harsh Agrawal, Neil Patel and Zac Johnson etc. In today’s interview series, we have Kulwant Nagi, who has made a good name for himself in the blogging community in a short period of time.

Kulwant Nagi Interview: Improve Your SEO & Blogging Skills

Kulwant Nagi owns blog where he shares tips around blogging and seo things. Apart from Blogging Cage, Kulwant is also running several niche blogs.

Kulwant is basically from a small town in Haryana and have been blogging for 2 years now. Recently I got the chance to meet Kulwant at IGI Airport on our way to Baroda Wordcamp.

Kulwant Nagi Interview by Anil Agarwal

Without further delay, let’s me share the lovely conversation I had with Kulwant Nagi.

Kulwant First of all Thanks a lot for accepting my interview request. Please share few details about you and your online blogs?

My pleasure to be here. Thanks a lot for giving me this awesome opportunity to interact with your loving readers.

I am from a small city called Fatehabad in Haryana. I have done my graduation in 2010 and my dream was to go abroad and make my career in VLSI designing. But my destiny wanted something different from me.

Right now I am very active on Blogging Cage and apart from this I am running few other niche blog.

Quick Note: You can watch my video interview with Kulwant Nagi (in Hindi) here:

Kulwant how you get into blogging and how has been the journey so far?

I got into blogging with the intention to get some new people in my online business. Those days it seems very easy to me, all I knew was; setup a website and people will start coming to read it. But soon things started revealing and I started reading more stuff about blogging and SEO.

Journey till now is awesome as I have made awesome online friends. I feel blessed because of my awesome readers who keep encouraging me to work more hard and produce more awesome content.

You started blog almost two years back. Please share us in detail like how you are able to make it so popular. Any secret you would like to share that are behind Blogging Cage success?

I started blogging on 15th January 2012.

I don’t consider my blog as too much popular. All I am doing is expressing my words with the help of my blog to make people’s life much better.

My secret is; from the day one of my blogging I consider it as a successful blog.

I had strong belief in myself and I started improving day by day.

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Kulwant you have been operating from home for more than 2 years now. What kind of steps you use to take to meet a certain level of productivity on daily basis? And were there any distracting factors or some boredom you used to feel from time to time?

The biggest thing I feel is disconnection from society. In last 2 years I have completely isolated myself from the society and I am not even going to market.

In these two years I have seen huge difference in my physique which is deteriorating day by day.

One great quote pushed me forward to work such hard in these two years.

It was – Work so hard for next 5 years that you can enjoy your next 50 years.

So I am investing those 5 years of my life now.

I feel very boredom at home so I have started taking few classes in my city itself where my main motto is to interact with more people on daily basis. Further I keep attending various blogging seminars happening near by me.

Please share few of your happy moments that you had enjoyed and some bad memories which you would like to forgot due to blogging profession you are in.

Happy moment was when I got news from one college in USA that I got scholarship of $9000 and then after few days they made it $11000.

Bad memory was the day when despite of having all my documents and VISA date ready I was not able to go for VISA interview. Because at that time we found that no bank in my city was ready to give me study loan.

Since starting your personal blog, was there a moment when you feel like you should quit blogging? And if yes, what were the motivating or inspirational things, which help you move ahead with your blogging journey?

Once I got into blogging I never thought about quitting.

There was ‘something’ which I always wanted and I found it via blogging platform.

How you are monetizing your blogs? Please share few monetization methods which did well for you. Would you recommend any specific monetization method to new bloggers who are just blogging to earn money from their blogs?

As far as monetization is concerned then my methods are Paid posts, Google AdSense and little bit affiliate marketing.

What are your future plans for BloggingCage? Are you seeing any kind of challenges in your plans and implementations to take this blog to the next level?

In next 2 years this is going to become biggest blog in India where you will be able to read interview of all professional bloggers in the world.

We just entered into 2014 and lots of people use to make their resolutions for this year. Do you have some resolutions in mind that you would like to work in this year?

I am looking forward to launch one eCommerce site in mid-2014.

From where you drive topic ideas for your future blog posts? And do you believe in doing certain level of keyword research before starting working on a new blog post?

Most of the times I am getting ideas to write my next blog post after reading articles on other blogs. I love to reply almost all comments on my blog so I keep getting ideas from other people’s questions.

For Blogging Cage I never do any keyword research.

What kind of headlines you feel are doing well these days. Do you keep something in mind while finalizing headlines for your next blog post?

Headline which force people to open your article and then they keep continuing till the end to finish it.

Headlines like Top 10, How to, Personal experience, curiosity are working great for me.

What kind of link building activities you use to perform to improve rankings for your targeted keywords these days? These tips will be useful for those bloggers who are finding it hard to build quality backlinks for their websites in the Panda and Penguin age.

