Long Tail Pro Black Friday Deal 2016: Grab HUGE Discount From Here

long tail pro black friday deal 2016
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Hands down, Long Tail Pro is the ultimate keyword research tool.

If you are looking for the cheap Long Tail Pro black Friday deal for 2016, this post is for you!

In this post, not only you are going to discover the Long Tail Pro black Friday deal but you will also find out why should you get it before the deal ends.

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Why should I use Long Tail Pro?

First things first. There are tools like Google’s keyword planner, WordStream, Keywordtoo.io (all are free tools) which are helpful for doing keywords. Then why should you spend money on a tool just to find keywords.

That’s a valid question.

My answer is simple. Google’s keyword planner is widely used because it is free. That mean even if you find low competitive keywords using it, you will still have to compete with thousands of other bloggers who are also using the same keywords.

This is why you need to invest money on getting an effective keyword research tool like Long Tail Pro to generate thousands of ultimate keyword ideas no matter what niche you are in.

Did you know that more than 70,000 SEO experts and marketers are using Long Tail Pro to find better keywords? Yes, it’s undoubtedly the #1 keyword research tool to do a better keyword research. You might be thinking “how can I find better keywords that will help me boost my search engine traffic”.

I know finding better keywords that increase your search traffic is REALLY really hard.

If keyword research were so easy then every blogger would be getting massive traffic from Google and making a lot of sales. That’s where ultimate tool like Long Tail Pro comes into handy to pick the right keywords to boost your website traffic and sales.

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Special sale: Long Tail Pro black Friday Deal 2016

long tail pro black friday deal 2016

Finding low competitive yet high paying keywords is NOT an art, it’s a skill. If you are looking for PROVEN ways to find such highly profitable keywords, I highly recommend you to give a try to Long Tail Pro.

You might be asking, “what are the benefits of using Long Tail Pro over other free keyword research tools”. In this page, we are not only talking about long tail pro black Friday deal 2016 but we’ll also talk about its benefits.

Yes, there are a gazillion uses of using it. You will discover the 3 major benefits of using this tool.

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What do you get with Long Tail Pro?

Long Tail Pro is not only meant for finding great keywords, you can also use it for analysing your competitors and filter all the keyword phrases to pick only the best keywords. Let’s talk about its 3 major benefits now.

#1. Effortless keyword research

The #1 reason over 70,000 people are using Long Tail Pro is because of the keyword research. It gives you access to thousands of untapped and highly potential keywords. It doesn’t matter what niche you are in, you can find golden keywords with a little bit of effort.

Unlike other keyword research tools out there like Market Samurai, Long Tail Pro won’t take much time to find ultimate keywords. The keyword research can be done really faster. I mean you can do it for 8 times faster than the Market Samurai.

You can find up to 800 keywords per seed keyword that means you can tap into unlimited sales if you target the RIGHT keywords for your sites. You can easily find out how many people are actually searching for each keyword so you can only target the low competitive keywords to rank quickly.

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#2. Competitor analysis

Finding the keyword research tactics of your competitors is the fastest way to increase your search traffic and sales.

By knowing the kind of keywords that are generating more traffic to your competitors from search engines, you can easily figure out what to enter while doing keyword research for your own sites.

Luckily, analysing your competition is like walk in park with Long Tail Pro. You can quickly analyze the top 10 search results on Google for ANY of the keyword you are trying to rank for.

By analyzing them carefully you will know whether or not to target those keywords depending on their competition. Literally you can save hours and thousands of dollars just by doing this competitor analysis.

You can also easily figure out important SERP data of your competitors like keyword usage in the Title and Meta tags, Domain & Page Authority, MozRank, Pagerank, Number of Backlinks, Domain Age etc to know the competency of certain keywords.

#3. Real time keyword filtering

You don’t want to use every single keyword that you come across while doing keyword research.

You need to carefully select ONLY those keywords that are proven to bring you more search engine traffic and sales. In other words, you need to filter out your keyword research to come up with the best ideas that can help your business.

With Long Tail Pro, you can easily filter keywords that are associated with your main categories, services or products. So you can save more time and money on using the RIGHT keywords to boost your search traffic.

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Final thoughts about the Long Tail Pro black Friday deal

If you are looking to boost your search traffic, you need keywords. When it comes to keyword research tools, nothing comes closer to Long Tail Pro. It is exclusively created to find low volume long tail keywords that are proven to boost your traffic and sales.

If you are struggling to get more traffic, you need a killer tool like Long Tail Pro. During this long tail pro black Friday deal, you can save massively up to 50% on the tool.

And this is the RIGHT time to grab Long Tail Pro during the Long Tail Pro black Friday deal for 2016 because you will be saving a lot of bucks. So make sure to get it before the sale ends to save more.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any questions? Have you used Long Tail Pro black Friday deal yet? If you have any questions, do let me know in the comments.

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