List of Top 8 Controversial and Influential Brands Across the Globe

A Quick Preview of the Top Brands around the World

The survey asked this question to 3,625 participants coming from 100 nations: “What are the top 8 controversial brands all throughout the globe? In connection with this, these brands had the greatest influence in the lives of people in the year 2006. Apple could not beat Google and stays in the second place. The 2006 acquisition of Google, YouTube got the third place behind Apple.

Google and Apple: Landed the Top of the Survey Results

Google as well as Apple got the top of the results, however, that does not necessarily mean it was naturally business for either of these two brands. The two launched their latest products, created deals, and persistently innovates the ways which made great influence on people in the year 2006.

List of the Top 8 Controversial Brands All Throughout the Globe

The listing of the most controversial brands all over the globe appears like this:

  1. Google hogged the headlines regarding technology and widen its ubiquity during 2006. The dust hardly cleared over its US$ 900M deal with the News Corporation to supply service to websites like MySpace when it bought the video site as well as the workplace time-waster YouTube for 1.65 billion US dollars.
  2. Apple hardly surpassed YouTube for the slot of runner-up. The corporation initiated its first computer which is powered through Intel processors. The iTunes Music Store marketed it one billionth song and thus far, individuals have not been throwing their iPods just to switch to Microsoft Zune.
  3. After Apple is a newcomer to Readers’ Choice: YouTube. It was launched in the year 2005 and having 20 million visitors every month during this year, it was named as the “Invention of the Year”.
  4. Following YouTube is also a newcomer to Readers’ Choice: Wikipedia. Ever since it making relatively eras ago, Wikipedia grew steadily and gradually as it turned out to be the leading research tool on the internet, although not exact at all times.
  5. Starbucks got the fifth place which proves that caffeine has not gone out of fashion.
  6. Landing on the sixth place is Nokia proving that cell phones have not also gone out of fashion. In the year 2006, it added even more franchises within China and also has a branch in the entertainment business being among the makers of the movie the Bee and Akeelah.
  7. Another brand that got a place in the top 8 is Skype. It has doubled its amount of simultaneous users to eight million last year. This Luxembourg-based VoIP company that was bought by eBay within the year 2005, is supported by more than 120 gadgets which run the Windows Mobile software.
  8. The next one the takes a spot in the top controversial brands is IKEA. This Dutch-headquartered, Swedish-founded retailer of home products spread out its reach even more within the year 2006 having sixteen new stores. The remarkable achievement of IKEA are as follows:
  • The notable one is the opening of the first 2 stores within Japan; the grand opening has attracted 35,000 furniture fanatics.
  • In the year 2007, IKEA had planned opening 24 more stores, which include one within Tokyo as well as leading locations within Northern Ireland and Romania.

So, those brands that are mentioned above are the most influential and controversial brands all throughout the world that had greatly influenced the lives of people especially in the year 2006.


  1. I think, Google always will be on the first place, cause it brings knowledge to people and is absolutely free 🙂
    Susan, thank you, for the article.

  2. Abram Huntington says:

    Enjoyed every bit of your blog post.Much thanks again. Much obliged.

  3. Maya says:

    What is the primary source here? What “survey” are you referencing?

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