After Panda/Penguin updates we have changed our link building process completely. Where in past I used to buy gigs from Fiverr and get my work done very quickly but now a days we are putting more efforts on getting backlinks by writing quality articles on related blogs.

I am finding high PR links using scrapebox and then we are doing manual comments on those links.

Have you ever been hit by any kind of algorithmic penalty (Panda, Penguin, EMD, Hummingbird etc) from Google? If yes, what kind of steps you took to get rid of that penalty. And are you doing anything special these days to keep Google animals away from your blogs.

Yes, recently one of my websites got hit by Penguin 2.0 update and we lost almost everything on that day.

My blog was getting 25000 pageviews daily and on the day of update it went to 1500 pageviews. This blog was giving $1000-1500 every month from Google AdSense but after getting hit by penguin we lost everything.

I did following steps to recover it and it is getting 4-5k pageviews daily now.

  • I removed all negative backlinks after analyzing them manually.
  • Many of the links were profile backlinks so removing them was an easy job as I had the username and password of those accounts.
  • Many of my posts were getting linked in forums and other websites. One of my article got linked 500+ times in various forums. So I just removed that article from my blog, because in that case Google will not find any post on that link and it will not pass link juice to it.
  • I re-optimized all articles (250+ articles) and removed over SEO optimization.
  • I made that blog Schema compatible and started getting good traffic. 

Kulwant do you use any tools or plugins (paid or free) and if yes, please share them with the specific reasons?

I use LongTailPro for keyword research, Scrapebox for finding high PR backlinks, Magic Rank Tracker to track the position of keywords in various search engines.

Do you have some favorite blogs that you use to visit quite often?  And any specific reason for visiting those blogs quite regularly.

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Kulwant if you are given a budget of just $100 to start a self hosted blog? How will you make use of this small amount in starting a truly professional blog? This step will be really helpful for those newbies who want to start their first blog with such a limited budget.

This is a great question..and I will have to do a lot of mind exercise to answer this questions.

Here we go:-

I have broken down this money into $5+$40+$30+$25

$5 – Domain

I will try to find some coupons for getting cheap domain name or I will try some sites which are normally giving domains in cheap price.

$40 – Hosting

You might be thinking that there is no good hosting in $40 for a year. When I started my blogging career then I started with monthly payment as I didn’t have credit card to make big payments. So I convinced one of my friend to give $10 every month if he will allow me to use his credit card.

Later I shifting to 6 months plan, then 1 years and now I have 8 hosting accounts.

So you can start with very less duration, so I have taken these $40 for 6 months hosting.

$30 – Facebook Page

Social media is playing big role to boost business and people have started using more time on Facebook now. So I will either hire on guy to help me get some genuine likes in my Facebook fan page or I will promote my page myself with FB Ads.

$25 – Theme

You can get premium themes in $25 very easily. There are tons of WordPress themes on ThemeForest which are very clean and great in design. So we can spend this $25 on a good theme, because your theme is your online identity. More beautiful theme you have, more returning visitors you will get.

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Your thoughts about Bloggers Passion blog and any message for the community here. And how readers can get in touch with you?

Anil I really love your blog and your passion to do blogging. Apart from having a full day job you are still investing time to do great in blogging which is very much appreciable.

I would like to give few suggestions to your awesome readers.

  1. Don’t start blogging just because your friend is doing. Give yourself some time and think that why do you want to start blogging. Questions which you can ask yourself.
  • Do I seriously want to do blogging?
  • Can I write and convince my readers?
  • Do I have knowledge about the topic for which I am going to write?
  • Can I really spend time on building my blog without even making any money for 6 months?
  • What if my blog is still not making money after one year?
  • Can I handle my job/study with blogging?

Once these questions will be clear then you can start blogging.

  1. Don’t try to copy people if they are making money. The reason they are making huge money is because they are struggling from last too many years.
  2. Try learning this yourself before asking help from anyone. Because in this process you will learn many other new things.
  3. Keep helping people.

If want to get in touch with me then connect with me.

Facebook –

Twitter –

Mail – [email protected]

Now is your turn. What are your thoughts on today’s interview with Kulwant Nagi? What were the learning for you from this interview? And in case you have any question around blogging and want to ask the same to Kulwant, please do the same using comments section.

Anil Agarwal

Improve Your Blogging and SEO Skills with Kulwant Nagi from Blogging Cage (Interview Series)Anil Agarwal who owns, is a full-time blogger and SEO expert who has been helping people build profitable blogs for over a decade. BloggersPassion has been featured on premium online sites like Forbes, Huffingtonpost, Semrush, Problogger, Crazy Egg, The Next Web and so on.

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